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Are electric toothbrushes reliable?

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Generally, it can reach IPX7 level. Wireless charging is more waterproof than USB charging. If you can wipe the water near the charging port before charging your electric toothbrush every time, you can choose USB charging to save the storage space of the charging line. The battery life should be more than a month, or the electric toothbrush will eventually degenerate into a manual toothbrush. But too long endurance, the whole life will not be too long, and put in washing gargle table for a long time not dry also easier to aging, 1-2 months is more reasonable. It is better to have 3 gears, so it is easier to find the vibration mode suitable for you. It is especially necessary to have sensitive gears. In terms of user experience, the most basic 30-second zone change reminder and 2-minute timing shutdown can be basically achieved. Low-end models of foreign brands under 300 yuan have not been configured. Noise, appearance level, etc., are subject to personal choice. I have listed the parameters at the end of the article.

Decades ago, electric toothbrushes were invented to solve the problem of people with hand defects who couldn't brush properly. Now, it is to solve the problem of lazy people not wanting to brush their teeth every day and brushing their teeth carelessly. You can't imagine how large this population is -- in 2019, the National Health Commission issued a "Healthy Oral Action" document, hoping that 45 percent of adults brush their teeth every day by 2025. It also reflects the gap in oral care education. Not so many people brush their teeth every day, the proportion of people who do not seriously brush their teeth will be as high as how many? Without an electric toothbrush, IT's hard for me to brush effectively myself. Effective here refers to the current mainstream recommended brushing method, which is also required in the oral examination of the future all doctors to jointly teach oral care method.

The selection of sensitive people focuses on the bristles, and the requirements for electric toothbrush are indeed higher, so it is not artificial to ensure the protection of the gums and teeth, and the selection of electric toothbrush with sensitive gears. Can the gap between the teeth become big after electric toothbrush is used? If the gap between the teeth becomes larger after use, it is because the foreign matter between the teeth, calculus, etc., has been removed. It's like having a big gap between your teeth when you've just cleaned your teeth. If this feeling is very obvious, the oral condition is very bad, too many dental stones. More need to use electric toothbrush at ordinary times to clean in place, so as not to cause periodontal disease calculus. Brush your teeth at least once in the morning and at night, covering 5 sides of your teeth plus the surface of your tongue. It is recommended to use a suitable electric toothbrush. The vibration frequency and bristles of electric toothbrush can help to clean the adjacent surface of teeth and effectively remove dental plaque. Electric toothbrushes on the market are divided into rotary and acoustic toothbrushes, most of which are acoustic toothbrushes,the most famous rotary electric toothbrush manufacturer. Therefore, deep cleaning should benefit from the advantages of rotary electric toothbrush. It can be speculated that almost all electric toothbrushes have deep cleaning ability. Other reasons for the deep cleaning of electric toothbrush were also found in the subsequent test, which is due to the detailed design of the brush head. The outer layer is super-soft pointed brush wire, which can clean deep into the teeth without hurting the gums. Specific details in the brush head show.

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