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Are children's electric toothbrushes really an IQ tax?How to choose cost-effective toothbrush for children?

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Children begin to develop teeth at the age of 2, and it is an important task for parents to choose the right electric toothbrushes for children.If you want to give your child a good mouth, toothbrush is crucial. If you choose improperly, your child's teeth will not only fail to protect, but may harm your child.

Therefore, for children electric toothbrush is not IQ tax this question.Can say good electric toothbrush is not intelligence quotient tax for certain only, but inferior electric toothbrush cannot say, why?

Why do children use special children's toothbrushes?

1. The influence of oral health on children's growth

Professor Raman Bedi, president of the World Children's Dental Fund, said: we believe that every child can and should have a healthy smile as oral health is vital for overall health and well-being.

2. The difference between children's electric toothbrushes and adult electric toothbrushes.

(1) The brush head is smaller and suitable for children's mouth

Adult electric toothbrushin the brush head design of different brands have their own characteristics, most of the bristles will choose imported DuPont bristles.

Because of the special oral condition of children, a more compact design will be used on the brush head.

And in the selection of bristles will pay attention to anti-bacteria and softness, like many children's electric toothbrushes are using imported DuPont anti-bacteria super soft bristles.

Resistant to 99 percent bacteria, the bristles are rounded at the top of the brush to fit your gums and make brushing safer.

(2) Ergonomic design is more suitable for children

Generally, children are not fond of brushing their teeth, so cute cartoon designs are often used in the appearance design of children's electric toothbrush to attract children's interest in brushing their teeth through cute cartoon images.At the same time, there are also small design considering the hand type.

Ps: Pay attention to do not use adult electric toothbrush to children at any time, in order to avoid damage to children's teeth and oral, and do not let children and adults share the same toothbrush, because the bacteria in the mouth of adults will be transmitted to children through the electric toothbrush.

Two, ordinary children's toothbrush and children's electric toothbrush difference.

1. Cleaning effect

Electric toothbrush is used to clean teeth by rotating or vibrating the brush head.

We brush our teeth by the seat of our pants with a manual toothbrush, let alone a few years old.This way of brushing can lead to some local dead spots or gaps can not be cleaned.Over time, this can cause health problems in places that can't be cleaned.

2. Use comfort level

At the same time, the way of use is not the same, so the damage to the oral cavity will naturally be different.

The electric toothbrush is cleaned by pressure, so the surface of the teeth is basically evenly stressed, so that there is no oral damage under normal circumstances.Manual toothbrush, if the child too hard will hurt the gums, or cause oral bleeding!Electric toothbrush can not only avoid children using manual toothbrush see-saw incorrect brushing method, reduce the damage to teeth.

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