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Advantages and disadvantages of electric toothbrush

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The most scientific time we learn from childhood is 3 minutes, but often many people can not reach this time, so the food residue in the mouth, dental plaque is difficult to be completely removed. However, the current electric toothbrush is basically set to automatic stop for 2 minutes, perfect control time, and the electric toothbrush can remove more than 38% of dental plaque than manual. At the same time, it is easier to master the intensity of brushing, by switching frequency to achieve the purpose of cleaning. As a lazy person, I always feel that it takes so long and boring to brush my teeth manually. After changing to an electric toothbrush, MY hands do not need to exert too much force, and I do not need to check the time completely, which directly improves the convenience of daily life. The vibration frequency of electric toothbrush is generally more than 31000 times/minute. When it is used, it will feel numb. It can massage gums and promote oral blood circulation.

Disadvantages of electric toothbrush 1, the price is more expensive than manual, after all, it is a small electronic product, the price is bound to be more expensive than ordinary daily necessities, but as long as you master the cost performance, you can buy a good and inexpensive electric toothbrush in the early 100's. Some people have sensitive gums. Once the bristles are too hard, bleeding and other phenomena may occur, causing damage to the mouth. But by choosing a bigger brand, you can reduce your chances of getting caught up in thunder, but take the time to research some reviews. Finally, briefly say what people do not recommend using electric toothbrush. 1. People with serious dental diseases. Electric toothbrushes, after all, use high-frequency vibrations to clean, and people with dental problems are themselves more sensitive. Avoid secondary damage. 2. The elderly and children under 7 years old. These two groups of people are not recommended to start, the oral environment is relatively fragile.

As a small version was a toothache tortured as hell, sugar-free unhappy it don't suit me, lazy cancer patients, and even "don't brush electric toothbrush at that time, had been a straight" this lazy idea and that I had too much but I eventually fall into the struggle of dental disease, unplug wisdom tooth alone four, let alone fillings, and the needle treatment, It hit the taste of the soul, really no longer dare to experience, now think about it is still terrible. Therefore, I dared not be capricious when I was young. Now I know the importance of tooth care and tooth care, especially good habit of brushing teeth electric toothbrush and tooth care methods. I also want to help more people not to experience the torture of dental disease and not to repeat the same mistake. 2 weeks to do this, I spent a huge sum of money and time, made a systematic solution to questions about the electric toothbrush and how to brush properly, corrected a lot of misconceptions about brushing your teeth, and answered a lot of confusion about brushing your teeth, so to speak, involving all aspects of the electric toothbrush, after reading, not only can help you understand the toothbrush system, Solve almost 99% of your problems with electric toothbrushes, and you can become an expert in electric toothbrushes, and even solve the problems of tooth care and brush selection for others.

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