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Are Sonic toothbrushes recommended by dentists?

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In fact, the problem is caused more by the explosion of the industry, which has led to the birth of many unprofessional Internet celebrity brands. They enter the industry quickly, with an extreme lack of adjustment and optimization of the core technology, and are very prone to damage teeth and bleeding, leading to dental pain, tooth sensitivity, and even gingivitis and periodontitis. For this reason, some dentists advise you to choose carefully. It is not recommended. First of all, as a professional dentist, we recommend electric toothbrush. Everything should be analyzed from a scientific point of view. Although early electric toothbrush were designed for the convenience of people with disabilities, they have become as popular as manual sonic toothbrush  in developed countries. Through high-frequency vibrations, it can achieve brushing frequencies that cannot be achieved manually. Moreover, sonic toothbrush can use high-frequency vibration to foam the mixture of water and toothpaste, and the scouring effect of air currents and bubbles can clean some dead spots, which manual toothbrushes electric cannot achieve. Of course, the hands and arms are not very tired, which is also a benefit. After all, people are getting lazy. The point is, even an toothbrushes electric should be brushed for at least 2 minutes. Technology is key. Many dentists say electric tooth brush don't work well. For one thing, they're not used to it. On the other hand, dentists know that it doesn't really matter what they brush with. The important thing is to use your shower toothbrush twice in the morning and evening for three minutes each time. This is the core point. Therefore, the conclusion is that the use of electric tooth brush is still recommended.

The following are the professional opinions of different dentists for reference only: Opinion 1: In fact, the doctor has not made such advice, so such advice is false rumor. Most Chinese have low-quality teeth, with less than 1% of the population having healthy teeth. So doctors still recommend using an electric tooth brush to clean your mouth. Idea 2: Some conservative dentists may think that sonic electric toothbrush are not for everyone, so we should remind you that there are five groups of people who should not use sonic electric toothbrush: children under 8, seniors over 65, people with serious dental problems, people with sudden bleeding gums, and people who have just finished treatment. These people have a very complex oral environment, so they can only use an sonic electric toothbrush after the oral environment has stabilized or under the guidance of a doctor. So doctors don't recommend using an sonic electric toothbrush, but you should know if you can use an kids electric toothbrush and it's best to buy one and use it again. I have seen too many cases of tooth injury due to the use of inferior products. Such products are not only cheap materials, but also have no technical precipitation. In the range of 100 core adjustment parameters such as vibration frequency, long-term attenuation, deviation value, swing Angle, dynamic strength range, tooth damage rate soared by 300% compared with professional brands! Does the dentist recommend using an kids electric toothbrush? Most medical professionals support our use of electronic toothbrush. This is because Chinese oral problems are prominent and varied. More than 90 percent of Chinese people have some degree of oral problems, so there is an urgent need to upgrade our teeth cleaning tools. The emergence of electronic toothbrush undoubtedly meets the needs of the public.

What are the advantages of electric toothbrush manufacturer?

The first advantage is the different cleaning methods. While ordinary toothbrushes are manually cleaned by each of us, electric toothbrush manufacturer use a motor to drive the brush head to vibrate from side to side to achieve cleaning power. In contrast, manual toothbrushes will have uneven force, such as a few molars inside the tooth and the inner wall of the tooth if the force is not good, it is difficult to clean, electric toothbrush manufacturer will not appear this situation, the vibration is uniform and stable. Second benefit: brushing time management. When brushing, the regular toothbrush actually controls each part of the time through memory and habit. While each brush can be said to control time based on subjective feelings, electric toothbrush factory have a two-minute automatic stop and a 30-second reminder of zone changes, which can train users to manage their brushing time more scientifically and avoid unnecessary burden on their gums.

The third benefit: cleaning efficiency. In fact, electric toothbrush factory are far more efficient at cleaning than regular toothbrushes. Not only is the vibration frequency of sonic toothbrush manufacturer tens of thousands of times per minute, but the water shock generated by the vibration frequency of tens of thousands of times per minute can form a strong water impact on the tooth space and tooth bacteria, which is unable to do ordinary toothbrush.

The fourth advantage: the force is uniform and stable, can adjust multiple gears, can adapt to the different needs of each stage of tooth cleaning every day, without damaging the teeth. On the one hand, we encourage people to use electric toothbrushes, because sonic toothbrush manufacturer have inherent advantages that manual toothbrushes cannot match, such as strong cleaning power, cleaner brushing, no brushing blind areas and so on. At the same time, it is convenient, fast, time-saving and labor-saving to meet the needs of young people. What's more, sonic toothbrush factory can more effectively improve the dental health of our people and improve the overall oral quality! But on the other hand, because most people do not understand their own dental health and the purchase and use of sonic toothbrush factory, a large number of people blindly and casually buy and use electric toothbrush wholesale, resulting in the harm and abuse of teeth damage everywhere, long-term chronic tooth damage is not easy to detect the hidden danger. Tooth injury rates for electric toothbrush wholesale have skyrocketed in recent years! What are we going to do? Have you given up your sonic toothbrush wholesale? All I know is that sonic toothbrush wholesale are better for orthodontic people than regular toothbrushes. As long as it protects the teeth and helps them recover, buy it

That's it. Children, the elderly and anyone with teeth can use it. It is good and harmless. It can prevent dental stones. The average person might just think it saves time and effort in the morning. But if you're an orthodontic community and want better cleaning results, the effect is definitely big enough for you to experience. All I know is that kids electric toothbrush are better for orthodontic people than regular toothbrushes. As long as it protects the teeth and helps them recover, buy it

That's it. Children, the elderly and anyone with teeth can use it. It is good and harmless. It can prevent dental stones. The average person might just think it saves time and effort in the morning. But if you're an orthodontic community and want better cleaning results, the effects are definitely big enough for you to experience. How can we avoid the disadvantages and hazards of electric toothbrush agency?

1. The first choice is to have a basic understanding of teeth. Don't buy blindly.

2. Do not buy products with strong vibration, the probability of tooth injury will increase dramatically

3. Pay attention to the roundness of the brush must be high enough, roundness over 80% is qualified. Try to choose more than 90% roundness

4. Try not to choose a rotary electric toothbrush agency. It's really good cleaning, but it's really hard on your gums. Many teeth of average quality are more likely to damage the teeth.

5. Avoid strenuous brushing and excessive cleaning. Many people pay more and more attention to dental care. Even overcare is a major cause of dental injury. Stick to scientific brushing methods, such as the Pasteur method (shown below), and control the frequency and time of brushing.

6. Soft and hard hair are very important. Try to choose a soft, moderate bristles. Hard bristles are very irritating to the teeth, and it is easy to hit the teeth, and the experience is not good.

Necessity for children to use sonic toothbrush agency:

1. Clean more thoroughly

Because the baby did not brush his teeth when he was young, over time there may be certain plaque. In addition, the way and intensity of brushing is often irregular and inadequate, and normal manual brushing cannot clean teeth thoroughly. Compared with manual toothbrushes, children's electric toothbrush dealer have higher cleaning power and can also play a certain role in removing plaque.

2. Can reduce oral ulcer and gum bleeding

When the baby manual brushing, due to improper strength or posture, easy to cause gum damage, may also appear gum bleeding or ulcer. Children's sonic toothbrush dealer cleaning force and method are scientific, baby brushing safer.

3 can let the baby fall in love with brushing, easier to develop a scientific brushing habit.

Now, a lot of kids have cute electric toothbrush trader. With music and other intellectual effects, it's easier for babies to get into the habit of brushing their teeth.

4. Easy to use, parents worry

The great advantage of children's sonic toothbrush trader is that it is automatic. As long as the baby holds it in its mouth, the electric toothbrush can be cleaned by automatically rotating and vibrating. It's easy and convenient for the baby to use, and easier for the baby's mom and dad. It can garner so much support for the following reasons:

Cause 1. Electric toothbrush have achieved good results and high efficiency in removing plaque. Compared to manual toothbrushes, electric toothbrush company are definitely very powerful in cleaning. It also removes stubborn plaque in the mouth. Plaque is the real killer of all kinds of oral diseases, and it is very difficult to clean thoroughly. However, when the sonic toothbrush company is vibrated by sound waves, it creates a water wash and is more efficient at cleaning plaque. The electric toothbrush supplier can fully and effectively clean the blind areas of the crown, between the teeth and the back of the teeth of the manual toothbrush. The standard for manual toothbrushes is very low. Not only is it difficult to clean the blind areas of your mouth, but even if you brush vigorously, it is difficult to penetrate these areas.

Reason two: No blind area sonic toothbrush supplier vibration frequency is stable and uniform, can accurately control the force. Manual toothbrushes are hard to clean because of their own feel. Because of the Angle, many areas cannot be cleaned effectively for long. An sonic toothbrush supplier can effectively clean every part and corner of your mouth. Reason 3: electric toothbrush vendor are effective at refreshing your breath! One of the main triggers for breathing is that there are many dead spots that you clean with a manual toothbrush, where unbrushed plaque and leftover food can ferment and cause odors. An electric toothbrush vendor can effectively solve this problem. Cause 4: Using an sonic toothbrush vendor for two minutes is equivalent to using a manual toothbrush for ten minutes. An sonic toothbrush vendor  can clean the mouth in two minutes, which is fast enough to meet the needs of modern people who want to do things efficiently. In addition, when using an electric toothbrush bulk, it is best to pan as long as possible, and there is no need to force corners to clean the dead corner position, which is less effort. However, manual toothbrushes can only be used for up to 10 minutes, and it takes a lot of effort to achieve the same cleaning effect as electric toothbrush bulk. Many people also brush their teeth stupidly for a minute or two, and the effect becomes worse. Reason 5: Brushing time is easy to control. Most mainstream sonic toothbrush bulk on the market come with a two-minute scientific timing feature and a half-minute zone change prompt. They can target different parts of the mouth for thorough cleaning, the cleaning effect is more comprehensive and more even. It can effectively improve some bad habits that may exist when using a manual toothbrush, such as bad timing, short brushing time and incorrect area brushing. Reason six: Gears are versatile, and smarter sonic toothbrush bulk have many functions. It has different gear modes to choose from and can be adapted to different life scenarios. In addition, sonic electric toothbrush have many other expanded features that make them smarter and better than manual toothbrushes. In fact, the sonic electric toothbrush can be used by most users, this point is proved by the national authority of a large number of test data. This is also the reason why many dentists and the media encourage the use of electric tooth brush, because our teeth are of low quality, the health level of the people is low, and more than 90% of users have various dental problems. However, since most Chinese people's teeth are of poor quality, they should choose electric tooth brush more rationally and rationally. Not everyone is right for an kids electric toothbrush, and not all kids electric toothbrush are right for everyone! Recall


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