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Can water flosser replace dental floss and interdental brushes?

Views: 2     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-12-16      Origin: Site

I have used a brand of water flosser. I bought one for my parents in my hometown (I also need to use it when I go back to my hometown for the Spring Festival), and I often buy one. There are two of them in total. However, I am 100% not convinced that water flosser is a complete replacement for flossing and interdental brushes. First of all, water flosser does not directly touch the tooth surface through water flow, and some stubborn things cannot be washed away. It is necessary to use floss to scrape the physical contact surface. After all, water flosser is not ultrasonic cleaning. Next, let's talk about the interdental brush. I have seen a video, a dentist of Peking Union Medical College, she made a very appropriate analogy, dental plaque just like moss, grow on the gum and tooth contact surface, only by strong washing, is completely unable to wash away. I also have experience. After water flosser is finished, I immediately use a crease brush and scrape it between my teeth. It is very easy to scrape out something white and smell it on my nose. You know what stinks the most? The gingiva on the left and right sides of the lower jaw, where the interdental brush is often used to brush a lot of white stuff (I'm not sure if that is called plaque, it seems?). So, that's why water flosser can't completely replace floss and crevice brushes. I usually use water flosser when it's convenient after eating. If you're out, you'll always have dental floss with you. Before I brush my teeth in the evening, I will brush my teeth with an interdental brush every three days. Basically, every three days I brush my teeth, there will be something white. Believe me, water flosser can't do this. I usually finish my brushing with an electric toothbrush after using the interdental brush. Why do you treat teeth so seriously? Because a bad tooth costs 10,000 to 20,000 yuan to be planted.

Water flosser is used to remove food particles between your teeth after eating, and is basically not used except after eating. Water flosser is used to wash the dirt in the gum channel. When we go to the dentist to clean our teeth, we can use water flosser at any time. Common oral care must be done well. For example, my personal habit and principle is to use water flosser in the morning and evening after brushing teeth for 3 minutes and flushing teeth for 2 minutes. Don't eat after brushing teeth at night.

Water Flosser is suitable for all kinds of narrow crevices, and it can clean into the gap between teeth and gums, which is not covered by interdental brushes or toothbrushes. If the gap is tight, start with water flosser, then as the gap widens, change to round floss/round floss that expands when exposed to water. If you must choose only one treatment tool, keep water flosser. If curling floss is inconvenient for you, stick floss is better, but more expensive to use. Rod floss has another benefit. The end of bar floss usually acts as a toothpick. I've been in a situation where my teeth have been scraped clean but food is still stored in the gap. So water flosser also plays a role in cleaning up bulk food debris. However, whether it's an interdental brush or a water flosser, it should be used gently to avoid damaging the delicate gums on which our precious teeth rest.

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