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After decades of development, electric toothbrushes have gradually begun to be popularized in modern families.

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After decades of development, electric toothbrushes have gradually begun to be popularized in modern families. Electric toothbrush has changed the non-standard brushing habit of manual toothbrush. Through scientific and reasonable parameter design, every user can better protect teeth and care for oral cavity through brushing. Therefore, sonic toothbrushes have gained popularity especially among young people.

The electric toothbrush industry in recent years can be said to be on the rocket like abnormal fire, on the one hand, the people are more and more attention to tooth cleaning care, on the one hand, because the efficient cleaning power and convenience of electric toothbrush touched a lot of users, snapping up! Even caused a year between thousands of brands big and small are doing electric toothbrush, this scene is not not spectacular! Almost every brand you can think of is making sonic toothbrushes.

How does a sonic toothbrush work? Electric toothbrush is through the movement of the motor up and down vibration, and left and right swing movement to drive the brush head on the teeth up and down the left and right direction of friction, at the same time, can generate a lot of bubbles in the process of friction with toothpaste, to promote every corner of the teeth to get better cleaning.

Do sonic toothbrushes wear teeth? There are several ways to wear teeth with electric toothbrushes. The first is to buy low-priced and low-quality electric toothbrushes. I have personally experienced many low-priced electric toothbrushes, including well-known ones, which have no good materials and have a high probability of damaging teeth. The second is too strong cleaning force will also hurt teeth, especially some international brands, they are more suitable for European and American users! The third kind of sonic toothbrush with excellent bristles and low round rate of bristles is also very easy to hurt your teeth! In addition, there is a user's own problem, the vast majority of Chinese teeth have different degrees of oral problems, so you think easy to use sonic toothbrush, I hurt my teeth, this is also very normal, so buy sonic electric toothbrush according to their own teeth carefully selected!

How to choose an sonic toothbrush? How should I choose an electric toothbrush? First of all, according to their own dental quality to set a basic framework, such as teeth are very healthy people, can be inclined to clean strong, stiff bristles electric toothbrush! However, people with cavities and occasional tooth pain and bleeding gums should carefully choose an electric toothbrush with moderate cleaning force and soft bristles. Appearance appearance level, waterproof and APP networking these are not very important, especially brand awareness, this year brand awareness is high and expensive, product experience did not see any difference, but a lot of expensive!

Although use sonic toothbrush don't need it USES the cumbersome manual toothbrush bus method of brushing your teeth, but to the mouth to conduct a comprehensive cleaning, still want to clean the part each mouth, teeth when brushing your teeth can be divided into four regions, including upper and lower half of the oral cavity teeth around the lateral, in turn to clean the 30 seconds, at present a lot of sonic electric toothbrush has function of timing, This will give you a complete mouth cleaning.

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