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Can electric toothbrush make teeth become loose?

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Can electric toothbrush make teeth become loose? Most electric toothbrushes claim to vibrate quickly and effectively remove plaque. Previously quite noble electric toothbrush, as a result of the price reduction in recent years, became one of the hot items of small home appliances. Many people, especially young white-collar workers, have followed the trend to buy electric toothbrushes, hoping to brush a good white bright teeth.

Electric toothbrushes are a great innovation because they are so effective at removing plaque or preventing gingivitis. What many people don't know is that electric toothbrushes were originally designed for people with awkward hands who couldn't use traditional toothbrushes. The biggest benefit of electric toothbrushes is that they can shorten the brushing time, which may be a good tool for people who don't have time to brush properly. But if used in the wrong way, it can actually cause damage to the teeth.

The main cause of tooth damage caused by electric toothbrushes is that people use them in the wrong way. Do not use an electric toothbrush in the old way. The toothbrush should be at a 45-degree Angle to the gum. Do not use too much force.

If your teeth are in poor condition, such as loose teeth, swollen gums, or periodontitis, then an electric toothbrush is not a good idea for you. The high speed vibration of the electric toothbrush stimulates the gums and causes bleeding easily, and the heavy pressure may also hurt the fragile or injured gums and teeth.

Old people's gums will atrophy, more sensitive, loose teeth are more, also not suitable for the use of electric toothbrush. If used improperly, the electric toothbrush stays on the surface of one or two teeth for a long time, it is not only easy to cause damage to the periodontal tissue, but also will wear the tooth enamel, damage to the fragile teeth.

Preschool children are in a critical period of tusks and right, teeth and periodontal tissue is immature, they are also difficult to master the correct operating method of electric toothbrush, also control the bad brushing your teeth, if excessive force or method is not correct, easy to damage the tender gums, lead to a premature baby teeth is damaged, and can cause permanent teeth growth deformities.

To sum up, whether electric or normal toothbrush, only to ensure that the correct way to use will not cause tooth loss.

Both electric and regular toothbrushes have one ultimate goal: to keep your teeth clean and remove plaque.

The advantage of electric toothbrush is convenient save labour, it has different frequencies of vibration, rotation vibration mode well clear gingival sulcus, tooth gap between soft dirt and dental plaque, electric toothbrush to remove tartar very well more thoroughly, the habit of a lot of people are mediocre brushing your teeth, and electric toothbrush to remove tartar very well is very effective, can reduce because of drinking tea, coffee and bad mouth tartar very well, Restore the original color of the teeth.

Electric toothbrushes can reduce tooth damage by about 60 percent, reduce gingivitis and bleeding by 62 percent, and make the brushing process safer and more effective.

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