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Are electric toothbrushes really more effective than regular toothbrushes?

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Are electric toothbrushes really more effective than regular toothbrushes?

Yes, more effective.

It can be seen from the experimental result: ①The cleaning effect of the two groups of electric toothbrushes with different brush heads is the same, but the cleaning effect of the two groups of electric toothbrushes is better than that of the manual toothbrush; Smooth and scratch-free. The enamel surface of group A with nylon wire brush head (hard bristles) has more pits and relatively deep pit depth; while the enamel surface of group B with nano soft brush head (soft bristles) has concave  The number and depth of the pits are much better than those of Group A.

It shows that soft bristles wear less tooth enamel than hard bristles. This experiment shows that the cleaning effect of electric toothbrushes is significantly better than manual toothbrushes.

However, it can also be clearly seen that the enamel grinders of the electric toothbrush group are obviously worn, that is to say, improper use of electric toothbrushes will also cause wear and tear on the teeth.  

Therefore, electric toothbrushes not only have the advantages of cleaning and high efficiency, but also have the disadvantage of causing extra wear on teeth under improper use.

So, how can we use our strengths and avoid our weaknesses?  This starts with the choice of electric toothbrushes. I am good at this. After all, I am a senior patient with various dental diseases. The so-called long-term illness is me.

My teeth are very worn out because of deep overbite, which leads to malocclusion and abnormal wear of some teeth.  Moreover, I still have the habit of clenching my teeth unconsciously and grinding my teeth at night. The doctor said that I was caused by excessive work pressure, so I suggested to see the psychology department, but I didn't.  

Many problems with teeth are irreversible, and the only thing that can be done is to maintain the current state. So I bought many electric toothbrushes and came back to study.

After using more than 20 electric toothbrushes, I can say that I have more in-depth insights into electric toothbrushes.


If you want to clean your teeth without excessive wear, you need to pay attention to many aspects.  

1. Pay attention to the vibration mode of the electric toothbrush. 2. Pay attention to the gear position of the electric toothbrush

You must choose an electric toothbrush with multiple gear modes. I want to emphasize this point.

3. Pay attention to the brush head of electric toothbrush. The brush head is mainly to pay attention to the bristles. This is very important. The importance of the bristles is the same as the vibration mode. In short, the higher the rounding rate is, the higher the rounding rate of bristles on the market is basically above 90%. Everyone try to choose a toothbrush with a high rounding rate.  

4. Pay special attention to the correct way of brushing your teeth. In fact, an electric toothbrush is just a tool. There is no right or wrong tool, but there are right and wrong methods of use. The wrong use of electric toothbrush will bring back negative effects.


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