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Are expensive electric toothbrushes better?

Views: 1     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-11-01      Origin: Site

Spend several hundred yuan to buy electric toothbrush, if only the cleaning intensity is strengthened, that is not smart enough for a lazy person. The function of the entry-level electric toothbrush is relatively simple and does not achieve a pleasant experience. Slightly intelligent electric toothbrush has increased a lot of functions, such as 2 minutes of brushing time reminder, for lazy people, maybe 90% of the cases, they did not brush 2 minutes, there is even a electric toothbrush for a year they do not know, brush teeth do not know the weight, often brush bleeding. Since we spend the money, we have to enjoy it. Is there an electric toothbrush that meets these functions?

1) 2-minute operation Most of the electric toothbrushes are set to stop only after 2 minutes, some of them are 3 minutes, which is very practical. (2) partition reminder 30 seconds regional time reminder, the mouth is divided into up and down about 4 areas, not preference, each area brush enough for 30 seconds, in the vibration mode to remind you, it is time to change position. (3) Pressure remind start do not know the weight, in a good mood, left and right desperately pull the big saw, NO, too hard, electric toothbrush will intelligent reminder, please treat your teeth. (4) To remind you to replace the toothbrush by changing the color of the bristles on the electric toothbrush after 3 months; Some electric toothbrush use an indicator to remind you to change the brush head. Although are small functions, have is not very convenient. Some of these little features can really make a big difference to happiness in life.

Electric toothbrushes that cost a few bucks don't work as well as regular electric toothbrushes. Its poor quality bristles, if brushed over a long period of time, can only lead to enamel damage and dental disease, rather than using a manual toothbrush. There's a huge difference between an electric toothbrush that costs a few dollars and one that costs hundreds!! The core of electric toothbrush is mainly brush head, brush bristles and motor, which determine the core of electric toothbrush cleaning ability and comfort. Cheap electric toothbrush tend to be very poorly made, with a soft bleating head, like your hotel toothbrush, with soft, losing bristles. What about motors? I do not need to say more, a few dollars of motor you really dare to use?? A few bucks of electric motor doesn't vibrate much at all. Okay, do you really need a manual "electric toothbrush"? Electric toothbrush, I especially recommend to choose about 200 yuan can, this price of toothbrush no matter cleaning ability, comfort, basic can meet the daily use.

The quality of the bristles: the higher the roundness rate of the bristles, the less the damage of the teeth and gums. According to the new toothbrush standard: flat hair type electric toothbrush roundness rate reaches 60%, special-shaped hair type toothbrush roundness rate reaches 40% is qualified. Dupont bristles, for example, have a rounding rate of more than 90%, but some cheap electric toothbrushes do not even meet the standard, and long-term use can cause damage to teeth and gums.

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