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Can electric toothbrush brush tooth stone?

Views: 1     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-07-21      Origin: Site

1. Electric toothbrush can occasionally brush off a small part of dental calculus, but it is impossible to systematically clean it. There is no doubt that it must be possible to brush down some small pieces of dental calculus.Since the station began to write electric toothbrush, also received a message from friends that brush down teeth stones, cleaning effect is good.However, it should be emphasized here that the ability to brush down dental stones does not mean that all dental stones can be completely and systematically removed.The role of the electric toothbrush, that is, to occasionally clean up some loose dental stones, normally attached dental stones are generally very difficult to clean through brushing.To complete and systematic cleaning of dental stones in the mouth, it is necessary to go to the teeth cleaning.This point, the electric toothbrush can not be replaced, and, after washing the teeth also need to insist on washing, or dental calculus is easy to come back.

2. How to prevent tooth stones?Nothing good to say, just scientific brushing, the ideal situation is 3 times a day, manual toothbrush 3~5 minutes each time, electric toothbrush 2~3 minutes each time.Again not, every day 2 times must want to assure, cannot again skimp on.When brushing your teeth, in fact, strictly follow the appropriate brush method, using a manual toothbrush is OK, not must use an electric toothbrush.But it's also true that an electric toothbrush will clean better.If you want to choose electric toothbrush, in the last chapter of my electric toothbrush ten thousand words long article, a comprehensive evaluation analysis of more than a dozen sets of mainstream electric toothbrush, you can choose for friends.

3. In addition to the use of electric toothbrush, you can also consider the use of a toothbrush, nothing on a flush, but also to ensure the cleanliness of the mouth.

4. Pay attention to the gear of the electric toothbrush. It is necessary to choose an electric toothbrush with multiple gear modes. I want to emphasize this point.Why is that?The reason is simple.Until you have tried a particular brand or model of electric toothbrush, you will never know whether its frequency and amplitude are suitable for your teeth.If you buy an electric toothbrush with only one position, the frequency and amplitude of that position makes your teeth very uncomfortable, do you use it or not?No, waste more than 100 yuan;Use, wear teeth.Choosing an electric toothbrush with multiple gear modes can greatly reduce the probability of the above scenarios.Note that I said that reducing the probability is not completely avoidable, because I have used electric toothbrushes, there are a variety of positions to choose from, but none of them is suitable for me.It is because of this, it is necessary to see more physical evaluation, the best physical evaluation with reference, so that you can evaluate, the evaluation of electric toothbrush is not suitable for yourself.Ben answered, and I'm going to use my teeth as a reference, and I'm going to give you a comparison, and then you can evaluate whether the electric toothbrush that I recommend is suitable for you.

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