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Cleaning shouldn't be too frequent, but water flosser can be used daily.

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Cleaning teeth with ultrasound, the strength is relatively strong, can remove the tooth stones, usually a year or half a year, it is good, can not be washed frequently, will cause damage to the teeth.However, water flosser is originally designed for daily cleaning, mainly to clean the food debris between the teeth and the gingival crevasse. The water pressure is not as strong as ultrasonic, and some water flosser can adjust the water pressure. If the teeth are sensitive, the water pressure can be used for cleaning at a lower level.

It is best to use water flosser once or twice a day. Orthodontic partners suggest cleaning after three meals, and the most important one is before going to bed at night. Teeth must be thoroughly rinsed with water flosser to avoid food residue fermentation in the mouth overnight and provide enough nutrition for dental plaque.But don't use more than three times. Too much can cause saliva loss.Grasp the correct method will not cause harm to the gums, some friends worry about gum atrophy, it is originally hidden in the teeth of the soft scale, stone is removed, gum swelling after the original gap, not washed big oh.

If you want to buy a water flosser do not know how to buy the baby can also see.

As a 3 year veteran of water flosser, I am responsible to tell you that.......

Of course you can use water flosser every day!And the more it is used, the better it is. Ha, ha, ha, ha, Cleaning: it is recommended to wash the teeth once a year, because more frequent cleaning is easy to damage the tooth enamel, so it can not be washed more.If you want to keep it beautiful, it is recommended to clean it once every six months.

That leaves the residue, bacteria, and tartar to commercially available floss, toothpicks, and water flosser, currently one of the most gentle and effective AIDS to cleaning teeth.The water flosser pump compresses water to produce an ultra-fine high-pressure pulse of water 1,200 times per minute. The well-designed nozzle enables the high-pressure pulse to reach any part of the mouth without any difficulty, including toothbrushes, water flosser, toothpicks and deep gums.Just rinse with water flosser for one to three minutes after a meal to remove crumbs from your teeth.

If water flosser is used against the gums, won't it make the gums sensitive and bleed in the long run?The impact of water flosser high pressure pulsed water flow is a soft stimulus that will not hurt the mouth or any part of the face, but will also massage the gums, which is very comfortable.To get the most out of water flosser, it's best to rinse your teeth with it after each meal to create another "gargle" habit.You can also add mouthwash or analgesics to enhance some of the effects.

We need to replace the water flosser nozzle regularly, the nozzle directly into our mouth, even if the daily cleaning work is done properly, it is not completely guaranteed that the nozzle is free of bacteria, regular replacement of the nozzle can better protect our teeth oh.In addition, we can add some mouthwash to the water flosser tank, which can better take care of our mouth and inhibit the growth of bacteria. Different mouthwashes also have different tastes, which can make our breath fresher.

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