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Do dentists really recommend electric toothbrush?

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Do dentists really recommend electric toothbrush?


Recently, many friends have reported to me that they have experienced dental damage after using electric toothbrush, such as bleeding gums, sensitive teeth, and even increased gum recession. Since there is a potential risk of tooth damage from sonic toothbrush , do dentists recommend using sonic toothbrush ? Today, there are bloggers to share dentists' views on sonic toothbrush , popularize the risks and hidden dangers of toothbrushes electric, and hope to help everyone better use toothbrushes electric!


1. Does your dentist recommend using an electric tooth brush?


Many people experience adverse reactions after using electric tooth brush, so do dentists recommend using sonic electric toothbrush? Let me tell you what professional dentists think about sonic electric toothbrush
1. Most dentists support kids electric toothbrush


In fact, most dentists recommend that everyone use an kids electric toothbrush. According to professional dentists, the oral condition of Chinese people is very poor, and there is an urgent need for efficient dental cleaning tools to maintain oral health. electronic toothbrush can clean teeth comprehensively, helping Chinese people to be healthier. Good prevention and improvement of dental diseases.


2. A few dentists are worried that electronic toothbrush will damage teeth, so they are not recommended


There are many unprofessional electric toothbrush manufacturer on the market. Many dentists worry that people won't choose electric toothbrush manufacturer and that it's easy to buy unprofessional products and cause tooth damage. In addition, dentists do not recommend children under the age of 4, people over the age of 65, and people who have just had their teeth filled or implanted. And people with severe dental problems use electric toothbrush factory. healthy


2. Do ordinary people need to use electric toothbrush factory?


Do dentists recommend sonic toothbrush manufacturer? In the above, the dentist mentioned that the sonic toothbrush manufacturer will bring benefits to our mouth, so what benefits it will bring, let's take a look! Chinese people have relatively poor oral quality. 97% of adults suffer from some degree of disease. The complex and fragile oral environment also puts new demands on our cleaning tools, and sonic toothbrush factory can help us better clean and care for our mouths. Improve our oral environment and keep our own teeth healthy.


The main advantages of sonic toothbrush factory are as follows:

Advantage 1: The electric toothbrush wholesale has a strong cleaning power, which can improve and prevent oral problems


Manual toothbrushes are often difficult to clean between teeth, gingival groove, wisdom teeth, back of teeth and other areas with high incidence of dental diseases. Plaque grows unchecked, which can easily lead to oral problems. However, the cleaning power of electric toothbrush wholesale is dozens of times that of manual toothbrushes. Cleaning the plaque in the mouth can effectively prevent and improve oral problems.


Bonus # 2: Fresh breath


Manual toothbrushes tend to leave food residue when brushing, and bad breath will occur after fermentation, while sonic toothbrush wholesale do not clean up dead corners, and can completely remove plaque and food residue in the mouth, making breath fresher.


Advantage 3: The cleaning power of the sonic toothbrush wholesale is accurate and stable 
Professional high-quality electric toothbrush agency has a stable and uniform vibration frequency, and can brush teeth with accurate and stable strength, while manual toothbrushes are subject to the user's subjective control of brushing strength, often there is too much force to damage the teeth, too much force to small brush dirty problems.


Bonus # 4: It has a gum massage effect


The electric toothbrush agency can massage the gums, promote the recovery of the soft tissues of the gums, and effectively prevent gum recession. Perfect for friends who need to wear braces for a long time.


Bonus 5: sonic toothbrush agency can whiten teeth


Adhere to the use of sonic toothbrush agency can clean the surface of the teeth of tea stains, coffee stains, cigarette stains and other stubborn stains, slow the formation of tartar, make the teeth whiter.

Advantage 6: electric toothbrush dealer saves time and effort


electric toothbrush dealer save time and effort. It only takes two or three minutes to clean the teeth, while it takes ten minutes to clean the teeth with a manual toothbrush. It's perfect for office workers and student gatherings where laundry time is short.


3. There are three major risks to be aware of when using an sonic toothbrush dealer


Do dentists recommend sonic toothbrush dealer? There are many benefits to using an electric toothbrush trader, which is highly recommended by most dentists. However, we cannot ignore the risks that dentists worry about with electric toothbrush trader. At present, the oral health rate of the Chinese population is less than 1%. Because of the specificity of early and middle stage dental disease, even though many people have dental disease, They don't know. Misunderstanding of their own oral condition and blind and casual purchases lead many people to buy unprofessional products. electric toothbrush trader put yourself at risk of dental damage.


Risk 1: Unprofessional sonic toothbrush trader bristles are rough and sharp, and the vibration frequency fluctuates. Brushing with this sonic toothbrush trader will wear the tooth enamel too much and scratch the gums, which can lead to bleeding gums, toothache, toothache, inflammation and swelling of the gums.


Risk 2: Chinese people basically have oral problems, poor quality sonic toothbrush trader are likely to irritate the dental area, thus accelerating the development of dental disease.

Risk 3: Poor quality sonic toothbrush trader can also damage oral health in the long term. Users do not notice any strange sensations at first, but after long-term use, serious oral problems such as receding gums and loose teeth begin to appear!


4. Dentists reveal four tricks of the electric toothbrush company business


Do dentists recommend electric toothbrush company? After reading about the risks of using an electric toothbrush company, most of my friends are probably too worried to buy one. In fact, it's not necessary. We just need to find out why sonic toothbrush company cause tooth damage, and we can solve this problem. So what causes sonic toothbrush company to damage teeth? I found the analysis data of the causes of tooth damage caused by sonic toothbrush company from the dental forum. The data tells us that the main reason for sonic toothbrush company injuries is that everyone chooses low-quality sonic toothbrush company. electric toothbrush supplier often make mistakes in the purchase process, because there are too many routines in the electric toothbrush supplier industry, so that we can not make the right judgment. In order to help everyone avoid inferior products, dentists have summarized the four main drawbacks of the electric toothbrush supplier industry.


1. Spend money to brush up


When buying electric toothbrush supplier, many people like to see various lists and sales rankings on online shopping platforms. Therefore, some sonic toothbrush supplier merchants will attract consumers to buy and use by brushing. However, the quality of the sonic toothbrush supplier itself is not nearly as good as the data suggests, and it often causes tooth damage.

2. Purchase qualification certificate


Many businesses also know that their sonic toothbrush supplier is not professional, so they will choose to spend money to buy some so-called qualifications or certificates. If you believe in these certificates, it is easy to buy unprofessional electric toothbrush vendor, which can be harmful to your oral health.


3. Everyday items


Many merchants will use ultra-low prices of electric toothbrush vendor to attract consumers to buy. These cheap electric toothbrush vendor are not very cost-effective, but the production cost is very low. Manufacturers often use hollow cup motors and unrounded bristles to produce sonic toothbrush vendor. Toothbrushes have a very high rate of tooth damage. Some merchants will also set the price of the brush head refill very high, a brush head is sold for tens of dollars, and merchants can make more money by selling the brush head.
4. Rely on celebrity endorsements to attract fans


There are many influencer brands and crossover brands in the market that have only entered the industry in the past year or two. They have little experience in oral care, let alone expertise in sonic toothbrush vendor. In order to be able to sell goods, businesses rely on a variety of marketing promotions, such as celebrity endorsements and Internet celebrities to bring goods, to attract consumers, everyone in the actual use of it is easy to hurt teeth.


Let's take a look at another way that merchants can misadvertise. Most merchants don't trust their promotions. Most of the tooth protection and gum protection products they promote are actually counterfeit products with a high rate of tooth damage. So how should we identify an sonic toothbrush vendor that really cleans well and protects your gums and teeth?

5. sonic toothbrush vendor buying tips summary!


Do dentists recommend electric toothbrush bulk? Dentists recommend using high-quality electric toothbrush bulk, so how can we eliminate products that harm our teeth and choose high-quality electric toothbrush bulk? I have summarized the latest shopping tips for you, let's learn together!


Tip 1: Don't buy violent cleaning products


For those electric toothbrush bulk on the market that promote super cleaning power and rapid whitening, you should never buy them. The vibration frequency of these sonic toothbrush bulk is often very high, far beyond the ability of Chinese people's mouths to withstand, and these brands are often not protected. Tooth protection technology, so it's easy to damage teeth!


Tip 2: Choose a professional brand of sonic toothbrush bulk


Professional sonic toothbrush bulk brands repeatedly optimize and tune hundreds of parameters such as long-term attenuation, crowd compatibility and vibration frequency range. In terms of crowd matching alone, professional brands outperformed unprofessional influencers. Eight times more!


Tip 3: Optimize maglev motors!


sonic toothbrush bulk motors mainly include coreless motors and magnetic levitation motors. Among them, coreless motors are mostly found in low-cost products, and the vibration frequency fluctuates from high to low, often causing tooth damage. The comprehensive performance of the magnetic levitation motor is more powerful, the operation is also stable, the working noise is small, and the brush experience is better. It is recommended that you choose to purchase an sonic toothbrush bulk equipped with a magnetic levitation motor.

Tip 4: Choose a style with a swing between 3 and 9 degrees


It is recommended that you choose a style with a swing between 3 and 9 degrees. If the swing is more than 9 degrees, it is easy to irritate the gums and teeth, but too small a swing is not good. The cleaning power of an electronic toothbrush will be affected, making it difficult to clean teeth.


Skill five: Pay attention to brand after-sales service


It is recommended that you choose a brand that supports 7-day no-reason return. You also need to pay attention to the replacement cost of the brush head. You think you need to change your brush head at least four times a year. If the cost of replacing the brush head is too high, it is easy to increase the cost.


Tip 6: Investigate the compatibility of electronic toothbrush
The mouth is changing all the time and it is necessary to choose an electronic toothbrush with high compatibility to meet various oral care needs. Vibration frequency range, brush head type, gear mode and other factors will affect the compatibility of electric toothbrush manufacturer. For example, an electric toothbrush manufacturer must have at least 4 gears to meet the oral cleaning needs in different life scenarios.


Tip # 7: Invest in an electric toothbrush factory with a good quality head


The brush head is not large, but the brush head has many technical details to pay attention to, including flocking rate, bristle hardness, rounding rate, wrapping, size, etc. For example, the size of the brush head is the best. If the size of the brush head is too large, the flexibility of the brush head will be poor, and details such as teeth and gum lines will be difficult to clean. However, the size of the brush head is too small, which will reduce the cleaning efficiency.


Tip 8: Buy an electric toothbrush factory with a long battery life


Everyone should choose a battery with a battery life of more than 30 days. If the battery life of the electric toothbrush is too short and the charging frequency is too high, it will not only be troublesome, but also accelerate the aging of the battery, resulting in shorter battery life.

Do dentists recommend electric toothbrush? From the above explanation, you should know the answer. Dentists recommend that you choose a high-quality electric toothbrush with high compatibility to better clean your teeth and protect your oral health. And those Internet celebrity brands and cross-border brands of electric toothbrush and dentists do not recommend you to use, because these inferior products without technical strength not only can not help me do daily oral cleaning and care, but also harm our oral health, so I hope you choose carefully!


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