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Do cheap electric toothbrushes work?

Views: 3     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-11-08      Origin: Site

Can the electric toothbrush of 30 yuan or so on day cat be used, can cheap electric toothbrush be harmful?As someone who spent $50 million on teeth, don't buy it!Here's the electric toothbrush I bought in 2014 and how it went into the pit:

Is that what you want? This brush head works like a steel ball at home, rubbing vigorously against your delicate enamel every day, rubbing against your smooth enamel! Our teeth have to be used for a lifetime, unlike children who can also replace teeth. So suggest you budget again low also buy a 200-300 or so toothbrush, the reason is as follows: cheap electric toothbrush can not clean the role may also lead to a series of periodontal disease, do not say that there is no brand, even two or three hundred net red brands I advise you do not buy. Random search on a pile of practical network red brand later complained about ridicule. Let's take a look at the core valuable component of electric toothbrush: motor, which directly determines the vibration frequency and speed, and also largely determines whether you can clean every time you brush your teeth. If you look at those electric toothbrushes of more than 500, you will find that the higher the speed, the more expensive it is. Bristles: Good bristles will allow you to brush your teeth comfortably and without damaging your teeth. You can imagine the sensation of touching smooth skin and acne covered skin. Roundness of brush head: Roundness is to remove acute Angle and burr on the top of single silk head of electric toothbrush bristles to make the top smooth. The surface of the brush head without grinding is mostly sharp and irregular. According to the requirements of oral hygiene equipment: adult electric toothbrush hair grinding rate shall not be less than 50%. The roundness rate of the brush head is actually difficult to distinguish with the naked eye, but it can be clearly seen under a microscope with magnification of several times. Every time we brush our teeth, it is these millions of small sharp bristles that interact with the enamel surface of our teeth. A poor rounded brush head can damage oral health.

The truth that a penny a goods, I believe we all understand that the price of 30 yuan of electric toothbrush, its cost is, of course, can press on the pressure, performance can cut. I found an electric toothbrush that seems to sell 10W+ a month, for example, at first glance, wow, only 15 yuan for two.However, since I had been orthodontic for three years before, I did not brush my teeth properly during orthodontic, and there were several wedge-shaped defects in my teeth, as well as the problem of black triangle with gingival hyperplasia. My teeth were particularly sensitive, so I changed to an upgraded electric toothbrush.

Now the battery life of electric toothbrush is calculated according to the standard time of 2 minutes twice a day. According to the parameters given by this brand, it is qualified if there is no problem in continuous operation for 300 hours.

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