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Are electric toothbrushes really more effective than regular toothbrushes

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Are electric toothbrushes really more effective than regular toothbrushes?Today my tooth started to hurt again!!I can't eat anything, and my face is swollen and more than half, so miserable.So I made up my mind to buy an electric toothbrush.

It has been a while since I recommended an electric toothbrush to everyone last time. My friends and I agree that the electric toothbrush we are using now is quite pleasant to use and not so annoying to brush our teeth.For myself, I use a classic red wine.In fact, overall or very weight, but will not have the feeling of burden.The handle part is made of metal frosted material, so it feels very fine and comfortable when you hold it.

Why use an electric toothbrush?You can not look down upon this brushing teeth, brushing teeth is also a technique, science is the most standard brush teeth technique is Bart's brush teeth method.

I am one of those people whose gums are fragile. When I brush my teeth, I am quite annoyed. A little careless bleeding will occur.It wasn't until I started using an electric toothbrush that I realized brushing wasn't so painful.This electric toothbrush is not like other electric toothbrushes, the entrance will be a lot of vibration, but only the bristles in the rotation and vibration, while brushing the brain will not be vibrating.If you've seen some of the other electric toothbrushes, this is actually quite new.Therefore, it is very difficult to have discomfort when using it. It can be said that it is gentle and efficient but not knotting teeth.For beginners who have not used electric toothbrush before, they are afraid to buy it back and use it unaccustomed or not good, and this overall cost-effective is still very good, more suitable for students and beginners to start with!

Some people may think, "Is it necessary to spend this money on an electric toothbrush?" In fact, think about it the other way around. Instead of spending a lot of money on dental implants at the end, why not "pay attention" to your teeth as soon as possible?

So I began to choose the electric toothbrush, the benefits of electric toothbrush that can be many, such as high vibration intensity, compared with the manual frequency is not the same, cleaning up much faster.Also has absolute assurance in time respect, arrived the dot it can oneself prompt, need not be in pinch watch to see time.There is also can protect the gums, the traditional toothbrush rough brushing is easy to cause damage to the gums.

Now there are so many brands of electric toothbrushes, which one should I choose? I found a more used electric toothbrush on the market, to see which one works.

For the most the most good electric toothbrush is cheap ah, hundred yuan can easily hand ah, or brush your teeth, dual function of cleansing, the price of more than two hundred is equal to get a facial cleaning brush and a electric toothbrush, this is the whole hand are not just three hundred, overall price is pretty high!Student party slums are acceptable.

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