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Can Water Flosser Replace Outpatient Dental Cleaning?

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The mouth is one of the happiest organs in our body. All the delicious and drinkable things have to go through the mouth first.But if you don't clean it up, your mouth is likely to become a dumping ground.Tools such as Water Flosser are on the market for rinsing teeth.Water Flosser's high-pressure pulsed water is a soft stimulation that doesn't cause too much damage to teeth or gums.And the water pressure is slightly larger can also have the effect of massaging gums.But can water flosser replace brushing, flossing, or even cleaning?The answer, of course, is no.By brushing your teeth morning and evening, you can remove up to 65% of the plaque that remains on your teeth. The plaque, which is hidden between the teeth and in the crevice of the gums, and the bristles are hard to reach.If left uncleaned, the plaque can cause gingivitis, periodontitis, and adjacent dental caries, which can lead to painful teeth, red and swollen gums, and loosening of teeth.So use Water Flosser after brushing to help remove the remaining 35 percent of plaque.

The reason why I recommend it again is that this water flosser really has a conscience.On the standard of international brands and parameters, design also consider portability, adjustable.The price is only a fifth of the big brands.The problem is, this brand is also a big brand, professional brand of electrical appliances, so I fully believe in the quality.I have been using it for several months without any problems.The other thing I really like about Water Flosser is the portability.The weight itself is not large, generally short trips will take.There's actually a water flosser at home, if you've read my previous answer, right next to the electric toothbrush.In terms of my own experience, there's not much difference between the two, and the Water Flosser is a fifth of the price, so it smells good.Used since last year, Water Flosser is the perfect solution for office cleaning.

Can water flosser really wash things from your teeth?

You can!Unless it's very tight food scraps that can't be flushed away, the rest of the general food scraps can be flushed away without any problem.But water flosser isn't just for flushing food debris from between teeth. It's more for removing plaque from areas where a toothbrush can't reach your teeth.

Yellow is the area that can be cleaned with a toothbrush, green is the area that can be cleaned by Water Flosser, and red is the area that can be cleaned by Water Flosser if the teeth are extremely close together.The water flosser I've been using for a while, I've been using it right after dinner, right after brushing my teeth, and almost every time I've flushed out a little bit of food, no matter what water flosser I'm using.So far I've used five Water Flosser.

All of these Water Flosser devices rely on high-pressure pulsed water rushing through your teeth to carry food debris away, except for one, which uses ultrasonic bubbles.After buying so much water flosser, I have a very, very, very important suggestion that I should not buy water flosser with opaque water tank. I don't know which designer designed the opaque water flosser, which is really a bit anti-human. I don't know when to fill up the water when I get the water.After use also do not know how much water tank left, very inconvenient.If you don't know how to choose "water flosser," read an article written by someone else.

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