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Are electric toothbrushes really good for you?

Views: 1     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-07-26      Origin: Site

There must be a reason why electric toothbrushes are so popular: 1. Cleanability Compared to regular toothbrushes, electric toothbrushes actually clean better, especially when it comes to removing oral bacteria.2, energy saving and efficient than manual brushing, electric toothbrush is a magic weapon.For the same amount of time, an electric toothbrush cleans more thoroughly than a regular toothbrush and is better at cleaning the back teeth area.

You can see why young people are using electric toothbrushes today. Here are some of the most popular brands of electric toothbrushes on the market.

After each meal, in order to clean off the food residue in the braces, not the toothbrush will bloom in two days, is to brush to the gums bleeding, Braces sister is really too difficult, estimated also see my nature, he helplessly sighed and said "forget it, you are so lazy, or to buy a better electric toothbrush," from then on I honestly into the electric toothbrush pit, no longer climb out, because it is too good!It is simply the light of human beings, liberating the tired hands of the workers!

Not only can the electric toothbrush brush off the tartar easily, but the surface of the mouth becomes very smooth after brushing. After using the electric toothbrush for a period of time, I really never got scolded by the dentist brother again!!And praise me, that my teeth now become very clean!

General toothbrush principle: through repeated brushing cycle action, will be stuck on the teeth of the food residue brush off.Electric toothbrush principle: using the reciprocating rotation of the brush head or sound wave up to thousands of times per minute of small amplitude and high frequency vibration to form an impinging water flow, remove the residue and dental plaque in the tooth surface and between teeth.Comparison between the two: for the same brushing time, the frequency of acoustic electric toothbrush is > 31,000 times /min, while that of manual toothbrush is about 240 times /min. The efficiency of electric toothbrush is 129 times higher than that of manual toothbrush, which is about like the effect of manual toothbrush brushing for 2 hours.

To put it bluntly, the electric movement is more powerful than your Kirin arm!In recent years, I have changed several electric toothbrushes, my favorite is this new electric toothbrush, which is really the light of domestic products!!Not only the appearance level is super high, but also the first domestic high-energy sterilizing electric toothbrush with its own sterilization cabin!

And in the sense of use, the brand is really very careful!One of the most embarrassing things about using an electric toothbrush before was that the toothpaste would be thrown all over the place because of too much vibration.However, this model is not at all. It has a crescendo mode, which allows the toothpaste to stay on the electric toothbrush when it is started up. The battery life of this model is also very good, and it only needs to be charged once every six months.

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