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Can high frequency vibration of sonic toothbrush make tooth become loose?

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Can high frequency vibration of sonic toothbrush make tooth become loose? Whether it will make teeth loose, this can not be generalized, because different sonic toothbrushes are suitable for different people, and some people are not suitable for sonic toothbrushes. Electric toothbrushes fall into two categoriesrotary and acoustic.

Rotary toothbrushes are generally suitable for strong and dirty teeth, such as people who often smoke and drink tea. If people with sensitive teeth use this kind of toothbrush, it will cause irreversible damage and even loose teeth.

And sound wave type is due to the high frequency vibration driving water and toothpaste bubble clean teeth, so to teeth hurt is small, less noise, but can guarantee the basic effect of brushing your teeth, it is also suitable for the majority of people electric toothbrush, such an electric toothbrush almost 90% above is the same as the beginning of research conclusion, the probability of tooth wear less than a manual toothbrush.

Not 100%, of course. That doesn't mean that the frequency of the sonic toothbrush won't cause loose teeth. That depends on the core components of the electric toothbrush. Movement and bristles.

Movement, that is, the rotation of motor, the vibration of the inferior machine core is not regular, random, noise is big, so to teeth harm is bigger also, and if the bristles rounded rate (brush top grinding degree) is still very low, flocking density is not suitable for that also can cause great damage to teeth, some teeth sensitive people to use, also may make loose teeth, This is why it is strongly not recommended to buy an electric toothbrush for less than $100, as a good movement and motor cost.

The frequency of vibration of an electric toothbrush is an important indicator of its cleaning effect, but it does not mean that the higher the frequency, the better the cleaning effect, because this tends to damage the enamel.

Periodontal disease is the real culprit of loose teeth! Electric toothbrushes are innocent! Regular cleaning of dental stones, control or eliminate plaque, is the most feasible way to protect teeth from decay and not loose.

At present, the popular charging methods are mainly USB charging and induction charging. Battery life, generally speaking, the longer the better, but also can not be in order to store a large battery, the brush handle is too large, or need to consider the use of comfort. And battery life also tests the durability of electric toothbrushes.

Concerns about the damage to teeth and gums caused by electric toothbrushes have also been proven to be unnecessary: regulated use of electric toothbrushes does no harm to the teeth or soft tissues, does less damage to the gums than manual brushing, and cleans better. As long as you brush your teeth correctly, you won't harm your gums.

If the method is not correct, the same will not play the normal role of the toothbrush. In addition to using an electric toothbrush, it is recommended that you use an interstice-cleaning device such as an oral irrigator or floss. Because the electric teeth may not be able to clean up the soft scale and residue on the adjacent surface of the teeth, it is necessary to add these products for cleaning the tooth space.

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