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Can electric toothbrush be used when orthodontic tooth?

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I have been wearing braces for 3 months, but I dare not use an electric toothbrush without it, because the bracket of one tooth keeps falling off. So far, IT has fallen off for 3 times in total. I did not bite or brush vigorously. Dentists say it's the tooth surface uneven, with a machine to help me down twice, but I also worried that continue to smooth can damage teeth, anyway, I have been very carefully, dare not to use electric toothbrush, afraid that that braces (may also is so, I am the only because other people have the dentures electric toothbrush) but don't electric toothbrush is no problem, Pay attention to brushing with The Pap method, appropriately prolong the brushing time, brush more carefully, and then buy a bunch of things such as toothbrushing, floss, orthodontic toothbrush, protective wax, usually after eating immediately gargle or use a toothbrushing device, strengthen care at night brushing + electric toothbrush + floss, generally there will be no problem.

"Can I use an electric toothbrush when ORTHOdontic?" Of course, the question they are worried about is not "Can you use an electric toothbrush with braces?" "But" If I use an electric toothbrush, will the bracket fall out?" (ha ha, have I guessed, I am so witty!)

At present, I have been using electric toothbrush in orthodontic stage. How long have I been wearing braces? It is normal for my teeth to ache a few months before wearing braces. When I started wearing braces, I was so sour that I could not eat. Please check whether there is any problem with manual toothbrush. During orthodontic, teeth are more sensitive. The vibration amplitude of electric toothbrush should not be too high. 31000-38000 times/minute is enough.

When cleaning, try to choose an electric toothbrush with sensitive mode. The vibration frequency will be more suitable for friends with sensitive teeth. In addition, during orthodontics, electric toothbrush can be used together with dental flusher, which is also called dental floss, which can clean the blind areas that cannot be cleaned by electric toothbrush, especially those with braces.

You can use an electric toothbrush for orthodontics. However, it is not suitable for all orthodontics, and some orthodontics cannot be used for some reasons. For example, if the wear is metal braces orthotics, using electric toothbrush is likely to lead to braces off, this will not only affect the correct process, but also to correct and doctors to bring unnecessary trouble, this kind of situation is not applicable to use electric toothbrush, can choose professional toothbrush to clean the teeth for orthodontic treatment. But if the orthodontist is wearing removable braces, such as invisible braces, which can be removed and brushed with an electric toothbrush, there is no effect on the orthodontic."

Although the vibration frequency or speed of electric toothbrush is relatively high, but the essential force is not big, and the adhesive of braces is very strong, so there will be no impact, during the correction with ordinary toothbrush certainly not convenient electric toothbrush, do not ask me why I know, because I have used it.

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