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Do I still need to brush my teeth when I use the water flosser?

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Only toothbrush can maintain the basic cleaning of teeth, and dental plaque needs physical friction to remove, while the water flossercan clean the hidden parts under the gums, grooves, cavities and other teeth, so the water flosser cannot replace the toothbrush.  Toothbrushes and toothbrushes are complementary.  Can the gum bleed with blunt tooth implement?  Some users may have gingival bleeding at first use.  If you floss properly and your gums bleed, it means that your gums are inflamed. The floss is touching the inflamed surface of your gums, which can cause bleeding.  

This situation need not be afraid, should continue to adhere to the use of water flosser thoroughly clean teeth, in order to facilitate the tooth causing gum inflammation factors (soft scale, dental plaque, etc.) removal, if long time does not improve, should go to the dental hospital, in order to find out the cause of bleeding and timely treatment. If you are not used to it, you are advised to start using it in a low mode and switch to another mode after getting used to it.

 If you're new to electric toothbrushes and still don't know how to buy one that suits you, keep reading! With 3 years of electric toothbrush depth users, to introduce you to the ranking of electric toothbrush.

Water Flosser is not an IQ tax. Honestly, I don't know how to answer that. Like you bought a stock, fund, can become leek, this all have to see yourself. This water flosser thing, I didn't even know it existed. I can only say that in the past two years, the wind of water flosserhas been so strong that even I, as an outsider, can smell the business opportunities of water flosser. Especially this year, there's water flosser all the time.

Water flosser is a water flosser used by some high-end people. How many people really pay attention to their oral health, there are a lot of people only after seeing the teeth began to pay attention to dental health. Water flosser is an updated version of dental floss, which uses the pressure of a column of water to clean your teeth. Water Flosser makes up for the fact that our daily toothbrushes are hard to clean properly. Whether water flosser is an IQ tax depends on whether you use it or not. It's like mouthwash. Do you think it works? But you want it to be very powerful, and that's basically hard. Water Flosser is no exception. If you take care of your mouth, cleaning your teeth on a daily basis can be helpful. If the food residue in the teeth is not cleaned up for a long time, the decay of food residue is easy to form bad breath, yellow teeth, dental plaque, and even a series of oral diseases. Of course, if you choose water flosser, be sure to choose the right water flosser for you. Consider cleanliness, noise, comfort, portability, gear pattern, etc.

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