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Do you need to floss if you use an electric toothbrush?

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Electric toothbrushes have many advantages. First of all, it is more convenient and less labor. Secondly, electric toothbrushes do less damage to teeth than traditional toothbrushes. First, electric toothbrushes are less powerful, reducing the likelihood of bleeding gums. Secondly, for people who usually brush their teeth incorrectly, using an electric tooth brush can protect the enamel. In addition, electric toothbrushes have better cleaning ability than traditional sonic toothbrush . According to relevant statistics, the cleaning ability of sonic toothbrush bulk is 30% stronger than that of traditional toothbrush. When using an electric toothbrush, please read the instructions carefully to know the correct way to use sonic toothbrush. The traditional toothbrush is difficult to completely remove dental plaque, coupled with improper brushing methods, making the cleaning effect of brushing greatly reduced. Experiments have shown that electric toothbrushes remove 38 percent more plaque than manual toothbrushes, and their cleaning ability has been praised by oral experts. This applies not only to the many children who don't like to toothbrushes electric brush their teeth, but also to adults toothbrushes electric. Because the size of electric toothbrushesis so much larger than traditional toothbrushes, there is a lot of work to do in terms of appearance. Watching a "sports car" racing back and forth in front of him made brushing his teeth a natural pleasure. Reduce damage When brushing with a toothbrushes electric, the amount of force used is controlled by the user. Sometimes it is unavoidable to toothbrushes electric too much or use an incorrect sawing method, which can cause damage to the teeth and gums. Experiments have shown that electric toothbrushes can reduce brushing force by about 60 percent.

Reduces the sonic toothbrush bulk frequency of gingivitis and bleeding gums by 62%, making the brushing process safer and more effective. Everyone in the morning before rest or get up, will not have too much energy and strength, so can not guarantee the brushing time and toothbrushes electric brushing action standard, for the health care effect of teeth naturally greatly reduced. Electric toothbrushes can be a good solution to this problem, with the brush head rotating automatically and the ergonomic overall design ensuring efficient and convenient electric tooth brush. It's easy to use, easy to brush your teeth, and easy to cultivate our good habits. When we brush our teeth incorrectly, our gums are often damaged. The slight vibration created by the high-speed rotation of the electric tooth brush not only improves blood circulation in the mouth, but also has an unexpected massaging effect on the gum tissue that will only be known after the experience. A bright and white electric toothbrush can reduce stains caused by tea, coffee and bad mouth conditions and restore the natural color of your teeth. And this adjustment isn't immediate, but with daily electric tooth brush brushing and gradual steps, it doesn't do any damage to the teeth themselves. According to sonic electric toothbrush statistics, the penetration rate of Chinese electric toothbrushes is as high as 8%, while the penetration rate of American sonic electric toothbrush is more than 30%. There is no doubt that the cleaning effect of an sonic electric toothbrush is absolutely superior to that of a regular toothbrush. However, there is no need to overemphasize the role of the sonic electric toothbrush. I think it's very bad for the future of the industry. In the final analysis, the sonic toothbrush bulk is just a tool, for the prevention of oral health problems, brushing every morning and evening is just a hand, more important is to develop good living habits, eat less spicy and stimulating food, such as hot pot,kids electric toothbrush and so on. ; It is very important to develop good lifestyle and dental habits. Otherwise, even using an electric toothbrush bulk won't protect your teeth. Here are some great toothbrushes to use. If you want to try an kids electric toothbrush, you can buy one on a budget!

Choose the right type of vibrating kids electric toothbrush: Depending on the type of electronic toothbrush, there are three types: acoustic vibrating electronic toothbrush, rotary toothbrush, and 3D acoustic electronic toothbrush. Combined with the vibration frequency, we can choose the corresponding type of teeth according to our own type. Remember, electric toothbrush manufacturer are not suitable for people with severe periodontitis problems. Acoustic vibration electric toothbrush manufacturer: The high-frequency vibration of the motor distributes the toothpaste foam to all parts of the gum to achieve a cleaning effect. This method is gentle and suitable for sensitive people whose gums bleed easily. Rotary electric toothbrush manufacturer: The effect of brushing teeth by rotating the head of the electric toothbrush manufacturer. This type of brushing is stronger and has a better cleaning effect. It is suitable for removing plaque, tartar and people whose teeth are not easy to bleed. This is rotation electric toothbrush bulk + electric toothbrush factory, and on the basis of rotation, acoustic vibration is added to achieve better cleaning effect. People who like novelty can try, look at the brand electric toothbrush factory, and try to choose well-known brand electric toothbrush to buy well-known brand electric toothbrush factory, good brand quality is guaranteed, and the price of this sonic toothbrush manufacturer is not very high, there is not much difference between good and bad. So it must be a good choice, after all, it's what you put in your mouth. sonic toothbrush manufacturer Brush head is generally recommended to replace 3-4 months, first of all to see the distribution of the sonic toothbrush manufacturer brush head, of course, the more the better, must ask whether it is convenient to buy later sonic toothbrush manufacturer brush head, the most sad is that some sonic toothbrush manufacturer after a period of time can not buy matching sonic toothbrush factory brush head, sonic toothbrush factory will be wasted; In addition, the ease of brush head replacement is also an important reference factor. Looking at sonic toothbrush vendor battery life, charging mode and so on, I think it's more important. Battery life makes a difference in the experience of daily use; There are charging methods are also more important, the first choice sonic toothbrush factory is to buy rechargeable batteries, followed by the purchase of replaceable batteries, as far as possible not to buy the kind of sonic toothbrush factory, later use more trouble. I recommend to you the electric toothbrush I used. This is my actual experience using it, so it represents my personal experience. This electric toothbrush wholesale has a high level of appearance, feels friendly with its ethnic design and youthful theme, and feels very smooth thanks to electric toothbrush wholesale technology.

Overall, it has strong performance and is a mainstream configuration. What I value most is its gum protection, which is firm and gentle while not damaging the gums, which electric toothbrush wholesale reduces the chance of bleeding when electric toothbrush wholesale brushing. They also gave away four electric toothbrush vendor brush heads, which was very generous. And the design of magnetic suction wall hanging is also very humanized, so that we do not have to find a place to put sonic toothbrush wholesale  in the originally small bathroom, more sanitary. First of all, to say the conclusion, simply to say, in order to better clean the mouth, a little complex, in terms of sonic toothbrush wholesale , the development of electric toothbrush for such a long time, must have this ordinary traditional sonic toothbrush wholesale  incomparable advantages, traditional toothbrush can do, electric toothbrush vendor can do. But to take you to understand what a sonic toothbrush wholesale  can do, traditional toothbrushes are not such advantages. Most of us have a question: Do electric toothbrushes work better than regular toothbrushes? The answer is not inevitable, because it depends on how people brush their teeth, and also on the type of electric toothbrush agency. Traditional electric toothbrush agency with pasteurized brushing methods can also be serious brushes for cleaning teeth, but it takes a certain amount of time and requires a certain amount of force. This is where the advantages of the electric toothbrush come into play. The hands don't need to move at high frequencies, and they don't need to push too hard. It's best to move to a place that needs cleaning.

But sonic toothbrush supplier aren't for everyone, and some aren't. Electric toothbrushes are not suitable for people with severe periodontal disease: These people have weak gums and high frequency use of electric toothbrushes puts a lot of pressure on the teeth, which can cause wear and tear on the teeth of people with severe periodontal disease and therefore are not suitable. People with sudden dental problems: This type of person does not know the cause of the case, it is also advised not to use electric toothbrush agency, so as to avoid other damage caused by high-frequency vibration. Children under 10 years old, older people over 60 years old: the former is not fully developed, the latter has begun to shrink the gums, not suitable for the use of high-frequency electric toothbrush. Incidentally, it is also not suitable or recommended for users with other oral conditions or extremely sensitive teeth. The question is, how do you choose an electric toothbrush? Cleaning method: Generally divided into acoustic vibration and rotary electric toothbrush agency. In terms of cleaning effect, rotary toothbrushes are better, but the wear of rotary electric toothbrush agency is on average 4 times greater than that of acoustic electric toothbrushes, which has a lot of damage to the enamel and gums, and it is not good to remove deep residue, so the acoustic sonic toothbrush agency is generally recommended. Soft and hard sonic toothbrush supplierbristles: Soft bristles are not enough to clean, and hard sonic toothbrush agency  bristles are strong enough but tend to damage teeth, so choose a moderate soft-bristled sonic toothbrush agency . Vibration frequency: For most people, the vibration frequency ranges from 25,000 to 41,000 beats per minute. It's not good to be too high sonic toothbrush agency  and it's easy to hurt your teeth. Noise: Noise of course also needs to be considered, if the noise when sonic toothbrush agency  brushing is very loud, feel noise, but also indicates that the internal structure of the electric toothbrush is not tight, so I recommend choosing a small noise electric toothbrush. Battery life: Of course, the longer the better, and you don't have to pull it out of the bathroom every once in a while to charge it, which somehow means less charging and longer battery life. Although I use some electric toothbrush supplier, I also use a lot of them. This is by far the most comfortable electric toothbrush dealer I have ever used, and the experience was excellent in terms of vibration frequency, electric toothbrush dealer bristle strength, softness and pattern gear differentiation. It would be nice if it could be cheaper. Although it is a new brand, but the electric toothbrush dealer  force is not big, the grip is very comfortable, vibration noise will not be in the acceptable range, it is worth mentioning electric toothbrush dealer   that its intelligent pressure sensor frequency conversion, will real-time monitoring of your brushing strength. When brushing too hard, activate the over pressure alert protection to prevent bleeding gums caused by too much electric toothbrush dealer  brushing. When the pressure value is detected to be too low, it will also compensate for the power and swing range to ensure better cleaning results. Although the cleaning strength is guaranteed, it will not cause discomfort to the gums or teeth. To be honest, it's a little itchy... After brushing electric toothbrush dealer  your teeth, you don't need to do anything. It's good to be rushed. The appearance level and black tech are excellent. You can enjoy the event price! Take advice if you need it and trust that it won't let you down. Many friends in the first choice of electric toothbrush trader, is a whim, or friends recommend, or on some platforms due to video/picture publicity and other visual impact, or just feel good, or feel cheap directly buy, and buy back after the feeling is not good, there are returns, discard, this will lead to resistance to electric toothbrush.

There is no right answer to the question of how often to replace your electric toothbrush trader. But based on the wear and tear of most people's sonic toothbrush trader toothbrushes, most people think once every three months. Because most people use a sonic toothbrush trader for about 3 months, the bristles will become frizzy and worn, and the cleaning ability will become poor, so you will need to replace a new sonic toothbrush trader at this point. This is an adult rechargeable sonic toothbrush trader, or relatively easy to use, better than regular electric toothbrushes. It has three gears, normal mode, anti-sensitivity mode, massage mode, very convenient. I like it. Stylish and beautiful appearance, cyan electric toothbrush company looks fresh and slim. Electric toothbrushesare light and easy to hold in your hand. Button switch edge, simple operation, three switch, electric toothbrush company brushing is very convenient. There are three cleaning modes, and massage cleans well. Battery life is very long and abundant. It is very convenient to use LED lights to show power usage electric toothbrush company. You can choose your own pattern, the packaging is very good, send 2 brush heads. That's a good price. You can brush your teeth more cleanly with a sonic toothbrush company. Toothbrush power is very good. Several modes, different vibration frequencies, I feel very comfortable, the sonic toothbrush company is particularly clean, the vibration is just right, especially the grip is good, not heavy. In addition, the electric toothbrush supplier vibration sound is not very big, really good!


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