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Advantages and disadvantages of electric toothbrush

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Advantages and disadvantages of electric toothbrush


Recently, whether it is my friends around me or my fans, users are asking the same question, that is, what are the advantages and disadvantages of electric toothbrush? Over the years, I have tried many types of sonic toothbrush  and tested and compared many models. I hope to help you better understand and understand the advantages and disadvantages of sonic toothbrush !


1. Why are toothbrushes electric so popular these days?


Before explaining the advantages and disadvantages of toothbrushes electric, let me discuss with you why electric tooth brush have become so popular recently. The popularity of electric tooth brush in recent years is actually attributed to the following factors:
1. People's awareness of oral care


One of the main reasons why sonic electric toothbrush are so popular is that people are increasingly concerned about oral health. Many people are aware of the prevalence of dental diseases, the difficulty of treating dental diseases and the high cost of treatment, so people are willing to choose sonic electric toothbrush to improve oral health. Cleaning efficiency.


2. kids electric toothbrush approved by dentist


kids electric toothbrush are now recognized and recommended by professional dentists because they can clean areas with high incidence of dental disease, such as the gum line, the roots and between the teeth! Effectively reduce the incidence of dental disease.

3. Merchants and capital markets are driving the development of electronic toothbrush


Both merchants and the capital market are aware of the investment prospects of electronic toothbrush and strongly support the development of the industry. All kinds of advertising bombardment, star endorsements, and Internet celebrities have come into play, making this industry lively!


4. The rise of we-media industry


In addition, in fact, there is a small opportunity, that is, the development of the media in recent years, so that many experts with professional knowledge can share their knowledge, but also let the public better understand the oral care of electric toothbrush manufacturer!
Second, what are the advantages of electric toothbrush manufacturer


First, let's take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of electric toothbrush factory. As we all know, the development of oral care awareness among Chinese people started relatively late, resulting in poor basic quality of teeth and a dental health rate of less than 1%. Almost everyone has teeth. However, traditional cleaning tools cannot adapt to the complex oral environment of the mouth, so most professional dentists recommend that you use an electric toothbrush factory to clean your mouth. After all, sonic toothbrush manufacturer are much better than manual ones.

The main advantages of sonic toothbrush manufacturer are as follows:


Advantage 1. The sonic toothbrush factory has a better cleaning effect and can strongly clean the plaque.


The cleaning power of an sonic toothbrush factory is much stronger than that of a manual toothbrush. In the blind areas of manual toothbrushes, such as between teeth, wisdom teeth, tooth decay and other dental diseases prone areas, electric toothbrush wholesale have outstanding cleaning performance, can effectively remove dental plaque, prevent and improve the efficacy of dental diseases.


Advantage 2, electric toothbrush wholesale cleaning power is stable


The sonic toothbrush wholesale has a uniform and stable vibration frequency, and the brushing force can be precisely controlled. Unlike manual toothbrushes, which rely on the subjective sensation of strong fluctuations, low force cleaning is difficult, and too much force may cause tooth damage!
Advantage 3. sonic toothbrush wholesale can whiten teeth


electric toothbrush agency can be used for a long time, which can gradually remove stubborn coffee and tea stains attached to the surface of the teeth, so that the teeth become whiter!


Advantage 4: Freshening your breath is better


An important cause of bad breath is that manual toothbrushes clean too many dead spots, and food debris and tartar cannot be completely removed, causing them to ferment in the mouth and emit bad breath. electric toothbrush agency cleaning comprehensive, can be a good solution to this problem, effectively remove bad breath.


Advantage 5, save time and effort

sonic toothbrush agency can be used as effectively as manual toothbrushes for more than ten minutes in just two minutes, so sonic toothbrush agency are ideal for students and office workers.


3. Be vigilant and pay attention to the three adverse factors of tooth damage


The advantages and disadvantages of electric toothbrush dealer have been explained to everyone. Let's focus on the disadvantages of electric toothbrush dealer, that is, the disadvantages of sonic toothbrush dealer. China has a low rate of oral health, with nearly 90% of the Chinese population suffering from oral diseases. The problem is low tolerance. In addition, early and middle stage dental disease is not painful or itchy, and many people develop dental disease without knowing it. Causing tooth damage.
The disadvantages of sonic toothbrush dealer are as follows:


Disadvantage 1. It can damage tooth enamel. If you choose or use an electric toothbrush trader incorrectly, your teeth will be rubbed excessively and the enamel will be worn away, which can lead to problems such as bleeding gums and sore teeth.


Disadvantage 2, may aggravate the underlying dental disease! Most Chinese already have oral problems. If you buy and use electric toothbrush trader incorrectly, it is easy to aggravate dental disease!


Disadvantage 3: chronic tooth damage. Long-term use of unprofessional sonic toothbrush trader can also lead to chronic tooth damage. Users usually don't notice anything unusual for a long time. When they are found, they often have severe tooth sensitivity, receding gums, and loose teeth. The consequences of redemption!

4. Uncover the secrets of four common money-making techniques


Everyone already knows the advantages and disadvantages of sonic toothbrush trader. Although some electric toothbrush company are harmful to teeth, as long as you understand the money-making routines of electric toothbrush company merchants, you can reduce fraud. Let me reveal four secret money tricks commonly used in merchant circles:


1. Use celebrity endorsements to sell goods


Many brands often invite some celebrity endorsements just to attract fans to buy and buy for their idols. This also makes many sonic toothbrush company brands that have entered the industry for a short time take a shortcut. Although they do not have the accumulation of professional skills, they can rely on celebrity endorsements to sell.
2. Use various qualifications and certificates to cover up the unprofessionalism of the product


Many top brands spend money on various certificates and association qualifications, especially some influencer brands that have been in the industry for a short time. The accumulation of technical experience is not enough, the product is not professional enough. For professional products, you will pay for some credentials, some are even more exaggerated, such as being the creator of various sonic toothbrush company tips, a member of the sonic toothbrush company association and so on. Honestly, the more titles you have, you have to be very careful!


3. Cheap electric toothbrush supplier have poor consumability


There are also many brands that often have low price promotions. On the face of it, it looks like a good deal, but no businessman is stupid. Such electric toothbrush supplier are either made of inferior materials or are expensive to buy later. For example, the price of some brands to replace the brush head is very high, you can earn back several times the profit, such as some international brands and Internet red brands brush the first year starting price of 200 yuan, think about it.


4. Slide the list


Many head sonic toothbrush supplier use advertising, live streaming and other ways to view the list. The idea is to make the product look popular, and even some well-known celebrities have become tools for viewing the list. Rely on endorsement to let a large number of fans blindly buy!

And these sonic toothbrush supplier brands, which have always liked to make money, in order to cover up their dental damage, they will also promote their products not to hurt teeth. Faced with this situation, it is really difficult for consumers to judge which is true gum and tooth protection. In order to make everyone can buy a good cleaning power, gums and teeth protection experience good electric toothbrush vendor, I quoted the results of an authoritative body survey, take you to see the cleaning power and comfort results of the major electric toothbrush vendor brands:


5. How to avoid the danger of tooth damage and choose a high-quality sonic toothbrush vendor?


Everyone should know the advantages and disadvantages of this sonic toothbrush vendor. If you want to avoid the disadvantages of damaged teeth, you must pay attention to the choice of electric toothbrush bulk. How to choose a high-quality electric toothbrush bulk? I will share with you eight purchasing tips. Many friends around me have selected high-quality electric toothbrush bulk through these tips:


1: Choose a mane with a moderate hardness


The hardness of the bristles is also very important. Too soft or too hard is not good. The bristles are too soft to clean. If the bristles are too hard, it is easy to wear your teeth when brushing. Therefore, everyone should pay attention to choose a moderate hardness of the bristles.


2: sonic toothbrush bulk that support trial are more worth buying


In fact, the most important technical and quality processes are difficult to reflect through a specific parameter table, and only when using the mouth can you feel the obvious difference. Therefore, everyone should prioritize buying brands that support 7-day trials, and then decide whether to start after individual testing.

3: Choose a style with enough professional strength


Most of the well-known brands in the sonic toothbrush bulk industry can only meet the explicit needs of users, such as rich color matching, high vibration frequency, high waterproof grade, long battery life, etc., and then spend heavy marketing to harvest users. However, there is still a big gap between these big-name electric toothbrush company and professional brands in terms of 100 core tuning parameters (such as comfort) such as gum care experience, crowd compatibility matching, vibration frequency range, long-term attenuation, and deviation value. The difference is more than 8 times!


4: The span of the vibration frequency range should be large enough When buying an electric toothbrush company, you should try to choose an electric toothbrush company with a large enough vibration frequency span. Only sonic toothbrush dealer with a wide enough vibration frequency span and wide enough range can easily cope with the dynamic changing oral environment.


5: The best sonic sonic toothbrush dealer


Rotary electric toothbrush agency have better cleaning power, but the tooth protection index is low and the noise is relatively large, so it is not recommended for Chinese people to use. Sonic vibration toothbrush has good cleaning power, good brushing experience, softer use, low noise. We recommend that you select it first.


6: The richer the stall, the better


The oral environment is dynamic and everyone's oral care needs are different. So when choosing an electric toothbrush agency,Choose sonic toothbrush wholesale with more gear modes as much as possible, so as to have a stronger choice and adaptability to the dynamic change of the mouth. And higher!


7: Roundness is at least 80%


The brush head is very important. Before use, please check whether the rounding rate is up to standard. If it does not meet the standard, it is easy to damage the teeth. It is best to choose an sonic toothbrush wholesale with a rounding rate of more than 80%!


8: Don't ignore the swing, choose within 3-9 degrees


When you choose an sonic toothbrush factory, it's easy to overlook its wobble. In factIt has an important impact on the cleaning power and tooth protection effect of the sonic toothbrush factory. Chinese people had better control the swing of the electric toothbrush factory within 3-9 degrees.


That concludes today's explanation of the advantages and disadvantages of electric toothbrush factory. I hope you can have a more comprehensive understanding of electric toothbrush factory, grasp the correct purchase method, and rationally choose a professional electric toothbrush factory that does not hurt your teeth. Finally, I would like to remind you again not to be disturbed by the promotion of crossover brands and Internet celebrity brands. Buy some unprofessional products, not only can not play the advantages of electric toothbrush, but also easy to hurt the teeth!


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