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Brushing our teeth by electric toothbrush is the most effective and popular way to remove plaque

Views: 2     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-02-01      Origin: Site

We can't live without brushing our teeth. Brushing our teeth by electric toothbrush is the most effective and popular way to remove plaque. So how do you brush your teeth correctly and efficiently? The effect of brushing depends on: (1) electric toothbrush design (2) brushing skills (3) frequency (4) length of brushing time and brushing method according to the purpose of cleaning, efficiency and so on there are different methods, mainly divided into manual brushing method and electric toothbrush brushing method. Among them, the most commonly used methods are mainly manual brushing, such as Bass brushing method, rotary brushing method and scrubbing method. Among them, the well-known Pap brushing method is more complex, such as the requirement of 45° direction, brush light pressure, cover a small amount of gums, horizontal short distance movement, etc., can adhere to the long-term people are not many.


Out of the ordinary manual toothbrush brushing method of random, electric toothbrush gradually into our field of vision. The aim of using an electric toothbrush is to simplify the tedious process of brushing and remove plaque more effectively. Toothbrush, a small object used in daily life, has become an emerging technology after saying goodbye to the status of ordinary brushing tools in the past and being packaged by electric and intelligent devices. So how should the electric toothbrush brush correctly after the transformation? First of all, we need to understand the difference between sonic electric toothbrush and manual toothbrush. Whether manual or electric, you still need to follow the Pap brushing method. Pasteurian brushing method requires: make part of the bristles into the gingival sulcus, part of the spread on the gingival margin, and extend into the adjacent space as far as possible, with gentle pressure, make the bristles in situ for a short distance in front and back horizontal vibration 4~5 times. During vibration, the electric toothbrush moves only about 1mm, brushing 2 ~ 3 teeth at a time. One of the most important points is a small range of horizontal vibration, must not be a large range of horizontal brush, which is the most difficult part of the pasteurization brushing method. The appearance of electric toothbrush greatly simplifies this difficult action, because the brushing method of different toothbrush models is basically unchanged. The design of electric toothbrush head and high frequency vibration enable us to simply place the brush head at the gingival crevices and let it carry out "small range and high frequency vibration" by itself. Undoubtedly reduces the boring and fatigue of the brushing process, simplifies the brushing process to some extent.


From this, we can see that with the electric toothbrush, we do not need to do too much hand movement, just need to put the brush head at the correct Angle and force to the gingival crevicular. So at this time, the movement of the electric tooth brush head is very important, which is also the key research and development and promotion of major manufacturers. In the traditional way of brushing, brushing strength and direction is difficult to control, but the electric toothbrush head automatic movement, uniform strength, easy to control, so that the brushing process is simple and effective. So the movement of the brush head directly affects the cleaning efficiency. How to choose a toothbrush with a high cleaning efficiency? Here are some considerations for choosing an electric toothbrush. In principle, electric toothbrush is generally divided into mechanical rotation and acoustic vibration. Mechanical rotary electric toothbrush is the use of a motor to drive the brush head to do left and right two circular movement, imitating manual brushing, but faster than the general consumer manual brushing speed, brush head and bristles in the rapid rotation of friction to achieve the role of cleaning teeth and mouth. However, this range compared to manual brushing is still small, about 5mm up and down range, the speed is generally in 7 thousand to 9 thousand. The acoustic vibration electric toothbrush uses the high-speed operation of the motor to drive the toothbrush head to vibrate at a high speed, but this vibration mode is slight and frequent, which is smaller than that of the mechanical type. These commercially available products typically vibrate at a rate of about 20,000 times a minute. It is worth mentioning that the acoustic vibration toothbrush does not refer to the use of "acoustic wave" to brush teeth, but the rapid movement of bristles similar to the frequency of acoustic wave vibration to achieve a cleaning speed and cleaning effect beyond the traditional manual toothbrush.

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