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An electric toothbrush

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Electric toothbrush is a kind of toothbrush invented by Guy Woog. Through the rapid rotation or vibration of the electric movement, the head of the brush vibrates at high frequency, which instantly dissolves the toothpaste into fine foam and cleaves the teeth deeply. At the same time, the vibration of the bristles can promote the blood circulation in the oral cavity and massage the gingival tissue.Electric toothbrushes have revolutionized the field of oral health in foreign countries.There are three motion modes of electric toothbrush head: one is the reciprocating linear motion of the brush head, one is the rotating motion, and one is a complete set of electric toothbrush with two kinds of brush heads.The bristles of the toothbrush head are made of soft plastic fibers, and the ends of the bristles are all processed into balls, which will not damage the teeth and gums, nor affect the brushing effect.It can not only brush every tooth clean, but also play a role in massaging the gums.The electric toothbrush handle has a strong and weak mode switch, you can choose the electric toothbrush head movement speed according to personal needs.Children, adults have different electric toothbrush heads, according to personal habits, opening degree, mouth size and other factors to choose a suitable electric toothbrush heads.And the bristles on the electric toothbrush , some people like soft, some people like hard.Choose the right brush head according to your personal preference.

Using of the principle

Electric toothbrush from the principle of points, electric toothbrush has two categories: rotation and vibration.Rotary electric toothbrush toothbrush principle is simple, is the motor drive circular brush head rotation, in the implementation of ordinary brushing action at the same time to strengthen the friction effect, rotating toothbrush noise, tooth surface cleaning is very clean, tooth gap cleaning is relatively weak, but the tooth wear is large, it is not recommended to use for a long time.Vibrating electric toothbrush are more sophisticated and more expensive.The vibration type electric toothbrush has an electrically driven vibration motor inside, which can make the brush head swing at a high frequency perpendicular to the direction of the electric toothbrush handle, but the swing amplitude is very small, generally about 5 mm up and down each, the industry's largest swing is 6 mm.On the one hand, the high-frequency shaking of the brush head can effectively complete the action of brushing teeth. On the other hand, the vibration of more than 30,000 times per minute also causes a large number of tiny bubbles in the mixture of toothpaste and water in the mouth. When the bubbles burst, the pressure generated can go deep into the teeth to clean dirt.


An electric toothbrush

Electric toothbrush is driven by a high speed vibrating movement to rotate or vibrate the brush head to achieve the effect of tooth cleaning.

Sonic electric toothbrush 

Acoustic electric toothbrush toothbrush refers to the bristles/brush head vibration frequency and sound frequency consistent or close, so it is also called acoustic vibration electric toothbrush.Brushing with "sound waves" doesn't mean that literally, but the rapid motion of bristles at a frequency similar to the vibration of sound waves creates a super-clean effect that is nearly 100 times better than a traditional manual toothbrush.

Ultrasonic electric toothbrush 

Ultrasonic electric toothbrush can clear the periodontal bacteria and impurities by using the cavitation effect of ultrasonic energy in the periodontium, and its cleaning range can cover all parts of the periodontal.Ultrasonic energy through the bristles of the brush head to the surface of the teeth and gums, loose on the one hand, plaque and tartar and tiny tartar and dental adhesive, destroy bacteria in transparent bag and tooth surface hidden flocking parasitic breeding, at the same time, by hitting a gum brush is passed to the electric toothbrush energy on the surface of the gum further penetration into the gums, acting on the cell membrane, accelerate the blood circulation,Promote metabolism, can inhibit tooth inflammation and gum bleeding, prevent gum atrophy.


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