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A water flosser is a care tool that uses high pressure water to clean teeth and mouth

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A water flosser is a care tool that uses high pressure water to clean teeth and mouth. It has a small water tank under it and a "small pump" inside the fuselage. When in use, the water in the water tank is constantly extracted by the pump and then ejected from the small nozzle to form a small high-pressure water flow to clean the teeth.

The action mechanism of the water flosser is similar to that of people using high-pressure water gun to wash their cars. The water is soft to rigid. As long as the pressure reaches a certain degree, even the steel plate can be easily cut.

Some people say that you can brush your teeth to protect your teeth, and there are more powerful cleaning ability of electric toothbrush, why use a water flosser? But in fact, electric toothbrushes can only clean the dirt on the surface of the teeth and the shallow part of the teeth, not the food particles and bacteria deep in the teeth.

But a water flosser can do that. It uses the characteristics of water penetration, and then through pressure, so that the water to form a certain impact force, deep teeth clean dirt. And can effectively remove dental plaque on the surface of teeth, reduce dental calculus and dental caries and other symptoms.

The most important elements of the oral irrigator are cleaning force, cleaning gear and mode, and nozzle.

1. Cleaning power. The cleaning force of the oral irrigator is the first factor, and the cleaning force depends on the water pressure. Water pressure is large enough to effectively clean the teeth and gingival groove and other difficult to clean the place. However, the pressure should not be too high. Too much pressure can easily damage the gums and mouth. And be careful not to use the nozzle to the eye, high pressure water will hit the eyeball. Personal measurement, open the lowest level of water flow, or from the ground to the ceiling, conservative estimate can spray more than 3 meters high, so do not use the nozzle at people, especially not to let children play, remember. gear and mode. Practical experience tells me that the more cleaning gear, the richer the pattern, the better. When you buy an water flosser, you don't know exactly what mode and how much pressure you're going to fit, so the more gears you have, the more options you have. For the first time, it is recommended to start from the lowest level. Gradually, you can adapt to larger gears. Therefore, the more the gear, the more optional, convenient to find their own suitable gear. And mode, the main difference is the pulse frequency, each manufacturer is not the same, in short, the more rich mode, the easier to find their own point!

3. Nozzle. Different nozzle types can be used to clean different situations. What standard nozzle, periodontal pocket nozzle, orthodontic nozzle, tongue coating nozzle and so on. Some have the function of controlling water flow, quite practical; Some of them are not very useful, like the tongue coating nozzle, comparing chicken ribs, anyway, I haven't used much. But anyway, the more nozzles you have, the better!

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