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Can electric toothbrush be used after filling tooth?

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Oneself just had filled 3 teeth last month, still have a tooth to have been done last year with tube cure, excuse me can you use sonic tooth brush so?

In general, correct use of an electric toothbrush after filling a tooth is not a problem, and slightly incorrect use is no problem.

Sometimes cavities with large defects and poor retention are relatively easy to fall out, but it is not easy to brush down with an electric toothbrush.If the resin is brushed down, it proves that either the tooth is not good, or the tooth does not solve the problem by filling the tooth.Get back to the doctor in time

Use an electric toothbrush after filling.When used correctly, electric toothbrushes are safer than manual ones.As a part of the tooth, if the manual brush does not come down, the electric toothbrush should not brush down, if the electric brush comes down, it is not the toothbrush problem.How can you clean your teeth if you can't stand that?If teeth are not good, electric toothbrush is recommended.Compared to manual toothbrushes, electric toothbrushes clean better and take less time and effort to brush.

I have a similar experience with you. When I was cleaning my teeth, the dentist found that I had three teeth that needed filling. After filling my teeth, I decided to use an electric toothbrush to brush my teeth.First electric toothbrush how convenient, save time, effort, and efficient, and there are a number of different place, very convenient second with an electric toothbrush can also test for a bad repair teeth, whether firm (of course it is best to use electric toothbrush to detect 3 days later, just soon after the good do not be, this time with manual toothbrush, gently brush your teeth) is the most critical,It means that there are a lot of problems in protecting teeth before, and brushing is the first one, so don't change a better cleaning effect of electric toothbrush!Do you have to wait until you have problems with your teeth?

As for the choose and buy of electric toothbrush, online too much, then introduce the frequency of the electric toothbrush, electric motor, brush, and the choose and buy needs to see which aspects and so on, while neglecting the purchaser what demand electric toothbrush, and under what electric toothbrush is more suitable for the choose and buy, I combined the writing a "how to make a decision," the electric toothbrush methodology articles of choose and buy,Will make you as rational as possible to choose suitable for their own, favorite electric toothbrush, full of dry goods, very worth a look.

Sonic electric toothbrush is still better to use dental floss ah!This is what I tearfully tell you ~ there was a misunderstanding before that sonic electric toothbrush can "shake" the dirty things between teeth, but two days ago, I restarted the dental floss for n long time, picked out the thing that stinks ah, simply fainted, later or old honest practical dental floss!

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