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Advantages of electric toothbrush.

Views: 1     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-12-08      Origin: Site

Electric toothbrush turn off the power switch is an ordinary toothbrush, how does it become the cleaning effect is not as good as ordinary toothbrush? After watching the video, you will know that when you test the electric toothbrush, you put the brush head on the tooth surface and do not brush your hands. This is the method of brushing your teeth taught by your kindergarten teacher? Ordinary toothbrush can use, test electric when become vegetable person? The risk of brushing with electric toothbrush is exactly the same as that of ordinary toothbrush. Electric toothbrush is a tool to increase cleaning efficiency. Once you brush, it vibrates or rotates for many times, so that the original tooth surface can be brushed 10 times to achieve the effect. With ordinary brush is not clean, electric toothbrush is not clean; Electric kinetic energy brush clean, common toothbrush brush two times the same effect.

High frequency, often hundreds of times per second, high frequency and high efficiency of tooth cleaning. General electric toothbrushes have a timing function, brush not stop, urge you to brush your teeth (lasting). Disadvantages of manual brushing: cleaning ability is not as thorough as electric toothbrush, after all, electric toothbrush with motor, can vibrate up and down, high frequency vibration, which can not be achieved by artificial nature. This is the core of the problem. Personally, I brush my teeth for one minute at most. Brush the teeth on three sides and brush them twice. Lick the tongue and feel that the three sides are smooth. After all, I am still young and have not considered the problem of teeth.

This is my personal summary of the pros and cons of manual and electric toothbrushes. In general, I don't think it's an IQ tax to buy an electric toothbrush if you're prone to oral problems, if you care about oral problems (which is certainly worth and should be), or if you want to improve your quality of life. If you just want to brush your teeth, and you have the willpower, perseverance and habit to follow the Pap method, or if you are simply poor (like me), manual brushing is also sufficient. At present, the biggest problem about electric toothbrush is not whether it is an IQ tax, but the overwhelming publicity of dentists, big VS and other interested groups.

So I think we should ask more people, relatives and friends around to come out and give you opinions from the perspective of users and experienced people, so that you can better judge whether you need an electric toothbrush or not. Because it's not popular, it's not expensive for gift-giving, and it's sweet. Until I once asked my friend why he smoked like me every day and his teeth looked normal (my two front teeth were heavily stained). He told me that  he used an electric toothbrush, I bought one later. As for whether it could remove stains, I was not sure. It took me a few months to use it, and there was no effect comparison, so I couldn't tell. But brushing my teeth is easier and more enjoyable, not because of how good it is to use an electric toothbrush, but because I feel better when my toothbrush costs $1,000.

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