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Can I use oral irrigator everyday

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Of course, some water flosser are more expensive, especially imported brands water flosser, with an average price of 1,000 yuan. However, now the domestic oral irrigator has reduced the price to several hundred yuan, their effect is not bad, can fully meet the needs of daily cleaning and protection of teeth.In fact, a domestic drill of around 400 yuan oral irrigator  is quite enough for daily life and can also be good for keeping the mouth clean.So, is it really expensive cordless water flosser? Sure, if it was just a water spout, cordless water flosser would be expensive, but it's not just a water spout.Is cordless water flosser an IQ tax?To that end, I will address your concerns with a combination of facts and theory.Theoretically, from the perspective of principle analysis: most irrigator dental on the market use the pump body to produce a high-pressure pulse water column, and use the impact force of water to clean the bacteria between the teeth.Because it is an intense pulse of irrigator dental, it stimulates and massages the gums, which has the effect of relieving toothache and improving blood circulation. A dental oral irrigatorcan be good for cleaning teeth, but because of the characteristics of the tooth structure, it can't completely clean all parts of the teeth, especially the dirt between the teeth.Some studies show that more than 40 percent of dental oral irrigator  parts cannot be oral irrigator  cleans the plaque between the teeth, but there are still areas that cannot be removed, and dental oral irrigator  requires careful control of force and Angle, which dental oral irrigator can damage the gums.Not to mention, toothpicks not  only don't do a better job of cleaning mouth dirt, they also tend to damage gums. dental oral irrigator can better clean the parts between the teeth that floss can't reach, allowing for a larger cleaning  of the mouth after meals, with a wider cleaning surface.It can better prevent the residue from fermenting and multiplying by bacteria, which can lead to inflammation.So far, many experiments have shown that dental oral irrigator  are not an IQ tax and have a significant effect on oral health.1.A dental oral irrigator . [1] concluded in the experiment of using dental water jet to remove biofilm that using dental douches could remove dental plaque biofilm;2. In the clinical trial of pulsating jet oral cleaning agent, You dental oral irrigator . [2] concluded that the use of dental oral irrigator  had an inhibitory effect on periodontal pathogens in gingival groove II.water flosser manufacturer. [3] concluded that in an experiment on the effect of DWJ with special orthodontic nozzles on water flosser manufacturer and bleeding in adolescents using fixed water flosser manufacturer, D WJ was effective in adolescents using fixed orthodontic devices.It has demonstrated beneficial effects in reducing plaque and bleeding.Fourth, numerous studies have shown that a combination of brushing and using a water flosser manufacturer can more effectively remove plaque and reduce gum inflammation.Second, explain why a water flosser factory is a water jet, but the price is far from ideal.A water flosser factory is roughly described as a water jet, but what does a water flosser factory do?Without a doubt, clean your mouth.Because it cleans the mouth, there are oral irrigator manufacturer, health and safety issues involved.Therefore, even if you think it is a spray, it is not a simple spray,  because the  spray,  at least needs to meet the sanitary, health, safety, practical, no foundation of these, it is not much different  from ordinary spray.How to implement these oral irrigator manufacturer features and add more is a technical task.The first is the main cost of the motor.The importance of motor hedging teeth is self-evident, without it, the oral irrigator manufacturer can not even achieve the minimum amount of water, not to mention other things, its performance greatly affects the cleaning performance of the oral irrigator manufacturer, tooth damage and the whole punching machine performance, actual experience, noise and so on.And the motor is divided into ordinary motor and high quality motor, such as: high precision permanent magnet motor.Ordinary motor power is easy to decay, short life.The operation of the pulse frequency oral irrigator manufacturer is not stable, high and low, the corresponding cleaning effect is weak, but there is also the problem of inaccurate water flow, oral irrigator manufacturer is unstable, not concentrated, of course,the noise will be greater, this kind of motor is most commonly seen in tens of dollars of cheap oral irrigator manufacturer, and permanent magnet motor is on the contrary, long-term use of its power attenuation is not very obvious, the pulse frequency is also very balanced and stable, of course, The oral irrigator manufacturer flow will be more accurate, continuous and focused.Of course, the motor is only the bottom configuration of the oral irrigator manufacturer, how to coordinate the high-quality motor with other accessories is also a big technical work.For example, tooth protection, cleaning power, flow thickness, water pressure range, etc., need to combine motor design, pump design and oral irrigator manufacturer nozzle design to achieve high coverage of pressure range, pressure reduction buffer nozzle, sensitive pressure regulator system.Coupled with reasonable parameter modulation, it ensures oral irrigator wholesale not only good cleaning effect, but also reduces the damage to teeth caused by punching, and ensures that it can avoid pulse frequency attenuation in the case of insufficient battery life and voltage.In addition, there are different gears, different oral irrigator wholesale functions of the nozzle design, there are also some basic waterproof, charging methods.Of course, there are also some oral irrigator wholesale in terms of appearance, design and utility, such as some support nose washing, some appearance level is very high, and these become their add-on items.So, it looks like a water water flosser agency, but the technology  involved is very deep and complex.These are also a major source of cost, after all, as a water flosser agency, can not be careless, haphazard.So, the market of the water flosser agency is the same, suitable for their own one in ten thousand, how should I choose to buy the oral irrigator agency?Avoiding IQ tax products is simple, measured by word-of-mouth +.It has to be said that the field of oral irrigator agency is really mixed.As more and more brands enter, the difficulty of choosing is gradually increasing.That's not all.On top of that, there are annoying word games and various marketing ploys that can get you into trouble.A lot of people on the Internet are complaining that the water flosser dealer is useless. The tooth beater hurts the teeth. The water flosser dealer is an IQ tax.In fact, 99% of them did it because they bought a cheap IQ tax product, or bought a product with low cost performance.The best way to buy teeth is by word of mouth + measurement.To that end, I spent a fortune on nine of the more popular brands water flosser dealer on the market.I will conduct a detailed test on them in terms of cleaning strength, tooth protection strength, water pressure, nozzle, after-sales service, etc., in order to select the most worthy oral irrigator dealer. I hope it will be helpful to you.First, the thickness of the water flow is closely related to the comfort and cleaning effect of the teeth punch.A oral irrigator dealer with a fine flow of water penetrates perfectly into the teeth, and the water column is evenly concentrated from head to tail, so there is no diverging water to damage the gums.Therefore, in this aspect of measuring the thickness of oral irrigator dealer, we should pay attention to the latter part.Finally, choose a oral irrigator dealer with a finer, more concentrated flow of water from beginning to end.To do this, I uniformly used the lower gears of the oral irrigator dealer, and after the water flow stabilized, I took pictures of them.In this regard, the number of nozzle types is mainly counted after purchase.After all, different nozzles can meet the cleaning needs of different situations.The more nozzle types water flosser trader, the more scenarios and personnel are applicable, and the higher the cost performance is naturally.In fact, this is the one most people overlook when shopping for water flosser trader, but it's also more important.After all, the tooth beater is not for you, or you must try to understand.And water flosser trader also need to pay attention to the warranty.These are all after-sale aspects, so I made a statistical analysis of these two aspects.1. The Eight Injury-free water flosser trader is applied to teeth punch,  which reduces the wear of water flosser trader to  a very low level and also ensures good cleaning power, which is very helpful in improving gum and tooth problems.2, the use of German water flosser trader and recognized pulse technology, the flow accuracy is very high in the actual measurement, the cleaning effect is also very prominent in the actual measurement, can achieve comprehensive cleaning, no dead Angle.3. Equipped with full scene ultra-high span pulse frequency and 30-120psi pressure range, suitable for more different water flosser trader needs of different people.4. There are 5 types of nozzles, as well as a child + sensitive mode, which is very friendly for highly sensitive people.If you can afford orthodontics, you can afford a oral irrigator trader.No one who has used it has said "yes."So the question was actually posed  by a friend who didn't use a oral irrigator trader and was hesitant to try one.First of all, the tooth beater is not a necessary consumer oral irrigator trader, but an optional consumer product.What are consumer necessities?Is the daily necessities, such as fuel, rice, oil and salt, toilet paper,water flosser company and so on, we can't live without them.What are optional consumer goods?When you are rich, in addition to necessities, you can improve your life with consumer goods, such as cars, designer bags, designer watches and other luxury goods.If a water flosser company is a necessary consumer product, then braces are an optional consumer product.Using braces doesn't mean you don't brush your teeth.The water flosser company and the tooth beater are not one or the other, nor are they opposites.Therefore, as the answer below states, the cleaning efficiency of water flosser company is worse than that of toothbrush brushing, so the argument to evaluate the uselessness of oral irrigator bulk is meaningless.The water flosser company has never been compared to the toothbrush.The tools used to spray water are as small as  a spray gun or as large as a high-pressure spray gun used to put out fires.In order to adapt to the various physiological environment of the mouth, to achieve the best cleaning effect, let's take a look at the oral irrigator company content of the tooth punching device?1. Significance of pulse pressure Pulse pressure and water pressure are the key mechanisms for the pulse-type oral irrigator company to play the cleaning role. The combination of the two on the tooth surface and periodontal tissue can produce the effect of alternating compression and decompression cycles.During the compression phase,oral irrigator company  into the space between the adjacent teeth and the periodontal pockets, while during the decompression phase, food debris and bacteria flow out smoothly.As a res ult, pulse water flosser supplier are more effective at removing plaque and food debris and massaging the gums than constant water pressure water flosser supplier.2, the significance and safety of water pressure is the premise of the promotion of dental punch.Different people have different  gum textures.According to the thickness of the oral irrigator supplier, we can divide it into two types: thin gum type  and thick gum type.Thin gum types are more prone to periodontal disease, are less resistant to gum inflammation, and are more susceptible to damage and oral irrigator supplier , or  even receding  gums due to mechanical forces.The resistance of thick gingival type to periodontal disease is stronger than that of thin gingival type and less prone to gingival bleeding and gingival receding oral irrigator supplier .For the same person, normal gums are pink and tough.When gums become inflamed, their color changes, turning bright or dark red, their texture becomes brittle, they become more sensitive to water flosser vendor, and they are more prone to pain and bleeding.Since the pulse -type water flosser vendor was developed in the 1950s, numerous clinical studies have confirmed its good tissue safety and found no significant adverse effects.Many teeth don't have as much pressure.Many water flosser vendor faucet "teeth flusher" are risky.It is also reminded that the pinion should be gradually added when using the drill to prevent initial pressure injury, bleeding of the gums, and even tearing of the gums due to gum inflammation.First, under the premise that the tooth beater is generally useful for ordinary people, some special people will gain more by using the oral irrigator bulk.1. People with crooked teeth have crooked teeth, which makes it more difficult  to brush.The inside and outside of the teeth make water flosser bulk easier for food scraps to have a hiding place.For those potentially dirty teeth, water flosser bulk are a powerful tool, an important addition to oral irrigator vendor, to keep the food residue from getting dirty and giving up.2. No matter  what oral irrigator vendor use, they will paste some brackets or accessories on the surface of the teeth, making the originally smooth surface of the teeth uneven.These bumps make brushing more difficult, and each bump creates a bump and a depression in the flat surface where food scraps stay.Orthodontic brackets and wires also oral irrigator vendor divide teeth into different areas, increasing the likelihood of food getting stuck between oral irrigator vendor, thus making cleaning particularly difficult.


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