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Do you or your child need an kids electric toothbrush and why?

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1. This is easy, but you don't need to do it if you can do all of the following:


Brush your teeth in the morning and evening

Brush for 2 minutes each time

Use the bus-brush method every time you brush your teeth


Does the child need children electric toothbrush ?


Every major brand basically has the electric toothbrush for kids, the child certainly can use.


Children should brush their teeth as soon as their baby teeth are full, but parents are needed to help them brush together until they are used to it.


Also, children and adults should not share toothpaste and should buy separate children's edible grade toothpaste. That is, adults can use children's toothpaste, but children can't use adult's toothpaste.


3. What problems can electric toothbrush improve?


Teeth are sensitive

Bad breath

A toothache or a history of decayed teeth


4. Why can electric toothbrush improve these problems?


1. The 2min timing function and 30s zone change alert will let you know if you have had enough time to brush your teeth


2. The vibration frequency of the sonic electric toothbrush is generally 31,000 times /min, while the manual one is about 240 times /min, which is the same as brushing for 2 minutes. The efficiency of the sonic electric toothbrush is about 129 times that of the manual one


3. The high-frequency vibration of the electric toothbrush will produce a flow of cleaning force during the brushing, which will use the water to wash away the residue between the teeth


Three, buy sonic toothbrush most need to see what place


1. Vibration frequency


The minimum standard for acoustic vibration toothbrush is 31000 times /min. The higher the vibration frequency is, the higher the cleaning intensity will be. But the higher the better, but also depends on whether the motor is good, some brands to sell deliberately to increase the shock frequency, but the motor is bad, the effect is not good.


2, battery life


7 to 180 days, the longer the better, save worry. Feel indifferent to the reference phone range.


3, the bristles


When it comes to bristle grinding rate, the national standard is no less than 50% for adult electric toothbrush, and no less than 70% for children electric toothbrush. The higher the grinding rate, the milder it is, but the corresponding cleaning force is less. But under the vibration frequency of the electric toothbrush, the higher grinding rate will not affect the cleaning effect very much. Generally, electric toothbrushes are equipped with several brush heads with different round rate for consumers to choose.


It is recommended to consult the customer service when buying teeth sensitive, and choose the brush head with higher round rate.


Charging mode: whether the seat charge or USB charge, have to at least a few hours, are charged overnight.


Waterproof: whether it is IPX5 or IPX7, daily brushing enough to use, specific what meaning do not say, Baidu has.


Multi-gear strength: to increase the selling point for the sake of increasing the selling point, the actual significance is not significant.


Battery indicator, APP link, pressure sensor, etc. : same as above.


2 minute timer: Basic function, most electric toothbrushes have.

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