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Can electric toothbrush brush teeth bad? Will it hurt your teeth?

Views: 1     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-01-15      Origin: Site

As far as I am concerned, improper purchase and incorrect use of electric toothbrush will lead to bad brushing of teeth. Of course, this bad brushing situation is relatively general. In my opinion, it will cause wear and tear to teeth and bleeding gums. I find that many people buy electric toothbrush casually, and many people prefer to buy products with low price and strong vibration, which will cause more damage to teeth. So for electric toothbrush can brush teeth bad? In my opinion, if you buy the wrong product and cannot use it correctly, it will probably lead to tooth injury. Electric toothbrush these disadvantages harm notice! Don't buy! The first disadvantage: after long-term use, there will be short-term and long-term chronic wear on teeth. The working principle of electric toothbrush is to clean teeth with high vibration frequency, up, down, left and right. However, such high vibration frequency will cause wear and tear to a certain extent if the electric toothbrush quality is poor, the product quality is poor, or the brushing method is incorrect. In particular, chronic wear is not easy to detect for a long time. Many people think that it doesn't matter if they feel strong, but they should know that "iron pestle can be ground into a needle", and how hard teeth? Second drawback: It can damage soft tissues such as gums to some extent. When I used it in the first few years, IT was quite frequent, for example, bleeding when brushing teeth. Therefore, I never recommend users to use an electric toothbrush with strong bristles, and I do not recommend electric toothbrush with strong vibration frequency. The third disadvantage: if there are serious periodontitis, serious tooth sensitivity and other problems, although I do not have serious tooth problems, electric toothbrush may aggravate the disease and tooth problems. The vast majority of Chinese people have dental problems, less than 1% of them are healthy, but many of them think their teeth are great and healthy! Ignore dental diseases and characteristics and blindly choose electric toothbrushes.

The appearance of this electric toothbrush is simple design, the tone looks comfortable, healing tone, the box is a painting. Its body texture is very good, exquisite workmanship, very comfortable to hold, the body is made of silicone material, even with water is not slippery. It is very simple to operate with one button, and it is very smooth to switch between 5 modes. I can use almost every mode, and different modes have different vibration modes and frequencies. Try each mode one by one, and there will always be a suitable mode for me.

The most powerful feature of this electric toothbrush lies in its intelligent pressure sensing, such as automatic frequency conversion and coil flash warning, which can prevent gingival bleeding and root atrophy under excessive pressure. It can effectively protect teeth from injury. It can only be charged once a year, with super powerful battery life and 3,350 mah. At present, the largest electric capacity on the market an electric toothbrush.

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