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Brushing teeth by using electric toothbrush

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A good lifestyle is the cheapest and most effective way to protect teeth. For all of us, there are three most important ways to protect our teeth, grasp them, and your teeth will be much better than other people's. They are brushing using electric toothbrush, cleaning and flossing.


Brushing teeth by using electric toothbrush, the most basic way of oral care in life, many people think that the greater the force of the brush, the cleaner, so it is still in the horizontal see-saw brushing!


So far, you brush your teeth by using electric toothbrush like this, that I love your teeth! It is easy to brush the enamel off the neck of the tooth for a long time, causing wedge-shaped defects. It is also easy to cause damage to the nerve ends inside the teeth, resulting in tooth loosening, tooth inflammation, tooth allergy and other diseases, which can seriously lead to tooth loss.


The wrong lateral force will only make the teeth worse! So, never brush your teeth by using electric toothbrush sideways again!


2. From now on, learn the Bass brushing technique and vibrate


The purpose of our brushing by using electric toothbrush is to brush off dental plaque, which tends to grow in the middle and lower third of the tooth near the gum, or even in the space between the tooth and the gum.


Therefore, the electric toothbrush should be placed at an Angle of 45 degrees at the junction between the teeth and the gums, so that the plaque can be effectively removed by a slight shock deep into the gingival groove.


First, brush by using electric toothbrush the outer sides of the upper and lower teeth, tilt the toothbrush 45 degrees toward the root, place the toothbrush at the gingival edge, gently press, let the bristles enter the gingival crevice; For a group of 2-3 teeth, move the toothbrush back and forth, vibrate at least 10 times, then gently stroke three times between teeth, and then move to the next group of 2-3 teeth.


Brush by using electric toothbrush the inner sides of the teeth again and repeat.


When brushing by using electric toothbrush the tongue and palate of the incisors, the electric toothbrush should be held upright, with moderate force from the gums to the crowns, and pointing to and entering the gingival sulcus.


Finally, brush the chewing surface. Place the electric toothbrush on the chewing surface and move it back and forth.


Don't forget to brush your tongue after finishing! Scrub your tongue while brushing your teeth by using electric toothbrush to remove food particles that remain on your tongue. Keeping your tongue coating clean will help get rid of unpleasant bad breath as well as improve your health.

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