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At what age do you let your kids use kids electric toothbrush?

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According to authoritative survey, 66% of children with cavities, some of them also different degree with gingivitis, and the causes of these problems is very simple: such as long time don't brush your teeth, not timely when brushing your teeth, brush your teeth after eating sugar more cleaning not clean, children find dry brushing your teeth, perfunctory, etc., each time if the parents do not take the, heart supervision, scientific guidance, if left unchecked, the children's teeth are easy to problems. Therefore, as a qualified and responsible parent, it is necessary to choose a fun, lovely, safe and good quality electric toothbrush for the babies at home. First of all, such an electric toothbrush can attract the attention of children, increase their interest in brushing their teeth, and develop the habit and method of daily brushing. And then you can make your child's teeth cleaner and healthier.


Know the advantage of electric toothbrush and necessity, give the child use electric toothbrush immediately? The answer is no! Want to see child age and oral cavity condition come, electric toothbrush is not the child of what age is ok (suit) use!


This is a very important question. Mothers who don't know may start using electric toothbrushes at the age of 2 or 3. In fact, it is not recommended to use electric toothbrushes at such an early age because,


First of all, the electric toothbrush has vibration, and the frequency is very fast, the child is too small, milk teeth have not developed completely, the high-frequency vibration of the electric toothbrush may cause percussion damage to the teeth, affect the replacement teeth;


Secondly, many electric toothbrush handles are relatively large, the child is too small, it is not easy to hold a stable vibrating toothbrush handle, but easy to damage the tender gums, resulting in gingiva red, swollen and bleeding, etc.


Thirdly, when children brush their teeth, they tend to be distracted. If a toothbrush is placed on one or several teeth for a long time, it may cause excessive wear on tooth enamel. This improper operation can cause very painful damage to teeth.


So my personal advice is not to use an electric toothbrush at a very young age (at least not for a long time), but at what age do you suggest? Don't let your child use an electric toothbrush before the age of six, according to an analysis by a leading US website. In other words, it is generally recommended to use children's electric toothbrushes after the age of 6.


Although suggest children 6 years old later use electric toothbrush, also is not to say that 6 said before must not use, but should be used under certain conditions appropriate make full use of the electric toothbrush attract role in children's novel, help children get into the habit of initiative to brush your teeth, use at the same time there should be a parent at a side to guide and supervise, do safety brush your teeth, science and brushing your teeth, a good habit.

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