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Can children use electric toothbrushes

Views: 2     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-03-07      Origin: Site

Children can definitely use electric toothbrushes, different from some differences between children and adults, there are some electric toothbrushes specially designed for children, we collectively called children's electric toothbrush. As long as children's electric toothbrush is used, it will not have any bad influence on children's dental health. Moreover, the original intention of electric toothbrush is to assist some people who cannot finish brushing their teeth well, including children. But children can use electric toothbrush, does not represent all the children can use electric toothbrush, because children don't like the growth of the adults who have completed the teeth in the mouth, some of the smaller children just grow out of his teeth may be, is very fragile, so children use electric toothbrush is an age limit, Children too young to use a children's electric toothbrush. There is no standard answer to the debate about how old a child should use an electric toothbrush. Some say parents should start choosing the right one for a child when he or she is around three years old, while others say they should consider using one after the age of two. These are two claims that most dental organizations and research experts have been debating without an answer. For parents friends, children's dental health is very important, some parents may want to let children use children's electric toothbrush, let the children form a good habit of brushing your teeth, but some parents are afraid of children because the age is too small, incomplete tooth development, children to use electric toothbrush is harmful to the child is not. Parents on a child's concerns all of us can feel it, if you really worry about the child's tooth development under the influence of an electric toothbrush, parents can take their children to the dentist check, ask the advice of a doctor, can let the doctor look at a child's tooth development situation cannot satisfy the using demand of the electric toothbrush. In addition, no matter whether parents have plans to use electric toothbrush for their children, they must cultivate the habit of brushing their teeth on time, so that children can protect their teeth from an early age. Since it is necessary to distinguish the two types of children's electric toothbrush and adult electric toothbrush, it means that there is a difference between the electric toothbrush used by children and the electric toothbrush used by adults. Next, I will tell you the difference between the two. First of all, children's electric toothbrush in order to better attract the children, let the children can use children spontaneously electric toothbrush, so its appearance design is prefer to cartoonish, there will be all kinds of cartoon stickers to attract children, children's electric toothbrush generally also have cartoon sound and flash function, it is more of a novelty for children's toys, Brushing teeth, which used to be boring and uncomfortable, became playing with this toy. Children's resistance to brushing was reduced, and their enthusiasm for electric toothbrush brushing teeth was raised and they were more willing to take the initiative to brush their teeth.

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