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Do you need to brush for 2 minutes with electric toothbrush?

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First of all, many students didn't find out why I couldn't brush off the embarrassing plaque after three minutes at a time with sonic toothbrush . After looking up a lot of tips on how to thoroughly clean your mouth on the Internet, unfortunately, there is plenty of data to prove that toothbrushes electric don't make your mouth 100% clean. First, why the ordinary sonic toothbrush brush is not clean? In the daily brushing process, the ordinary toothbrushes electric often exposes some problems, such as non-standard brushing methods, random brushing up and down, research has proved that the standard toothbrushes electric brushing time generally takes 5-10 minutes, but most of us brush the average time is only 59 seconds. In addition, due to the subjective force of sonic electric toothbrush brushing, it will lead to many bad tooth parts, resulting in the sonic electric toothbrush is often not clean, in the long run, there is a large brushing blind area, these areas are generally high incidence of dental diseases. Therefore, electric tooth brush can make up for the shortcomings of ordinary toothbrush, play a better cleaning role. That's why most dentists encourage people to use electric toothbrushes. Second, how does an sonic electric toothbrush work? If you want to know if an electric tooth brush is more effective than a regular toothbrush, you have to understand how it works. There are two kinds of kids electric toothbrush on the market, one is electric tooth brush and the other is ultrasonic toothbrush. Electric toothbrush: The motor drives the circular brush head to rotate, strengthening the friction effect while carrying out ordinary brushing actions. It is more noisy for kids electric toothbrush brushing, and while the surface of the teeth is clean, the degree of cleaning between the teeth is relatively weak because of the high rate of tooth wear and is not recommended for long-term use. Acoustic electronic toothbrush: Use the cavitation effect of acoustic energy in the periodontal to remove bacteria and unclean substances in the periodontal. Its cleaning range can cover all parts of the periodontal. Ultrasonic energy is transmitted through the electronic toothbrush bristles of the brush head to the surface of the teeth and gums. It not only relaxes and cleans the adhesion of plaque, tartar and dental stones to the teeth, but also breaks down the parasitic growth of bacteria in the gum pocket and various hidden areas of the mouth. At the same time, when the electronic toothbrush reaches the gum surface, it can penetrate further into the gum and be used in cell membranes to speed up blood circulation and increase metabolism. Third, why are electric toothbrushes more efficient than regular toothbrushes? From a macro point of view, it can be judged that the following aspects are more effective than ordinary electric toothbrush manufacturer. The first aspect: better cleaning ability. In terms of friction and friction frequency brought by vibration frequency of electric toothbrush, it is much higher than ordinary toothbrush. In a large number of experiments on the cleaning power of electric toothbrush manufacturer, we can also see that electric toothbrush has better cleaning power than ordinary toothbrush. The second aspect: electric toothbrush factory are better at cleaning stubborn tooth bacteria. Regular toothbrushes cannot completely remove tooth bacteria, but electric toothbrushes can effectively remove stubborn tooth bacteria after long-term use, which is the main reason many dentists recommend electric toothbrush factory, as tooth bacteria is a key causative factor of tooth disease. The third aspect: save time and effort, electric toothbrush does not need to actively force, cleaning efficiency will be higher, 2 minutes to complete the ordinary sonic toothbrush manufacturer 10 minutes. Also let a lot of people fall in love with brushing teeth, no hard work, no time, is simply a kind of enjoyment! The fourth aspect: the sonic toothbrush manufacturer vibration is uniform and stable, you can choose a variety of modes of gear, each gear mode has its fixed vibration frequency and swing Angle, there will be no ordinary sonic toothbrush manufacturer is not difficult to clean the blind area, there will not be excessive force on the brushing caused damage. The fifth aspect: time reminder, electric toothbrush is more humane than ordinary toothbrush. It has a 30-second reminder to change zones and a 2-minute automatic stop function, which can tell users the specific sonic toothbrush manufacturer brushing time and rhythm in time. How to buy an electric toothbrush? Knowing that using an electric toothbrush wholesale is of great help to oral health, but how to choose an electric toothbrush? Tip 1: Don't skimp. Don't choose a cheap electric toothbrush wholesale. The tens of dollars of electric toothbrush on the market should never be bought, because the cost of electric toothbrush wholesale including brush head, storage box, shipping, packaging costs, marketing costs and labor costs, etc. are more than tens of dollars, unless the price can be reduced. Tip two: do not blindly pursue the vibration frequency too fast, there are potential risks, easy to cause damage to sonic toothbrush wholesale. If the brushing method is not correct, at such high vibration frequency, the damage to the tooth enamel and gums will be incalculable. According to statistics, the penetration rate of Chinese electric toothbrushes reaches 8%, while the penetration rate of American sonic toothbrush wholesale exceeds 30%. There is no doubt that the cleaning effect of an electric toothbrush is absolutely superior to that of a regular toothbrush. However, there is no need to overemphasize the role of electric toothbrushes. I think it's very bad for the future of the industry. In the final analysis, the sonic toothbrush wholesale is just a tool, for the prevention of oral health problems, brushing every morning and evening is just a hand, more important is to develop good living habits, eat less spicy stimulating food, such as hot pot, electric toothbrush agency and so on. ; It is very important to develop good lifestyle and dental habits. Otherwise, even using an electric toothbrush won't protect your dental health. Here are a few great electric toothbrushes that you can use on a budget if you want to try them!

When my child was four years old, I bought him an electric toothbrush. Children can use electric toothbrush agency, and children over the age of three can use electric toothbrush dealer. Electric toothbrushes are safe to use after the age of three because they do not damage the enamel of children's teeth. Just when choosing an electric toothbrush dealer, you need to refer to the following points: 1, the electric toothbrush dealer brush head, must be soft, because children's periodontal is more soft, soft sonic toothbrush dealer more care for the mouth, even adults, individuals also recommend to buy a soft sonic toothbrush dealer  ~2, the best to buy the vibration frequency of the soft electric toothbrush trader, so that when brushing, children's experience will be very good, you can also choose adjustable frequency of sonic toothbrush trader, The best toothbrushes come with a vertical sonic toothbrush trader brush function for better cleaning. 3, the handle of the electric toothbrush trader should be non-slip, because the child's strength is small, easy for him to hold, not easy to fall. Today, a patient finished a physical exam and came to brush his teeth in the afternoon. He's got the kids electric toothbrush trader. He wants to wash them. Someone suggested that his baby didn't need washing! Just brush your teeth carefully. Later, I saw an electric toothbrush company in a corner of the clinic and asked the same question. Here, I answer the question together, hoping to help you. In order for children to have a set of healthy and beautiful teeth, it is key to develop good oral hygiene habits. Starting at age two, after electric toothbrush company transition period of six months to a year, children should be trained to brush their teeth independently. But babies sonic toothbrush company in this age group are often mischievous and lack initiative and awareness, and mom and dad usually play a supervisory role in addition to guiding. Still, some babies sonic toothbrush company their teeth poorly, and electric toothbrushes are the answer. Ms. Wang's child is young, electric toothbrush supplier brush the hand action is not coordinated, and do not pay attention to the method, Ms. Wang always feel that he brushes his teeth is not clean. To help her child clean his teeth better, Wang spent nearly 20 times the price of an ordinary children's toothbrush on a popular electric toothbrush supplier for her child. But after using it for a while, the child always says his mouth hurts. Closer examination revealed that his gums were red and swollen. In fact, there is nothing wrong with the electric toothbrush supplier itself, only the children using it. The electric toothbrush creates high-frequency vibrations through the rapid rotation of the brush head, which instantly turns the toothpaste into a fine foam, deep cleaning between teeth. At the same time, bristle quiver can also promote blood circulation in the mouth, has a certain massage effect on the gum tissue. However, because children sonic toothbrush supplier are younger, they don't have the same control over time and strength as adults, and their periodontal development is immature, and damage can occur if they don't pay attention to it. In addition, many young children have poor hand coordination and leave sonic toothbrush supplier on the surface of one or two teeth for long periods of time, which also tends to damage periodontal tissue and may wear down tooth enamel. Therefore, children under the age of seven should not use electric toothbrushes. If you must use it for special reasons, you can alternate between an electric toothbrush vendor and a regular toothbrush, but the regular electric toothbrush vendor  should be used primarily. In addition, you should try to choose an electric toothbrush with soft bristles, a small brush head, low power, and an integrated brush head and handle. Parents should tell their children to keep the electric toothbrush vendor brush head on all teeth for a period of time while brushing. Electric toothbrushes, while easy to use and efficient, are not suitable for all children. There are two main types of children's electric toothbrushes on the market: one is a regular children's electric toothbrush vendor  with cartoon elements added, and the other is a U-shaped silicone electric toothbrush. Re "At what age can Children use electric toothbrushes?" Currently, there is no uniform and accurate statement on this issue, and the recommended age varies from electric toothbrush vendor  brand to brand. It's not really to blame parents and friends for being confused, the first two big. It is understood that people want to know how old the sonic toothbrush vendor is for children. Before I answer this question, I want you to know that many professional dentists today also recommend children's electric toothbrushes for children 4 and older. Why only dentists emphasize age? Here is my solution for you. From the perspective of age, different age groups have different cleaning methods. From 6 months to 1 year old is the time when baby teeth start to grow, and a large number of parents are easy to realize the cleaning care of baby teeth. As sonic toothbrush vendor grow up, if there is no daily care, baby teeth at this stage will be particularly prone to problems. Therefore, we must pay great attention to the cleaning of baby's baby teeth, but the mouth of this age group is not only immature, but also has not reached the condition of using electric toothbrush bulk, so the way of baby teeth will be different. The correct way should be to choose gauze electric toothbrush bulk or clean cotton dipped in water or salt water, gently wipe the tooth surface and gum area, do not use toothpaste, So as not to swallow. At 2-3 years of age, electric toothbrush bulk gradually develop adjacent teeth. At this stage, parents can purchase manual silicone electric toothbrush bulk to help their children brush their teeth and gradually develop the habit of brushing independently. Children between the ages of 2 and 3 can use a sonic toothbrush bulk with a detachable stop that is specifically designed to prevent them from accidentally injuring their throat. When children are over 4 years old, they need to do a good job of cleaning their teeth every day, because at this stage, they have the ability to eat independently, snacks and sweets are ready to eat. If sonic toothbrush bulk don't pay attention to oral hygiene, they are likely to get cavities! As a result, more and more professional dentists are now recommending the use of professional children's electric toothbrushes for children over the age of four. Compared with traditional manual toothbrushes, children's electric toothbrushes have many advantages, such as thorough cleaning and better prevention of cavities. According to the advice of professional dentists, sonic toothbrush bulk are suitable for children as young as 4. Nowadays, in many families, the use of children's sonic electric toothbrush has become a mainstream development trend, so what benefits can be brought by the use of children's electric tooth brush? Currently, tooth decay rates in children are as high as 80% (see below), with sugar-loving babies especially prone to tooth decay, so parents must now pay high attention to their children's tooth cleaning. Children's sonic electric toothbrush are beneficial in many ways compared to traditional manual toothbrushes.

For a long time, many children refuse to brush their teeth because of the lack of flexibility in the hands of children under the age of 10. But the threshold of children's electric tooth brush will be lower, as long as the Angle and position can be adjusted when children use, children are easier to master. Children's sonic electric toothbrush has certain intelligent functions, which is like a novel toy for children. In addition, some products are in cartoon shapes and can be supplied with replaceable pattern stickers. The toothbrushes electric is full of fun and easier to attract children's attention and interest in brushing.


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