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Can water flosser replace an electric toothbrush?

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Can water flosser replace an electric toothbrush?

A healthy set of teeth requires the following care: Brush at least twice a day in the morning and evening, wash teeth every six months to a year to remove calculus, massage gums with water to remove plaque, and water flosser adjacent surfaces with water.Each plaque is different in type and location.There is overlap, but it cannot be replaced.Water flosser will not remove dental stones.Of course, if the tooth bleeding, do not use water flosser and floss, please go to the hospital as soon as possible to control the disease, under the guidance of the doctor to choose the way of care.Dental cleaning does not hurt teeth with puffer fish poison is a truth, correct operation is basically not hurt teeth.It feels like water flosser, but not nearly so much.About water flosser: Remove deep layers of teeth, including adjacent surfaces and gingival crevices, where a toothbrush cannot reach, and massage the gums.Water flosser plays a more complementary role with electric toothbrush floss, convenient to clean the two clean places.Water flosser usually has a water column diameter of 0.66mm. If you can fit through the water column between your teeth, water flosser can replace dental floss in your hands, but it's still not a substitute for brushing your teeth. No one has ever seen water flosser replace brushing.

Although water flosser is no substitute for brushing your teeth, but also said just now, water flosser is actually a kind of supplementary water clean, because no matter how to brush your teeth, there will be an electric toothbrush can't clean place, if these places for a long time is not clear, is likely to cause dental plaque accumulation, leading to bad breath dental calculus and other oral health problems.Once the formation of dental calculus, it is basically only to go to the dentist's office to get rid of it. It is very difficult to remove dental calculus by brushing and water flosser or flossing, so it is very important to prevent the formation of dental calculus. I paid little attention to oral health earlier, which led to the gingiva is more sensitive now.Now I know the importance of oral health, so there are more studies on water flosser. At present, I have bought 6 types of water flosser for practical experience. There are some differences in the use of different products at different prices.

What is water flosser?Water flosser is a kind of auxiliary tool to clean the mouth. It uses the way of pulse water to clean the teeth and the gap between the teeth.Mainly used for cleaning toothbrush, water flosser can not touch the area in the gingival groove, forming a closed loop of oral cleaning, in addition, water has a massage effect on the gingival, promote the blood circulation of the gingival locally enhance the tissue resistance.Water flosser is only an auxiliary tool for oral cleaning, but there is no electric toothbrush, water flosser cleaning strength, only water flosser can not touch the gum groove and other cleaning dead corners.In addition, many orthodontists recommend the use of water flosser after helping people with orthodontics, which can better assist in cleaning up the dead corners such as the gap of the braces, food residue and dental plaque.Therefore, brushing teeth is the basic operation of oral cleaning, there is no other method can replace, electric toothbrush and water flosser are only a supplement to oral cleaning, but also very necessary.If you need to buy water flosser, it is highly recommended to buy a big brand of water flosser to prevent bad water flosser from harming your gums.



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