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Can water flosser remove yellow teeth?

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Can water flosser remove yellow teeth?

Many friends with dental calculus are asking this question, so is water flosser good? I asked dozens of professionals to summarize their advice, so let's take a look! First of all, water flosser does not remove calculus, but oral irrigator bulk can slow the formation of calculus. Tartar doesn't just appear for no reason. If the mouth is not cleaned in time, bacteria can grow in the residues and soft dirt in the mouth. The more bacteria there are, the more plaque will appear. When plaque accumulates to a certain extent, it calcifies and forms tartar. Once formed, dental calculus is difficult to remove and must be cleaned in a regular dental institution or hospital, so do not think that oral irrigator bulk can remove dental calculus. oral irrigator bulk, however, can play a role in slowing tartar formation. water flosser bulk can effectively remove residues and soft dirt in the mouth and prevent the formation of dental plaque, which is the culprit of dental calculus. If plaque is controlled, tartar formation will slow down. Many friends with calculus are afraid to water flosser bulk their mouths. They are afraid that flossing will cause harm to the oral environment, so they do not dare to do it. To help you learn more about water flosser vendor, Let me first introduce you to the four benefits of water flosser vendor for calculus patients! More than 90 percent of adults in China suffer from periodontal disease, CCTV reported. Don't take it for granted. Friends with tartar should pay more attention! It is difficult to detect dental disease early. It's too late for late-stage tooth pain. Most people in this country have poor oral health. For those who have dental calculus, check out the benefits of water flosser vendor! Benefit 1. Make up for the toothbrush's cleaning blind spots and remove plaque. The surface looks clean when you brush with a toothbrush. In fact, after brushing, you can find soft dirt still remaining in the gum line and roots of the teeth. If it is not cleaned well for a long time, it will accumulate a large amount of dental plaque, which is the main cause of various oral diseases. oral irrigator supplier can clean these dead spots deeper and better, while also removing plaque. Consistent use can improve oral condition! Benefit 2. Relieve periodontal tissue pressure and reduce bleeding symptoms. The gums are the most delicate tissue in the mouth. If they are severely irritated, they become inflamed and bleed. If you do not pay attention to this, the periodontal tissue will always be in a state of poor blood circulation, which affects its own healing ability and tolerance. People with gingivitis can also use oral irrigator supplier to rinse their teeth, which can speed up blood circulation to the teeth and relieve tooth bleeding. Benefit 3. An important orthodontic aid. Orthodontic appliances can cause symptoms such as discomfort in patients, increased cleaning blind spots, pressure on gum tissue and pain. water flosser supplier is great for cleaning the tiny gap between your braces and your teeth, and it also reduces the pressure your braces put on your gums. Benefit 4. Freshen your breath, whiten your teeth. In addition to poor oral hygiene leading to dental disease, The most obvious signs are bad breath and yellowish black teeth. water flosser supplier removes food debris and plaque from your mouth. Long-term use can make your mouth fresh and teeth white! I've already mentioned some of the benefits of oral irrigator company for calculus patients, so everyone may be anxious to get started. But everyone should understand that not all oral irrigator company will achieve this effect. In fact, there are many inferior products on the market that are harmful to teeth, so everyone needs to be aware of the disadvantages and hazards of inferior water flosser company. 97% of Chinese people suffer from periodontal disease. In fact, many friends have oral problems to a greater or lesser extent, and our oral environment is very complex. If we buy a water flosser company without technical prowess, It may affect our health. The oral environment brings harm and even aggravates our underlying diseases. Let's take a look at the four drawbacks of bad oral irrigator trader! Disadvantage 1: enamel wear, if not paid attention to later, will induce tooth sensitivity and other dental diseases. Disadvantage 2: It will cause a certain degree of damage to soft tissues such as gums, resulting in gum retraction. This is because the periodontal tissue lacks blood circulation for a long time and is prone to bleeding when suddenly subjected to high intensity impact. If not paid attention to in the future, it may damage the soft tissue of the gums and cause gum recession after a long time. Disadvantage 3: aggravating oral diseases. Some rough cleaning products can aggravate dental and periodontal diseases, increase the cost and pain of later treatment, It also worsens and complicates the oral environment. Disadvantage 4: Long-term, chronic tooth damage that is not easily detected. This powerful oral irrigator trader can cause potential long-term damage to teeth. By the time you find out, it's been six months, and it's irreversible! Fighter introduces the pros and cons of water flosser trader. Everyone was eager to get it, but didn't know how to choose to buy it. Technologically competent water flosser trader can slow the formation of dental calculus, but inferior products can bring harm to our oral environment. The main cause of oral irrigator dealer injury is the selection of inferior products. It is because everyone buys blindly that it is easy to buy poor quality oral irrigator dealer. In order to open your eyes, I have summarized the four misunderstandings when shopping for water flosser dealer. misunderstand 1: Oral tolerance is very low, so choose blindly. This is why most bloggers are reluctant to explain, as most brands can't fix the problem. Chinese teeth are of relatively poor quality. Therefore, if you choose blindly, you may choose products that cannot be used, which can cause dental damage. Myth 2: Cheap, low-quality products. Low-quality products are made of low-quality materials, such as unqualified pumps, motors, nozzles, etc. In addition, the design cost is also very low, which makes the water flosser dealer very rough. When used, the experience is also poor, and it is easy to damage the teeth. Misconception 3: Mistakenly believe the false propaganda of the business. A lot of ads about tooth protection and gum protection are deceptive, and ads like seven-day quick whitening are definitely deceptive, Therefore, we must be vigilant when buying these products and try not to buy these IQ tax products. Myth 4: The stronger the impact, the better the cleaning effect. Many people are obsessed with cleanliness. In order to meet people's needs, some merchants make their products more severe, which can actually hurt the teeth. In addition, some unscrupulous merchants will tempt consumers to choose their own products. When we buy irrigator dental, in addition to knowing the misunderstanding of the purchase, we must also be able to identify the merchant's false claims. Many companies in the name of "efficient cleaning and protection of teeth and gums", But they're actually a weapon that hurts teeth. The use of oral irrigator agency can timely suppress dental plaque, maximize the removal of dental residue, brush and clean the teeth (irrigator dental/floss) every day, which is the consensus of oral doctors. For patients with mild and moderate periodontitis, water flosser agency can be used, and oral irrigator wholesale is very necessary. Because oral irrigator wholesale can thoroughly clean the mouth, remove the residue between the teeth, gingival groove and other places, do not give the opportunity to produce dental plaque, timely removal of dental plaque, can greatly alleviate the symptoms of periodontitis. Does oral irrigator wholesale really work? Through the previous introduction, I believe that everyone has understood the answer to this question. Clearly A good quality cordless water flosser can help you. However, how to avoid many inferior products and choose a high quality water flosser wholesale? To this end, I have put together eight shopping tips, so learn them now! 1. Choose a brand with strong technical strength: oral irrigator factory is a lot, and the poor quality of miscellaneous brands is well known, but what many people don't know is that even brand products have different technical strength. Brands without technical strength are mostly popular online red brands or cross-border brands. Their products are manufactured on Oems and all funds are used for marketing and promotion. For the pulse frequency range and pressure stability that affect the core performance of the cordless water flosser, the fineness of the water does not make any technical adjustment and optimization. For those with technical prowess, this is not the case. The professional technical research and development team and deep technical accumulation provide a strong technical guarantee for the high degree of crowd matching and comprehensive experience of the product. Compared with the brand without technical strength, the overall performance of its products is more than 80% better, so pay attention to screening when buying. 2. The finer the diameter of the water flow, the better: this is because the finer the water column, the more concentrated the impact force. In addition, the finer the water flow, the more it can get into the narrow blind spot for cleaning. Therefore, if you want to get a good cleaning effect, the diameter of the water flow must be thin enough, preferably in the range of 0.55-0.7 mm. Large tank capacity: 200-250 ml of water is required to complete oral cleaning. If you want to complete the oral cleaning with one injection, do not need For the second injection, you should choose oral irrigator manufacturer with a tank capacity of more than 250 ml. Therefore, the size of the tank capacity is very important to our experience. 4, good after-sales service: First of all, we must see whether the merchant supports the trial. If you don't support the trial, once you pick the wrong product, you can't return it, just leave it at home. Therefore, it is best to choose products that support no-reason returns. Secondly, we must pay attention to the length of the warranty period of the product, and it is best to choose products with a warranty period of more than one year. In short, the quality of after-sales service is also very important for our purchase. 5. Don't buy non-professional influencers and crossover brands: Many consumers tend to choose influencers and cross-border brands because these brands are better known. However, what many people don't know is that these brands usually use contract manufacturing to produce products, and they don't have enough technical strength. There are many safety hazards in the products processed by foundries. After use, not only does it affect our experience, water flosser factory may also cause harm to our oral health. Therefore, do not blindly pursue brand awareness when buying, but choose a brand with stronger technical strength. 6. Select pulse for outlet type: The outlet type of water flosser manufacturer mainly includes ultrasonic, microbubble and pulse. Ultrasonic mode is the best known one. Although the impact force is strong and the cleaning effect is good, it will bring obvious pain and potential damage to the teeth when used. The microbubble mode is mainly mild, the impact is weak, and the use is more comfortable, but the cleaning effect is not good. The pulse mode has just the right amount of impact, cleans well and is relatively comfortable to use. Therefore, when purchasing, you need to choose the type of water that is right for you according to your personal oral condition and preferences. 7. Product types are vertical and portable: oral irrigator dental has three product types: vertical and portable, mini portable and home desktop. The home desktop model has a variety of gear modes and large tank capacity, suitable for household cleaning needs, but it is bulky and inconvenient to carry. The mini portable model has the smallest volume and strong portability, but the tank capacity is small And the number of gear modes is small, which can only meet fewer cleaning needs. The upright portable model is a modest size to carry, with a variety of gear modes and a relatively large tank capacity to meet most People's Daily cleaning needs. This is a good choice. 8. High product compatibility: In order to meet the complexity and vulnerability of the Chinese oral environment, oral irrigator dental needs to be highly compatible. This includes conditions such as a large number of gear modes, various nozzle types and materials, large pressure ranges and reasonable pulse frequency Settings. The pulse frequency has an effect on the impact force of the product,  And mainly control the number of water spraying per unit time. In order to obtain a better cleaning effect and experience, the most suitable choice of 1200-1400r/min pulse frequency. After understanding the pros and cons of dental oral irrigator and the unfavorable trends in the industry, we should know "Does irrigator dental really work?" The answer to this question, but it needs to be emphasized that you must choose high-quality irrigator dental with strong technical strength, good compatibility and high professionalism, because low-quality products have no oral care experience and no professional technical adjustment of hundreds of parameters. Therefore, it may cause damage to the mouth. Therefore, we should choose cordless water flosser carefully to avoid this risk in time.


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