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As a professional, what do you think of electric toothbrushes?

Views: 1     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-01-12      Origin: Site

Electric toothbrush is not an IQ tax, it can help us better daily cleaning teeth. But only if you buy it and stick to it, and use it right, is it effective. Why are electric toothbrushes so popular despite their critics? Because it strikes at a human weakness - laziness. How many people can really follow the doctor's advice and brush their teeth for 2 minutes every morning and evening using the Pap method? According to the "Healthy Oral Cavity Action Plan 2019-2025" issued by the National Health Commission in 2019, only 36.1 percent of adults brush their teeth twice a day in 2016, and it is hoped that the rate will reach 45 percent by 2025. Brushing your teeth by hand can often become a coping routine, ending with a few perfunctory swipes after squeezing toothpaste, only to end up with cavities -- you electric toothbrush, but it doesn't work. What is the difference between effective and ineffective tooth brushing? The simplest two points are: 1. Whether there is tooth decay and whether the frequency of tooth decay is high. From these two points, electric toothbrush is more effective than ordinary toothbrush, and whitening is not within the scope of comparison. The advantages of an electric toothbrush are obvious: 1. Keep the toothbrush on for 2 minutes and it will stop automatically. 2. At present, the vibration frequency of electric toothbrush is mostly 30,000 times/minute, while the frequency of our manual brushing is about 240 times/minute (i.e., 4 times per second up and down). That means an electric toothbrush is 125 times more efficient than a manual toothbrush!! 3. Choose the high grinding rate of tooth brush head, electric toothbrush actually better than manual control more protect teeth (many people pursue aggressive when manual brushing your teeth, brush even cross) the efficacy and security of the electric toothbrush, in nearly 70 years have been production, exploration and validation - normal electric toothbrush high frequency vibration can be effective protection of oral diseases, but need to pay attention to use way, Avoid soft tissue damage. Yes, compared with manual toothbrush, electric toothbrush still has disadvantages: 1. If the electric toothbrush has a low hair rounding rate, it will cause more serious damage to teeth in strong vibration mode. In other words, some patients reported that after using electric toothbrush, their teeth were actually "wedge-shaped defect", which could also be caused by the wrong choice of ordinary toothbrush. Electric toothbrush would accelerate. Electric toothbrushes are more expensive. 3. Electric toothbrushes that do not charge in time will become ordinary manual toothbrushes. In particular, the battery life of the electric toothbrush will become shorter and shorter as the service life lengthens. It may become indispensable to the charger in one or two years, no matter you buy 22,000 or 200, do not hold too high expectations for you to use it for a long time. The battery will gradually deteriorate. So why do so many people use electric toothbrushes and dentists recommend them? I'm going to go into more detail.

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