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Do you know that in economically developed Europe and America, the penetration rate of electric toothbrush is 40-60%?

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The widespread cognition must be recognized by the public.The catchphrase of the last century is to catch up with the UK and the US, and I would say it's not just the economy, it's the standard of living.Everyone agrees with things, you do not doubt, too cheap electric toothbrush is not recommended, about 100 yuan may be an itch brush, and then you completely negate the sonic toothbrush .A pole upset a boat of people do not do, an sonic electric toothbrush denies a category of things, you also do not do.

As a user of toothbrushes electric, after discovering this problem, I began to search for the truth through various materials and expert analysis.If you don't want to see your smile leak, follow me to find out if using an electric tooth brush for a long time can widen the gap between your teeth.

So the reason that the gap between the teeth becomes large is that the tooth stone is formed for the gum for a long time to press, in general, it is like a stone pressing a piece of meat every day, what will happen in the end?Therefore, the redness and swelling of your gingivitis are mostly due to the persecution of kids electric toothbrush stones.It's never too late to mend your gums. The best thing to do now is to pay attention to healthy gums and stop the gap between your teeth from widening.

So why didn't you notice the gap between your teeth widening before you started to feel it after using an electronic toothbrush for a while?That's because electric toothbrushes can clean more efficiently and efficiently than manual toothbrushes.

The famous dentist doctor has also said that the solution to oral problems is mainly by cleaning, and cleaning, 30% by toothpaste, 70% by toothbrush.Manual toothbrush cleaning effect is very little, while sonic toothbrush manufacturer, more efficient, cleaning effect is more obvious.Let's take a look at the pros and cons of the two with example data.

Try different brands of electric toothbrush at about 300 yuan. Because everyone's oral environment and tolerance are different, it is necessary to compare and try electric toothbrush brands. In this process, I believe you will definitely feel the benefits of electric toothbrush. But when it comes to electric toothbrushes, I think everyone must have one after 90.Otherwise it's really a bit behind The Times.Electric toothbrush can deeply clean the mouth, remove part of the soft scale and food residue;But dental stones belong to calcified substances, long-term accumulation will become more solid, these stubborn and hard dental stones can not be removed with electric toothbrush;The gap between your teeth becomes large, which may be caused by the gingival atrophy caused by the improper use of electric toothbrush, or the phenomenon of removing some soft scale.

The enlarged gap is caused by periodontal disease, which leads to gingival atrophy and exposure of the root of the tooth. It is not directly related to electric toothbrush. The correct use of electric toothbrush is more effective in removing dental plaque and reducing periodontal disease.

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