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Believe that people used electric toothbrush will feel not quit

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Believe that people used electric toothbrush will feel not quit, and the people did not use electric toothbrush is feel very small ~ hope we can abandon "habitual negative" attitude to accept the new things to the emergence of electric toothbrush really brought great convenience to our life, at the same time will also have more deep clean your teeth.Because its vibration frequency is much higher than our manual brushing, it can clean up a lot of stubborn stains, and even some dead corners such as between teeth and back teeth can be easily cleaned up.So today, let's talk more about the electric toothbrush.

First, is it necessary to buy an electric toothbrush?

In fact, a lot of people who don't buy electric toothbrushes are stuck at this point, and can't seem to find enough excuses to convince themselves to buy a machine for brushing their teeth.But we actually have a lot of cleaning blind spots in our teeth, and our mouth is limited in space and it doesn't move up and down very much when you go in and clean it, it doesn't completely clean it.According to a dentist survey, the side of the last upper tooth on both sides of the tooth is the most common area of decay in 70 percent of adults. The reason is that it is too innermost for ordinary toothbrushes to clean.But if you use an electric toothbrush, its vibration frequency is very high, and the vibration amplitude is not large, deep into the back tooth space is relatively small place can also be very good for cleaning.In addition, some studies have shown that the risk of dental plaque and gingivitis is much lower after using an electric toothbrush.If we have an electric toothbrush and keep brushing for more than two minutes at a time, our teeth will be very white and healthy.

Then the biggest difference between electric toothbrush and ordinary toothbrush is that the electric toothbrush relies on motor to generate power, while the ordinary toothbrush relies on manual power, and the electric toothbrush needs to be charged before it can be used, while the ordinary toothbrush does not need to be charged.On the other hand, the electric toothbrush does not need to float back and forth by hand when it is in use, while the ordinary toothbrush needs to be brushed by hand. The vibration frequency of the electric toothbrush is relatively high, and the effect of removing dental plaque and tartar is better, while the ordinary toothbrush can only barely maintain the daily tooth cleaning.When using the electric toothbrush, we basically do not need to use their own force, so it is just the right force control.But the strength of the ordinary toothbrush is completely controlled by their own, I believe that we will usually have their own gum bleeding.

Last,we need to pay attention to some of the parameters of the electric toothbrush when we buy the electric toothbrush, such as its battery life, cleaning strength and the use time of the bristles. These are more important and directly affect our subsequent use.1. Battery life Most of the electric toothbrushes on the market can last about 60~100 days, which depends on the frequency of each person using the electric toothbrush. For example, some people just brush their teeth morning and evening, and some people may alternately use the ordinary toothbrush and the electric toothbrush.2, cleaning force most of the automatic toothbrush timing in two minutes, because the more scientific brushing time is two minutes, it is best not to more than two minutes, but less than two minutes is not up to the cleaning effect.Electric toothbrushes vibrate at slightly different rates from brand to brand, depending on which one is chosen.3. The bristle electric toothbrush also directly affects the effect of our brushing, and the soft, hard and thick of the bristles are exquisite.For younger or more sensitive gingival people, it is best to choose a soft bristle, and for frequent smoking, drinking tea on the teeth of the people with dental stains or dental calculus, use a hard bristle.In addition, there are many different shapes of bristles, such as flat head bristles and curved bristles. The flat head bristles have a relatively high rounding rate, which is suitable for people with fragile gums, while the arc brush head has a slightly lower rounding rate and higher cleaning strength, which is more suitable for people with good gum bottom.


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