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Briefly introduce the working principle of electric toothbrush

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Briefly introduce the working principle of electric toothbrush

There are two kinds of electric toothbrushes on the market at present, which are acoustic wave type and rotary type respectively. The latter is the patent of , so other brands are basically acoustic wave type. Working principle of rotary electric toothbrush: The motor drives the brush head to rotate, and the cleaning effect can be achieved by the friction between the bristles and the teeth during rotation.

The supporting bristles are usually relatively hard, which can clean the tooth surface with great cleaning force and easily cause tooth wear, but the cleaning between teeth is weak. Working principle of the sound wave type electric toothbrush: motor drive brush head high frequency vibration, and high frequency drive brush do small oscillation amplitude, more than 30000 times/min vibrations frequency of electric toothbrushes are strong cleaning effect,Through the understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of electric toothbrush, we also have a relatively comprehensive understanding of electric toothbrush, of course, it is not difficult to see that the advantages of electric toothbrush is very obvious, for teeth and oral health has a good protection; In addition, from personal experience, electric toothbrush is definitely recommended as a personal care product, and people want to give "Amway" to their friends after using it. I to electric toothbrush brand attention is not high, in my more or less used more than a dozen electric toothbrush, the actual feeling is domestic electric toothbrush slings at the same price imported toothbrush, and is killed that..... Another cost is the cost of replacing the brush head. Most of the domestic brushes cost more than 20 pieces, which is not too excessive compared to the price of ordinary toothbrushes of about 10 yuan. Electric toothbrushes come with different cleaning modes. Low-end toothbrushes have at least 2-3 cleaning modes, and high-end toothbrushes even have 4-6 cleaning modes.

The hardness of electric toothbrush bristles is also a factor of tooth injury. It is advisable to choose moderate or even soft strength bristles. 3, the vibration frequency of electric toothbrush should not be too large, 30,000-40000 times per minute is more appropriate, too small vibration frequency brush is not clean, too large vibration frequency is very hurt teeth! 4. The bristle roundness rate of electric toothbrush must be high. If the bristle roundness rate is lower than 90%, it will stimulate the teeth more. Of course, the promotion of 100% roundness rate is relatively empty.After I go to work to now a few years of time, more or less used more than a dozen electric toothbrush....... Even smelly shameless used some brands of children's electric toothbrush, but also very good.As a rigorous oral blogger, I have come into contact with more than 50 types of electric toothbrushes, so I have a certain understanding of Chinese teeth and electric toothbrushes industry! Before the laboratory evaluation of 8 types of electric toothbrushes, I first summarized and analyzed some reasons that affected tooth injury and tooth gum wear of electric toothbrushes.

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