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Advanced electric toothbrush technology

Views: 6     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-06-30      Origin: Site

Advanced electric toothbrush technology: Saky Sonic acoustic wave cleaning technology, 37800 times /min high frequency acoustic wave vibration, 5.5mm wide swaying amplitude full Angle wrapping teeth, deep cleaning tooth seam and dental plaque, brushing efficiency is 200 times than manual toothbrush.Electric toothbrush bristles are segments with 92% rounding rate. Imported Korean bristles are used to deeply clean and soften the gums.2, electric toothbrush battery life: a charge, the battery life of 55 days +, often travel trapeaters are not afraid.3, electric toothbrush waterproof performance: IPX7 waterproof level, while taking a bath while brushing, no problem.4. Electric toothbrush noise: the product has a unique noise reduction design, and there is no problem with brushing while watching TV, which will not affect ~~ 5. Electric toothbrush details:5 gear brushing mode (easy to use, quick cleaning, deep scouring, gingiva massage, sensitive care) supports intelligent memory, 2min timing and 30S reversing function, which virtually reminds me of the time and direction of brushing.I think I use the electric toothbrush is very good, let me increase more happiness.

Here comes the electric toothbrush for the student party!I am also the two months to change electric toothbrush, because I always afraid get lost, buy a regret, after all, an electric toothbrush hundreds of dollars I don't want to white, so I asked all the boys in our class with an electric toothbrush for a times, observe their electric toothbrush, and collect online for a long time, have chosen a few cost-effective electric toothbrush, absolutely right!

There is a brand of electric toothbrush which I am using now!First of all, or my first standard, long to look good, its body has water ripple design, like the ripples of the lake, several colors are very good-looking.

Electric toothbrush has high efficiency magnetic levitation sound wave motor, 37800 times /min high frequency sound wave vibration, 5.5mm wide swing amplitude, full Angle wrapping teeth, deep cleaning tooth gap and dental plaque, brushing efficiency is 200 times that of manual toothbrush.After experiencing the electric toothbrush, the tooth brush is really clean!There must be a mode suitable for you, and have memory function, the next time you open the electric toothbrush is the most comfortable mode!2min timing and 30S reversing function, electric toothbrush to help you grasp the brushing time!And I feel that the fun of brushing teeth also increased a lot, nothing when the electric toothbrush in a new mode, there is a new brushing experience, very novel!And with more than two months feel that the teeth are white than before, more importantly, the electric toothbrush body waterproof, bath is not afraid.Induction charging and a single charge of an electric toothbrush can last for a month or two.

Note that the rotating brush head is not acoustic wave level high frequency vibration cleaning, but rotary cleaning, cleaning ability is strong, even a little violence, gingiva sensitive with caution.

Every time I watch my roommates brush their teeth with an electric toothbrush, I feel good. The electric toothbrush has a strong vibration, and of course, it's a little loud.Small brush head, wrap each tooth, strong cleaning power.Waterproof, bath can also brush, and is an inductive charging, brush the ready to charge up.My roommate, who doesn't have bleeding gums, found the brushing experience much more enjoyable. You can have a taste of this electric toothbrush.

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