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Bleeding from the gums after using an electric toothbrush is probably a common problem for most people when using an electric toothbrush for the first time

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Bleeding from the gums after using an electric toothbrush is probably a common problem for most people when using an electric toothbrush for the first time.At first, on behalf of gingival bleeding gums is currently in a state of inflammation, no health organ is gently touch will be bleeding, so, if appear this kind of situation, may be already have signs of gingivitis and periodontitis, suggest to go to a hospital for periodontal basic treatment as soon as possible, this is not bleeding caused by an electric toothbrush, but itself periodontal condition is not healthy.When inflammation subsides, healthy gums are less likely to bleed.If very healthy gums, but too much use of frequency for the first time, or when using pressure or position is not correct, brushing your teeth damage gums bleeding, this kind of situation will need to try to reduce the vibration of gear, to confirm the pressure and the location of an electric toothbrush, get used to the right way to brush your teeth to avoid damage to healthy gums.With a period of practice, the bleeding will soon get better.

The electric toothbrush clean after use Electric toothbrush after use, clean and some convenient than manual toothbrushes, only need to put the electric toothbrushes in the water, turn on the switch to electric toothbrush vibration for a while, can put the toothpaste and other residues in the brush head is clean, do not need to manually moving electric toothbrush, also don't put the brush head and brush your teeth koubei knock again and again.The brush head of the electric toothbrush needs to be replaced every 3 months. If the brush hair is curled, the cleaning efficiency will be greatly reduced, especially for the cleaning of the gingival crevicular.Straight bristles can easily enter the crevicular cavity without causing damage, while curly bristles can't enter the crevicular cavity, reducing cleaning power.At the same time, after the bristles curl, the bristles will no longer vibrate in the same direction, but in all directions, which is easy to damage the gums.Electric toothbrushes need to have light pressure on the surface of the teeth. Using too much pressure is more likely to cause the bristles to curl.Second, the quality of the electric toothbrush bristles and bristles grinding rate is closely related, excellent electric toothbrush bristles grinding rate is very high, after long-term use, the head of the brush wire will gradually wear, become no longer smooth round blunt, such a brush with high frequency vibration, more likely to cause wear on the tooth surface.Finally, the bristles that are used for too long are more likely to harbor bacteria, which can be bad for your oral health.So do not loathe to change the electric toothbrush head. Using the brush head for a long time without replacing is not enough cleaning efficiency, but also will damage the tooth surface and gums, more unhealthy.Therefore, the use of electric toothbrush is not as simple and easy as imagined. It is not the same as manual brushing, which is directly put into the mouth and electric toothbrush instead of manual brushing.Of course, the use of electric toothbrush is not a difficult thing, after practice and adaptation, will gradually familiar with the vibration of electric toothbrush, with the correct brushing method will be able to achieve the optimal cleaning efficiency.

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