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Although the electric toothbrush is not a medical device

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Although the electric toothbrush is not a medical device (low entry threshold), but it should be used twice a day, we still need to pay special attention to two points: as electric toothbrush, one is whether the electric toothbrush can be clean, the other is whether it will hurt teeth.These two are the most basic and main elements. If this cannot be done, it is suggested that the motor of the stock of the business be changed to produce electric toilet brush, do not harm the teeth, and I can not earn the money of repairing teeth in the future!Next, I will combine my own experience and professional data from the prevention of tooth brushing wear, cleaning efficiency, battery life and design details, etc., to compare and use many brands of electric toothbrushes over the years experience to tell you exactly how to choose an electric toothbrush.

No harm is the first electric toothbrush or cause wear and tear of the teeth, gum damage, not because of brushing the teeth but brush the problem.Because brushing your teeth incorrectly can really cause wear and tear on your teeth and gums.

1. First of all, the type of electric toothbrush: electric toothbrush is now mainly acoustic wave and mechanical rotation (not rotation) two types, of which the acoustic wave is the mainstream, because some doctors did observe that the mechanical rotation of electric toothbrush will cause tooth wear, especially when used incorrectly.At present only its individual manufacturers are still insisting on the production of machinery cyclotron type.2. Look at the bristles: bristles are actually the most insignificant but the most important factor of the electric toothbrush. The bristles should not be too soft, because the cleaning efficiency is low if the bristles are too soft.Can not be too hard, too hard will hurt.DuPont yarn is the representative product of high quality nylon yarn, thick from top to bottom, round from top to bottom, strong, wear-resistant and clean.In fact, DuPont bristles are mainly used in Europe and the United States. In addition, another kind of brush is Doris. DuPont bristles have a relatively high cost and are also the material of most high-end electric toothbrush.By the way, after dental implant, tooth extraction, periodontal surgery, there is a special super soft periodontal electric toothbrush, can brush the operative area, this time to use the periodontal toothbrush.3. Look at the rounding rate of the brush and the rounding rate of the brush head is also one of the important indicators. The rounding treatment can reduce the damage of the tip of the brush hair.

4. Intelligent pressure sensing (advanced electric toothbrush is only available)

For protection, the best thing would be intelligent force feedback, which would tell you when you're brushing your teeth if you're pushing too hard.Then I took a look at the web celebrity electric toothbrush, which is very, very popular recently, because it is the top seller of electric toothbrush.

The cleaning ability of the electric toothbrush is the essence of the acoustic wave electric toothbrush cleaning.The speed of vibration frequency represents the level of cleaning efficiency to a certain extent.(Sound wave electric toothbrush is not clean with sound wave, but with sound wave vibration spread to the bristles on the shock) and the bristle vibration amplitude, too low cleaning efficiency is certainly not good, but too high and there is no use.Because the bristles in the use process against the tooth surface, with empty shock is completely two different things.Really clean effect how, still want to rely on use actually.

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