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Do electric toothbrushes wear off enamel?

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When the electric toothbrush was just emerging, you could often see a question on internet about "whether the electric toothbrush is an IQ tax". Now, such problems are very rare because most dental enthusiasts have come to accept electric toothbrushes, including me, and they can't live without them. But my own teeth are a little different... To be honest, I've bought a dozen cheap, expensive electric toothbrushes, and I've had some good experiences, but I haven't really had a sonic toothbrush supplier that I'm happy with. This is my dental appointment from last month, and some of you can see some of the problems. I've done it three times, Including two lower molars in the sonic toothbrush , You can see the crown. The "shadow" of the front molars indicates that there is already a problem. After drilling, it was discovered that nerves in the sonic toothbrush had also been damaged, some of which was treated simply with a root canal and a toothbrushes electric  crown. Other teeth also underwent several minor repairs. I'm 45 years old now. My teeth are yellow and my gums are receding because I didn't take care of them when I was younger. I became concerned about dental health in my 30s. Although I have years of experience with electric toothbrushes and insist on cleaning my teeth once a year, I still have an incomplete cleaning every time I toothbrushes electric  due to the poor condition of my teeth. Besides, I have quit smoking for a long time, but my teeth are still yellow. Please prepare "visual stimulation"). Having said all this, since ordinary electric toothbrush supplier can hardly help me solve the problems of tooth cleaning and whitening, can smart electric tooth brushes, which have gradually been accepted by consumers in recent years, help me solve these two problems? If so, what are the other functions of today's smart electric toothbrushes that are better than regular toothbrushes electric ? Is this product practical for consumers? For those of you who are interested in electric tooth brushes, I've been on a journey to see how far smart electric toothbrushes have come. If I don't come home with an electric toothbrush, forget the charging cable, and it's too heavy to brush manually, I won't use a regular toothbrushes electric  again!! 1. Select the size of the toothbrushes electric brush head. The size of the mouth varies by age, so does the size of the head of the sonic electric toothbrush. When buying an electric toothbrush, we should consider factors such as age group, usage habits, mouth size, and personal preference for sonic electric toothbrush bristles. 2 Choose the speed and strength of your electric toothbrush. Rotational speed is the number of rotations per minute of the kids electric toothbrush. The more you rotate your toothbrush, the better it cleans. High-speed electric toothbrush suppliers can vibrate up to 31,000 times per minute, but they are also relatively expensive. The choice of force is also important. The choice of strength helps us choose the best kids electric toothbrush brushing strength. 3. Choose from the versatility of an electric toothbrush. Electric toothbrushes are not only used to clean teeth, but also to help treat gingivitis, relieve swelling and redness of the gums, and kids electric toothbrush brush on time. Tips for oral health information and other functions. The price of sonic toothbrush company varies with different functions, and the demand for these functions depends on individual needs. 4. Choose a charging method for your kids electric toothbrush. There are many types of electric toothbrushes, such as direct charge, battery charge, hybrid and so on. Choose a sonic toothbrush supplierbased on how easy it is to charge your bathroom. Dentists recommend brushing your teeth for two minutes at a time to effectively clean your mouth of bacteria. Automatic and manual brushing combined with a sonic toothbrush company can maximize cleaning purposes. Don't put an electronic toothbrush in a cup, someone said, I spent hundreds of dollars on an international brand electric toothbrush vendor to use after a week off, mostly because of toothbrush water. Although electric toothbrushes are waterproof, they should not be exposed to water for long periods of time, and the cups are too damp for bacteria to grow. Some users report less foam after brushing with an electric toothbrush. In this case, it is recommended that you apply the toothpaste to your teeth in a manual brushing manner before opening the electric toothbrush company manufacturer, so that the foam is abundant. Through the survey analysis, it is found that most friends with this problem have the following problems: when they use the electric toothbrush manufacturer for the first time, they will struggle with what kind of brushing method to use, and what order to use the electric toothbrush vendor. I don't know what different brushing methods have been developed around me, so when I use an electric toothbrush manufacturer, I get confused about how to brush my teeth, and I feel a little intimidated by the high-frequency vibration of the electric toothbrush company. I'm afraid that using the wrong method will hurt my teeth. Better to teach someone to fish than brush their teeth. Impossible to be too hard, the three layers let you untangle the electric toothbrush manufacturer to brush/the bottom of something that lets nature how to brush using a sonic toothbrush vendor. The content is very solid, very dry, it is recommended to slowly like the collection. Use an electric toothbrush after filling. When used correctly, electric toothbrushes are safer than manual ones. As part of the tooth, if the manual toothbrush does not fall out, the electric toothbrush manufacturer should not fall out. If the sonic toothbrush trader comes off, it's not the toothbrush. If that's electric toothbrush manufacturer too much, how do you clean your teeth? For people with bad teeth, an electric toothbrush factory is recommended. Compared to manual toothbrushes, sonic toothbrush trader clean better and take less time and effort to brush.

First, the conclusion. It worked. Some time ago, too much tartar, electric toothbrush factory hands still feel not clean, so buy electricity, save some energy. The basic European xx model I bought, the national standard model I first bought, the electric toothbrush factory brush head is too hard, too much vibration, I feel the teeth will wear out. Then it moved on to the Australian version of the direct-mail sensitive kit, which costs almost as much as an extra sonic toothbrush manufacturer brush head. Novice or enter sensitive type, or soft wool type, standard type is too violent. After a two-month adjustment period, the electric toothbrush trader is no longer an IQ tax. It's really clean when you're done. My habit is to brush it in the shower every night. Sometimes I still feel clean the next night and don't need to brush my teeth. However, it is important to open it in the right way. 1. Rub the toothpaste into the seams of the sonic toothbrush manufacturer bristles, otherwise the toothpaste will fall off as it rotates and won't work. I think I'm running out of toothpaste. Based on personal experience, electric toothbrush trader should not be used with whitening toothpastes unless you want a grinding stone. Once in a while, not very long. 2 Finger grip. Can not use the sonic toothbrush manufacturer hand to hold, easy to force too hard, brushing uncomfortable. The sonic toothbrush dealer has a charging hole in the bottom, which you can insert with your little finger and hold the sonic toothbrush manufacturer  handle between your thumb and ring finger. This electric toothbrush bulk is more stable, saves effort and is comfortable to brush. The downside is that you need another hand to help you press the switch and adjust the sonic toothbrush factory brush head. It is said that there are two kinds of people in the world. Those who like to use electric toothbrushes and those who don't. Are sonic toothbrush dealer really cleaner than regular toothbrushes? Do electric toothbrushes harm teeth and gums? It's hard for me to make prepared judgments because everyone uses it differently, so feelings, effects and even possible physical harm are different. Good kids who sonic toothbrush factory brush twice in the morning and at night brush their teeth for an average of three minutes a day. So, brushing your teeth is definitely no small thing. Still, 70 percent don't think they need to switch to electric toothbrushes. In many people's minds, sonic toothbrush bulk are high-end, non-consumer things. In developed countries in Europe, almost 80 percent of households use electric toothbrushes. The contrast is striking. Are traditional toothbrushes really inferior to sonic toothbrush factory ? First, let's take a look at what someone with an electric toothbrush dealer has to say - using one for the first time tonight, I feel like a stroke and facial paralysis idiot, drooling, tingling in my cheeks, shocked to doubt my life... You ask me how I feel sonic toothbrush factory , and I can responsibly tell you that my mouth tingles and my teeth shake. When the time came, he stopped before I could finish. There are many sonic toothbrush bulk modes, but I use first gear. To be honest, I feel clean after brushing my teeth. After using the sonic toothbrush agency, I really feel that my teeth are whiter, then I will brush my teeth carefully, I must practice my brushing skills more. At first, I was really reluctant to brush them. I just bought an electric toothbrush dealer. Vibration frequency is too high. My mouth watered, and I felt like an epileptic who couldn't take care of himself. The first time I used an electric toothbrush, it was magical. After that, I put the toothpaste I bought for more than half a year on it. It was very strange to use. I turned to a line in the original diary: My gentleness has been thrown into the stream of time, perhaps it will occasionally be picked up by someone, sigh, and then thrown back. When I found the cavities again, I finally couldn't resist buying a sonic toothbrush factory. However, the first use experience is a face mask forced me to check how to brush, scared me out of my mind! After using the electric toothbrush, the door of the new world slowly opened, I could not help but look in the mirror and sing: "Love is a lamp, so wonderful, to illuminate our courage of the future ~" My old face was rubbed off by the electric toothbrush wholesale, have you ever seen a person can not help but drool and whine at the same time itching and laughing? How could an electric toothbrush not work for someone who is used to brushing their teeth manually? How convenient! The electric toothbrush wholesale can feel the high-tech between the lips and teeth with the sound. It doesn't feel too late to meet, but the basic cleanliness is good. It's just... I felt special when I clicked the switch and watched the electric toothbrush wholesale brush head blow the toothpaste away. Using a sonic toothbrush agency for the first time... Feel... Why this thing looks so much like a vibrator. As a girl with bad teeth, I have been using a sonic toothbrush wholesale for more than half a year, which opens the door to a new world. I can never go back to my regular sonic toothbrush wholesale. My gums are completely bleeding. Let's collect the key words: vibration! Yes, that's how an electric toothbrush works! Electric toothbrushes use high-speed vibrating motion to drive the sonic toothbrush wholesale  brush head to rotate or vibrate to achieve the effect of cleaning teeth.

In the first case, the battery is not durable. After each charge, the battery will run low after multiple uses. This condition generally occurs in the case of prolonged use of electric toothbrushes, and the main cause is battery aging, not death. Simply disassemble the sonic toothbrush wholesale and replace the battery. The second situation is poor contact, when the soul is not good, take two times, this is the performance of poor contact, generally is the metal contact sheet and battery connection out of bad contact, break apart the metal sheet by hand, or directly use the welding pen on the point. In the third case, the circuit board breaks sonic toothbrush wholesale, which is a professional problem. It is recommended to take it directly to a professional repair shop. If the maintenance price is relatively high, do not need to repair, but directly replace. The main reason sonic toothbrush wholesale is that the water inside the sonic toothbrush wholesale leads to the fourth case of failure to charge. This is usually a problem with the link between the charging port and the battery. After removal, carefully check and reattach the connecting rod position. And the most important point, if the sonic toothbrush agency is still under warranty, do not disassemble it by yourself, or find an sonic toothbrush wholesale sales post processing is better. The level of appearance of this electric toothbrush really needs no words to praise, Chinese red, hipster must have. Five tooth cleaning modes, two sonic toothbrush wholesale brush heads, smart wireless charging, really convenient, a set of red gift box high, in the future of travel, crazy call. In addition, the handle of this sonic toothbrush wholesale has good thickness, non-stick hand, excellent grip, resistance to mold and corrosion resistance. It doesn't skid like a regular toothbrush. Also, the bottom of the sonic toothbrush wholesale is not made of rubber material, so you don't have to worry about mold on the bottom of a damp bathroom. You should pay attention to ventilation and clean up the water. The sonic toothbrush wholesale brush head is small, usually not electric toothbrush agency brush dead Angle can ensure clean, electric toothbrush agency has waterproof function.


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