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Can I use dental oral irrigator instead of floss?

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What is a dental oral irrigator? First of all, we need to be clear that a dental oral irrigator is not a dental cleaner. Like an electric toothbrush, it's just a regular cleaning product. It can replace 90 percent of the toothpick and floss functions, but does nothing for calcified calculus and does not replace a toothbrush. So why use a dental oral irrigator? Because it removes areas that a toothbrush cannot fully clean, such as between the teeth, pits, and under the gums, it is more convenient than traditional floss when cleaning food debris in your mouth after meals. Beatings can also relieve periodontitis, gingivitis, and bleeding gums. At first, there may be bleeding, but after a few days, the inflammation should go away. Not only will there be no bleeding during the process, but your periodontal and gums will also be healthier. (For long-term bleeding, seek medical attention as soon as possible.) I believe someone has already answered that question. There is no question of who is better than who. oral irrigator dental is used to clean areas that cannot be brushed with a toothbrush, using an extremely fine stream of high pressure water. oral irrigator dental can further counteract the residue that floss doesn't wash off, or use floss instead of cleaning if you can't carry it around with you. Toothbrush flusher floss is essential and no one can replace the toothbrush so that the teeth can be cleaned more thoroughly. In fact, electric toothbrushes can vibrate more frequently, but in fact, it's the same if you brush your teeth manually and carefully for a long time. As long as you choose a fluoride toothpaste, oral irrigator dental will be enough to get rid of food debris between your teeth after a meal. Basically, except when not used after meals, oral irrigator dental is used to flush out dirt in the gum groove, which can easily lead to calculus. When we go to the dentist to clean our teeth, we clean the calculus, so oral irrigator dental can be used anytime. It is best to do a good job of daily oral care. My personal habit and principle is to use water flosser manufacturer after brushing in the morning and evening, brush for 3 minutes, flush for 2 minutes, and do not eat after brushing in the evening.water flosser manufacturer and floss are not an either-or relationship, each has its own benefits, so it goes without saying that using them together can lead to cleaner, healthier teeth! Usually, we can clean most of the tooth surface by brushing, but the remaining small portion of the tooth surface and the area between the teeth cannot be cleaned. At this point, we need to use the water flosser manufacturer and floss. Floss relies on the friction between teeth to clean food debris, dirt and other debris, but can't do anything about the rest of the tooth surface that can't be brushed with a toothbrush. water flosser factory can do a good job in this area. water flosser factory work by using a high-pressure pulsed stream of water to remove debris and dirt from the surface of the tooth and some of the Spaces between the teeth. It's hard for water to flush out the gaps between your teeth, and water flosser factory can make up for that. Simply put, areas that are difficult to clean with a toothbrush can be cleaned easily with a toothbrush and floss; oral irrigator manufacturer makes it easy to clean areas that are difficult to clean with a oral irrigator manufacturer ; Where floss is difficult to clean, oral irrigator factory can easily clean them. So the three go hand in hand. I usually clean my teeth with a toothbrush, floss and oral irrigator factory. oral irrigator factory is used to regulate odors in the mouth. Cleaning and management of teeth and mouth is still important, otherwise others will laugh confidently and eat Onions, garlic and leeks without fear. All you can do is grunt and smile, and when you eat, you don't dare to chew or eat, even if you're afraid to get stuck in your teeth and breathe loudly, even if you cover your mouth, you feel the taste has penetrated. With a little time to take care of your mouth and teeth, you can have simple confidence and happiness! A little effort pays off! Isn't that a good deal! Ever since I discovered that water flosser wholesale really does get rid of the dirt between my teeth, I've started all kinds of activities!! I keep some at home and when I'm out, especially after a meal, and I definitely use it. However, I am 100% not convinced that water flosser wholesale and interdental brushes can be completely replaced by water flosser wholesale. First, oral irrigator wholesale doesn't come into direct contact with the surface of the tooth through the flow of water, and some stubborn things can't be washed out. It is necessary to oral irrigator wholesale to remove physical contact surfaces, after all, floss is not ultrasonic cleaned. Next, let's talk about the gap brush. I once watched a video of a dentist at Peking Union Medical College, and she made a very apt analogy. Plaque, like moss, grows on the contact between the gum and the tooth. It cannot be completely removed by force rinsing alone. I have experience too. After using the oral irrigator wholesale, I immediately scraped between my teeth with a toothbrush and easily scraped out a white object. When I smell it, it smells bad. Yes, that's right, it's a form of bad breath. Do you know what the worst smell is? The innermost gums on the left and right sides of the jaw (often called platycodontia) are often brushed with a lot of white matter between the teeth (I'm not sure if this is called plaque, does it seem to be?). So that's why water flosser agency and interdental brushes can't be completely replaced by water flosser agency and interdental brushes. I usually use the water flosser agency after dinner when it's convenient; If you're outside, you'll be sure to bring floss. Before brushing my teeth at night, I brush my entire mouth with a slit brush every three to five days. Basically, after three days of brushing, something white will come out. Trust me, a toothbrush can't do that. Usually, after using a toothbrush, I do the final process - brush my teeth with an electric toothbrush. Why take teeth so seriously? Because if a bad tooth is replanted, it costs one or two thousand yuan. Why does it smell when you don't oral irrigator agency? Can oral irrigator agency replace floss? Is floss always good? Bad breath can be caused by a variety of reasons, and flossing usually removes bad breath from food debris and bacteria. Food debris is evident and can also be removed with yew, so there is an illusion that oral irrigator agency can replace floss. But flossing is the only way to help bacteria more thoroughly. So, "nothing" is just something invisible to the eye, but it's not really unclear. Those "stinks" are evil bacteria that we can't see. Depending on the meaning of the problem, the need to remove bacteria is strong, so it is not recommended to completely replace floss with yew. It is also not recommended to completely use floss instead of water flosser dealer. Floss can also clean visible debris, and the contact surface of floss is mainly not as large as the adjacent surface of floss, so floss is not a substitute for floss. Floss, however, is stronger and removes more adhesive bacteria from adjacent surfaces that cannot be flossed, so floss cannot replace water flosser dealer. There are two types of floss: a water flosser dealer stick and a full roll of oral irrigator dealer, and the thickness of the floss varies depending on the type of floss used. Please be careful. A floss stick is more convenient, but the back teeth need to be pressed hard with a regular thread roller. At first, learning may be difficult, but after you get used to it, it will be very convenient. There is also a type of oral irrigator dealer made for orthodontic patients that goes through the middle of the tooth and is rubbed in and out, rather than in and out of the occlusal surface. A close friend added, "Wouldn't hydrogen peroxide be more practical?" To put it in a nutshell, hydrogen peroxide simply produces oxygen to flush out and destroy bacterial structures. The analogy between erosion and oral irrigator dealer is still weak, and the chemical mechanisms of "structural failure" are too specific compared to physical mechanical forces. Microbes are bacteria, fungi and viruses. Hydrogen peroxide destroys bacterial structures, but leaves behind fast-growing fungi that take advantage; If you want to use a mouthwash that corresponds to different microbes, not to mention the complex mechanisms that tend to mutate microbes in the face of a lot of chemical stimulation, one thing is for sure, your own mucous membranes can't stand it in the first place, and killing 500 enemies causes 1,000 losses. Therefore, effective improvements such as the BASS brushing method, flossing, impactors, cleaning your teeth every six months to a year, and assisting with brushing and rinsing in special cases all complement each other and avoid weaknesses, so none of them are indispensable. Note that whether or not you have bad breath, this is a preventative measure and should be taken before you develop dental problems. This is similar to washing your hands frequently, showering daily, and sanding and exfoliating as necessary, even if the skin is not injured. In addition to daily care, there are some oral diseases that can cause bad breath. However, since it's recommended to wash your teeth every six months, you can ask your doctor to check in and fix problems while you brush. If you have good oral care and still have bad breath, consider whether there is a problem with your oral and digestive tract microbiome and consult your gastroenterology department. Thorough and effective brushing removes only about 70 percent of plaque, while the remaining 30 percent is present on adjacent surfaces of teeth. As the name suggests, the adjacent surface of a tooth is a hidden area where two teeth are next to each other. Toothbrush bristles have a hard time fully penetrating these areas, and over time they can become blind spots that hide dirt. A healthy dental space has an intact enamel shell near the two teeth, but if not cleaned effectively, bacteria will slowly destroy this hard shell, leading to enamel shell demineralization or shallow caries. When the hardest part is destroyed, cavities near the tooth become difficult to control and gradually become severe cavities. water flosser trader and floss are both oral hygiene tools used to clean plaque and food residue in the mouth. Although the effects were similar, there were some differences. 1. Function of water flosser trader : oral irrigator trader can use high-pressure water to flush the mouth, effectively remove plaque, food residue, especially in the interdental and tartar accumulation area. When using a oral irrigator trader, it is necessary to direct the flow of water to the space between the teeth and clean the dirt in the space with the appropriate pressure and Angle. 2. water flosser company does: water flosser company uses high pressure water flow to carry special oral irrigator company through the gaps in your teeth. The flow of water cleans the teeth and has a healthy effect on the gums from the root to the dead space between the occlusal surface and the gum. Dental tools and oral irrigator company do much the same thing. They both clean the mouth. However, water flosser can penetrate deeper into the gaps between teeth and has a better cleaning effect than oral irrigator. Whether it's cordless water flosser or floss, it's an excellent oral hygiene tool to help keep your mouth healthy and prevent the onset of oral diseases. cordless water flosser work by using pressurized water flow to remove food debris between teeth, and they don't have good mechanical friction. irrigator dental is a process that removes debris from the surface of teeth by mechanical friction. Everyone has had the experience of filling teeth, especially for fibrous teeth such as shredded meat, leeks and celery. They are sandwiched between two teeth and rinsed with water, but fail to open the gap between the two teeth, causing food to fall out (if the pressure does wash out the fiber impaction, then the water is enough to punch a hole in your face). This type of  irrigator dental  can only be cleaned by mechanical rubbing. To take a simple example, everyone washes their hands. Simply rinse with water or rub your hands to clean it up. The facts are the same. The main use of floss and oral irrigator bulk is to clean the space between your teeth.oral irrigator bulk can clean more dead areas in the mouth and clean efficiently, which is essential for lazy people. water flosser bulk slides directly into the gap with more force, which takes some skill to use. Some food scraps are packed too tightly to make floss easier to remove. Floss and water flosser bulk are two things that coexist, each with its own characteristics and cannot be replaced. My advice is to keep the floss and oral irrigator vendor. oral irrigator vendor is not as tricky as flossing. Improper water flosser vendor can cause side effects such as bleeding gums, and the pulse of water from the floss doesn't irritate the mouth. Therefore, water flosser vendor is more convenient.


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