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Do you need to brush for 2 minutes with electric toothbrush ?

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A lot of people are talking about the electric toothbrush, some people praise the electric toothbrush is good, some people ridicule the sonic toothbrush will hurt the teeth, today through this article for you to answer this question. In recent years, the sonic toothbrush health of Chinese people has been declining, and the dental health rate of the overall adult is less than 1%, which is largely caused by the lack of dental care toothbrushes electric. Therefore, dentists generally recommend that people use electric toothbrushes, which will bring a lot of benefits to oral health. Here are the benefits of the electric tooth brush to see if it's an IQ tax: Electric toothbrush has better cleaning power, preventing and improving oral diseases. In terms of cleaning power, electric tooth brush is dozens of times better than manual toothbrushes electric. In places with high incidence of dental diseases, such as dental crown, wisdom teeth, electric toothbrush bulk, wisdom teeth and other cleaning dead corners that manual toothbrushes are difficult to handle, electric toothbrush can clean efficiently and effectively reduce dental plaque in the mouth. It plays a good role in preventing and improving all kinds of oral diseases. Using a sonic electric toothbrush over a period of time can gradually reduce stubborn stains on the surface of your teeth and make them whiter. Benefit 3: electric toothbrush can make breath more fresh manual sonic electric toothbrush cleaning dead corners, easy to residual dental plaque and food residue, after fermentation will lead to bad breath, and electric tooth brush cleaning wide, can fully clean teeth, avoid halitosis, thus fresh breath! Benefit 4: The sonic toothbrush bulk has stable and even shock feeling and precise cleaning force. The sonic electric toothbrush has stable and even shock feeling and can accurately control the cleaning force. Manual kids electric toothbrush is subjective control, easy to powerful small brush is not clean, force big hurt teeth. Benefit 5: sonic toothbrush bulk can quickly complete oral cleaning work, saving time and effort saving time and effort is one of the characteristics of kids electric toothbrush, as long as two minutes, kids electric toothbrush can fully clean teeth, cleaning effect is better than manual toothbrush brush ten minutes, especially suitable for fast pace of life office workers, students! Electric toothbrushes have many benefits, but why do many people joke about electric toothbrushes as an IQ tax? The root cause is that Chinese dentin is generally poor, more than 90% of adults suffer from dental caries, electric toothbrush bulk, periodontitis and other various oral diseases, and because of the early symptoms are very slight, difficult to know, many people are blindly optimistic kids electric toothbrush, think that their oral health! Therefore, when buying electric tooth brush, it is easy to be deceived by unprofessional brands sonic toothbrush bulk on the market. These unprofessional electronic toothbrush are not in line with the dentine situation of Chinese people, and it is easy to damage teeth. Drawback 1, the electric toothbrush relies on friction to clean the teeth, and there will be slight wear on the teeth. If you choose the electronic toothbrush with too strong power and rough electric tooth brush manufacturer bristles, it will stimulate the teeth, causing dental bleeding, dental sensitivity, gingivitis and other oral problems. Disadvantages 2. Chinese people have a lot of electric toothbrush bulk, such as sensitive teeth, gingivitis, periodontitis and other problems are very common. If the sonic toothbrush vendor is not used correctly and scientifically, it may aggravate the basic oral problems! Disadvantages 3, often use of unprofessional electric tooth brush, easy to hide the harm of chronic tooth damage, users are difficult to find, many people wait until months or even years later, when there are serious problems such as gum atrophy, tooth loosening and so on. And these IQ tax electric toothbrush manufacturer in the market will be advertised as their own protection of teeth and gums, we do not believe this and blindly buy, now the electric toothbrush tooth injury rate is high, many are caused by this kind of electric toothbrush manufacturer! So how to choose high quality sonic toothbrush vendor that do not hurt teeth? Here to provide you with a professional organization published a mainstream electric toothbrush cleaning power and tooth protection index test results, for your reference. Apparently not. Generally speaking, it has many advantages for people, mainly including the following five points: 1. The sonic toothbrush vendor has dozens of times the cleaning power of the manual toothbrush. It also has a very good cleaning effect in the face of the crown, root, interdental and other high incidence areas of dental diseases that can not be solved by the manual electric toothbrush manufacturer. It can effectively reduce the breeding of dental plaque and prevent and improve dental diseases. Benefit 2: The vibration frequency of the electric toothbrush vendor is stable, and the intensity can be accurately controlled. The vibration frequency of the electric toothbrush is stable and even, and the intensity is controllable. When using the electric toothbrush factory, it is OK to move the electric toothbrush to the position where it needs to be cleaned. The electric tooth brush can completely remove the food residue in the mouth, which can make the breath fresher! And manual electric toothbrush factory has more cleaning dead Angle, will remain tartar, food residue, easy to cause bad breath! Benefit No. 4: It saves time and effort. The cleaning efficiency of electric toothbrush is very high, only need to use two minutes can have the cleaning effect of manual electric toothbrush factory more than ten minutes, especially suitable for students and time-constrained workers. Use an electric toothbrush consistently to reduce stubborn stains on your teeth caused by drinking tea, coffee or a bad diet, and bring back the white color of your teeth. Given the above benefits, this claim is clearly not true. But there is no smoke without fire. The reason why people think electric toothbrushes are an IQ tax is because many people have damaged their teeth when using electric toothbrushes. That's why the sonic toothbrush manufacturer is an IQ tax. As said before, the oral situation of Chinese people is not optimistic. The adult electric toothbrush vendor rate is as high as 90%, and many of them are still in the state of disease without knowing, leading to the purchase of sonic toothbrush manufacturer can not think of their own oral health problems, the purchase behavior is full of blindness, so they will often be filled with unprofessional products cheated in the market, eventually causing dental injury. An unprofessional electric toothbrush can indeed be called an IQ tax, which can cause many drawbacks. Its disadvantages mainly include the following three points: Disadvantages 1. The unscientific use of sonic toothbrush manufacturer will lead to excessive friction on the gums and teeth, resulting in damage to tooth enamel, resulting in tooth bleeding, tooth sensitivity, sonic toothbrush supplier and other problems. Disadvantages 2. Many people already have complicated sonic toothbrush supplier, such as sensitive teeth, hidden cracks, periodontitis and so on. If some Internet celebrity brands and cross-border brands of sonic toothbrush manufacturer are used again, the dental disease may become more serious. Disadvantages 3. If you use unprofessional sonic toothbrush supplier for a long time, there will be chronic harm. When the disease develops sonic toothbrush manufacturer, it is not painful and itchy, and the user can not feel it. High-quality electric toothbrush is not IQ tax, and unprofessional sonic toothbrush manufacturer will bring you teeth harm, naturally is IQ tax. The following four types of electric toothbrushes are almost all IQ taxes, and you should never buy them. The use of the sonic toothbrush factory of the Internet celebrity brand is generally not very good, the cost is only dozens of yuan, but the selling price is as high as three or four hundred yuan electric toothbrush supplier. Without their own professional technology, they can rely on a lot of advertising, star endorsement, Internet celebrity with goods and other publicity, with a beautiful electric toothbrush supplier design, it attracts the beauty lovers and fans to buy, but this kind of electric toothbrush quality is very poor, the tooth injury rate is generally very high. I advise you not to do irreversible damage to your teeth on impulse. 2. Many brands of sonic toothbrush factory with excessive vibration frequency are under the banner of high vibration frequency, to meet the pursuit of consumers for cleanliness, some sonic toothbrush factory vibration frequency even to forty thousand! But in fact, vibration frequency is only one factor affecting cleaning power. High vibration frequency does not mean that electric toothbrush wholesale has good cleaning power, let alone good for teeth. In fact, on the contrary, these electric toothbrush wholesale with high vibration frequency almost lack gingival protection technology, resulting in a high rate of tooth damage! 3, many well-known electric toothbrush wholesale brands are cross-border into the line, into the line is only one or two years, oral care experience is very lack, not to mention professional technology, can only meet the consumer's partial dominant demand, such as high electric toothbrush wholesale frequency, high appearance level, long endurance and so on, relying on a lot of marketing, attract consumers to buy. However, there is still a big gap between this kind of electric toothbrush and professional brands in the adjustment of over 100 core parameters, such as vibration frequency range, compatibility and matching degree of people, gingival and dental care experience, and there is still a big gap between professional brands electric toothbrush wholesale. Only the compatibility of people is 80% lower! 4, cheap cheap electric toothbrush wholesale electric toothbrush should not be used, the tooth injury rate is very high, and the product's cleaning ability, endurance, noise, waterproof performance and other aspects have a large number of users laugh, it is easy to cause bleeding gums, dental pain, dental disease and other problems after use. Some will also charge the fire, there is a greater safety hazard. It should also be noted that many electric toothbrush wholesale on the market claim to protect the teeth and gums. In fact, most of them are false and will hurt the teeth if they are really used. In order to help you eliminate the wrong induction of bad sonic toothbrush company and buy a good cleaning power and gingival protection of the electric toothbrush wholesale, here is to show you the key indicators between different brands of electric toothbrush wholesale statistics table made by an authoritative oral forum, you may wish to do a reference when you buy.

Among many electric toothbrush wholesale brands, electric toothbrush wholesale is recognized as having the highest degree of professional "no tooth damage". It is a rare brand with medical background and strict standards of medical research and development among sonic toothbrush company  brands. Under the condition of excellent cleaning power, electric toothbrush agency has achieved the lowest rate of tooth damage and has been ranked the first in the reputation list for many years. By the electric toothbrush agency national authority testing institutions to reduce 80% brushing damage! No matter cleaning performance, no tooth damage data, vibration frequency stability, power lasting attenuation degree and full scene compatibility are the most powerful! Their family can do so strong, from the development of electric toothbrush agency many years, do not make redundant functions, no redundant models, a electric toothbrush company more than seven years, iteration and upgrade more than 20 times. At the same time, there are a number of "high performance and no tooth damage" technology, and up to hundreds of technical adjustment indicators, sonic toothbrush agency can achieve 3-5 years of overall performance deviation value is less than 0.1%. It is the first brand in the industry to provide orthodontic sonic toothbrush agency brush heads. The grinding rate is as high as 94.3%! Never advertised and focused on research and development, but the dentist recommended wearing fire. sonic toothbrush agency is one of the rare electric toothbrush brands with medical background and strict standards of medical research and development. Its professional, rigorous and safe concept regards electric toothbrush as a medical product and is highly recognized. It is also used by celebrities, Internet celebrities and dentists who have high requirements for dental care. Here I first say sorry to the electric toothbrush dealer, I misunderstood you before!!

Ordinary electric toothbrush dealer can buy a dozen pieces, suddenly asked me to spend two or three hundred to buy an electric toothbrush, I was very resistant at first, I thought, although I brush my teeth is more pertory, but not lazy to brush teeth do not want to do it......

Until I received an electric toothbrush as a birthday gift from my electric toothbrush dealer who studies dentistry in West China. I was really sweet ~With an electric toothbrush trader, it's safer. Because the vibration of the electric toothbrush trader is uniform and gentle, like the children's shoes with sensitive teeth, you can buy a sonic toothbrush trader which has a variety of modes. Choose the sensitive mode to brush teeth, which can clean the tartar without damaging the teeth and bleeding. If you are like me, can not get the Pap method, but have problems such as bad breath and yellow teeth, it is highly recommended that you buy an electric toothbrush company. Anyway, I am really bad smell back! In summary, the thief of the electric toothbrush company is clean, but also gentle does not hurt the gums, easy to use to fly, only a hundred pieces, very suitable for beginners and gifts!


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