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Do dentists recommend water flosser?

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Most people think that the only way to clean teeth is with a toothbrush, but that's far from enough. A regular toothbrush can only clean about 70% of the surface of your teeth. Gaps between teeth are often unclean and can accumulate food debris, plaque and soft dirt. This requires the use of auxiliary water flosser to help. With the attention paid to dental health, more and more people have formed the habit of going to the dentist's office to have their teeth cleaned regularly to prevent periodontitis. Dentists often recommend mouthwash as a daily cleaning tool for patients with severe dental problems, and mouthwash has gradually entered our lives. Many people are also starting to buy oral irrigator to protect their teeth, but there are many brands of oral irrigator currently, how to choose and buy the right cordless water flosser? Today, we share the brands of cordless water flosser that dentists often recommend.

The function of the tooth punching machine

irrigator dental have been around since 1962. Since then, people have been using this oral cleaning device. irrigator dental have been scientifically proven to be effective in periodontal health care, gingivitis, and appliance cleaning. In overseas countries,  irrigator dental has also become a necessary household hygiene device. It creates a high pressure stream of water during use, a 360° no-dead area to clean the residue between teeth and eliminate plaque production. Doctors advise many patients with dental problems to keep their gums and teeth healthy by flossing and rinsing. Mouthwash not only helps us remove food debris, it also allows us to clean our teeth more effectively. Of course, the reason to use mouthwash is not just to look at the surface, there are many hidden parts of our mouth, such as the gum line.

A dental punch is an dental oral irrigator that combines water pressure and pulse. It cleans the depth between the teeth and at and below the gum line. It's more effective than traditional floss and cleans dirt and debris that regular toothbrushes and floss can't reach.

dental oral irrigator can generally adjust the water pressure of the gear. For the first user, it is usually recommended that the smallest gear gradually adapt to the larger gear. Of course, the gear is minimal and the pain is minimal, but the cleaning effect will be greatly reduced. The gear is the largest and it is in place when cleaning, but the pain is obvious and the periodontal tissue is also prone to injury and bleeding, so we need to find a balance gear between cleaning and injury pain.

As for the frequency of use of dental drill, it should not be more than 1 minute at a time and can be used every day, but it is recommended not to use it too often, otherwise it will cause periodontal damage.

Previously, wisdom teeth often became inflamed due to poor cleaning around them. Wisdom teeth rarely become inflamed when properly cleaned with a oral irrigator dental. For friends with braces, a oral irrigator dental is also an essential tool.

However, after 10 years of use, it is also clear that some of the gaps are getting bigger and the water flosser manufacturer is creating the effect of water dripping from the stone, which leads to smaller gaps in some areas, and the bigger the gaps, the easier it is to fill the pulp and the more times it needs to be cleaned, which means a vicious cycle. But the gap between the teeth is not so large or exaggerated that it requires dental treatment.

Furthermore, long-term use of water flosser manufacturer and proper brushing can lead to healthy white teeth, which even dentists will praise.

The appearance of the new product means that the market has been injected with new vitality. For users, this is definitely a new experiment. Results can go both ways, but no try, no result. Take oral care as an example, most people's inherent thinking and cognition is still stuck in water flosser factory. The only everyday items involved are toothpaste and toothbrushes. As long as they brush their teeth regularly, the health of their teeth becomes a fixed data store in their brain. But is oral health really that simple? The answer, of course, is no. At present, the oral care market is flooded with products, which also shows that the quality of oral health has gradually improved, not limited to the past stereotype. Scientific data shows that 90 percent of teenagers have tooth decay, and tooth loss from aging is more common. The alarm bell rang. These data tell us that oral care also needs to improve. Dental health plays a very important role in the quality of an individual's daily life. Trying out some new electronic gadgets can lead to unexpected changes! Typically, people with bad teeth go to the water flosser factory  at a set time to get their teeth cleaned in order to wash away years of bacteria and dirt, but in reality, the initial test works well and is repeated after a while. Because the habit has not been developed, it is now best to maintain an oral care routine instead of spending money and oral irrigator manufacturer regularly, and try a combination of an oral irrigator manufacturer and mouthwash to ensure the health of your teeth. Of course, in addition to mastering the purchasing technique and starting with a clean drill that won't damage your teeth, the first thing to understand is the benefits of using a drill. 1. In addition to cleaning the plaque, from now on, without cleaning the teeth, the oral tissue structure is actually very complex. Even oral irrigator factory can't clean the blind spots in many small places. Together, these horns make up about 25 percent of the area of the mouth. If not cleaned for a long time, it can lead to bacterial growth and gum inflammation. The rushing water from the teeth cleaning machine flushes these corners in minutes, and deep dirt can be hidden everywhere. It protects the health of the gums by water flosser wholesale from the root of the tooth. 2. Relieve gum pressure by applying a water flow massage to the mouth to regulate the urge to be comfortable, followed by a simple massage to the gums from time to time. People who eat a lot of spicy or sweet and sour foods put a lot of stress on their teeth and gums. Sometimes the gums bleed not from under brushing or pushing too hard, but from the skin in the lower part of the mouth reacting to the fire of nerve tissue pressing against the blood vessels. When you brush your teeth, external forces Pierce the skin and blood oozes out. Rinse the gums with oral irrigator wholesale to reduce the sensitivity of the oral tissue. If balanced, there will be no bleeding when brushing.

Of course, some people do not recommend using water flosser agency. What is the harm of beating teeth? Before answering this question, we should popularize an easily overlooked but crucial fact, that is, the poor language quality of the Chinese population.

The oral environment of Chinese people is extremely complex and the overall health level is low. The point is that dental disease is painless in its early stages and can only be detected at an advanced stage, so many people don't know about it!

In fact, survey data show that 80 percent of adults suffer from dental caries, periodontitis, gingivitis, cracked teeth and other oral diseases of some degree. Once the wrong choice or use of the wrong, it is easy to damage the teeth.

1, so, what is the harm of oral irrigator agency? Specifically, there are three points:

(a) The user has symptoms of water flosser dealer and tooth sensitivity.

(b) Users often experience tooth bleeding and gum inflammation, which eventually progresses to gum atrophy.

(c) Accelerated development of underlying oral diseases and rapid deterioration of oral health.

2. oral irrigator dealer are bad for teeth. Can they still be used?

What is the harm of water flosser trader? Non-specialty products can harm teeth. Now that we've seen this, everyone must be worried again. Since there is a risk of tooth damage, does it still work?

In fact, any oral care product, if chosen or used incorrectly, carries a risk of dental damage. Many professionals recommend using water flosser trader

After all, the state of oral health in China is not optimistic. Statistics show that oral diseases account for more than 80 percent of adults in China. However, because the early signs of dental disease are not obvious, many people are deceived into thinking that their mouths are perfectly healthy. This situation cries out for a oral irrigator trader to improve.So,what does a oral irrigator trader do for oral health? Or what good does it do people? Its role in the following four aspects is irreplaceable.

(1) Make up for the oral irrigator company blind areas, effectively water flosser supplier, wisdom teeth, gingival sulci and other high incidence of dental diseases, to achieve the purpose of comprehensive oral cleaning, so that dental plaque nowhere to hide, effectively prevent oral diseases.

(2) It can massage the gums, relieve tooth bleeding and toothache, and improve oral health.

(3) It solves the problems of water flosser supplier and gum fatigue in orthodontic treatment, and is an indispensable auxiliary tool in orthodontic treatment.

(4) It can deeply clean the mouth, timely remove the dirt on the surface of teeth, and whiten teeth.

Therefore, it still has many advantages. As for its common tooth damage, we can avoid it by buying professional oral irrigator supplier. Here, I would like to remind you that when purchasing products, we should promote some strong gum protection products to increase our vigilance against blindly believing and blindly following, as there is a lot of these oral irrigator supplier behind the rate of tooth damage.

For Those not suitable for water flosser vendor:

1. Severe periodontitis, frequent toothache, frequent bleeding, loose teeth, and purulent gums are not suitable for water flosser vendor. Better see a doctor as soon as possible!

2.oral irrigator vendor are not recommended for people under 15 and over 65 years of age; These people have delicate gums, so it's best not to use them to be safe.

3. Patients with specific medical conditions, such as blood clotting disorders and hemophilia, are likely to experience bleeding gums when using dental impactors. Because these patients have blood problems, they may pose unnecessary risks, so try not to use them.

Recommended users of water flosser bulk:

1. People with healthy mouths have no problems. This person has no gum or tooth disease. Its applicability is also very strong, the relative limitations are much less. Teeth beaters can handle 30-40% of the areas that toothbrushes can't. If it can be used every day, it can also promote oral microcirculation through high-pressure water washing, prevent various oral diseases and effectively maintain oral health. According to the fit tooth punch person, healthy person must be fit.

Patients with periodontitis. Currently, about 90 percent of people in China suffer from periodontitis and tooth sensitivity to some degree. Symptoms include occasional bleeding after brushing, sensitivity to cold, heat, sour, sweet, etc. The main cause of periodontitis and tooth sensitivity is that the plaque attached to the teeth for a long time is not removed in time;

2. oral irrigator bulk can make up for the 30-40 percent of blind spots that don't clean properly during brushing. Using a oral irrigator bulk, the combination of brushing can lead to a more three-dimensional and effective cleaning method. Prevention and improvement of dental diseases. Long-term use can remove plaque and calculus and other pathogenic factors. It can also prevent and relieve periodontitis and tooth sensitivity.

3. Orthodontic population; Because wearing braces for a long time can create more dead spots in oral cleaning. Also, gum pressure can't be ignored. If it is not cleaned effectively for a long time, it will lead to the growth of dental plaque, causing bad breath, periodontitis and other oral diseases;

In daily use, irrigator dental after meals is a great help to an orthodontist, and almost every orthodontist around me agrees. It can be used anywhere, anytime, as long as there is water. Generally can be washed once after meals, to quickly avoid food debris and tooth bacteria deposition and attachment, and can make the teeth breathe fresh.


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