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Do you really have to change your electric toothbrush every three months

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Almost all dentists at the end of their treatment will tell you to brush your teeth consistently, carefully and correctly. It can be said that brushing teeth is the most important way to prevent oral diseases.


To do a good job, a worker must first sharpen his tools. Choosing a handy "weapon" can give us a head start in the battle against oral diseases.


Here are the tips for choosing and maintaining a toothbrush.


Point 1: brush head as far as possible to choose a small head, but also do not be too small


Within a certain range, the bigger the toothbrush head, the more "efficient" it is. However, too large a brush head is not good to control the brushing position, some corners will be omitted; The slightly smaller brush head is easier to brush the corners of the teeth. Although the toothbrush is small, its accuracy is much higher than that of the big toothbrush.


However, if the brush head is too small, it can also be inconvenient. Under normal circumstances, 2 to 3 minutes of brushing time, but with too small brush head, it will take more time to brush.


So how to choose the size of the toothbrush head?


Despite the lack of rigorous evidence, it's a good rule of thumb to hold a electric sonic toothbrush in front of a tooth:


The length is about enough to cover more than two teeth (2.5 to 3 cm), which is a fairly comfortable size


If it's more than four teeth, it's too big


In addition, the width of the electric sonic toothbrush is generally no more than four rows of bristles


Of course, the head of some electric toothbrushes, because of the design principle is relatively small, not within the scope of the above considerations.


Point two: choose soft brush, but not too soft


Brush head is the essence of the electric sonic toothbrush, bristle is the essence of the brush head of sonic toothbrush.


As with the size of the brush head, choose a moderately hard "soft bristle" electric sonic toothbrush. Strong bristles are more likely to damage the teeth and gums, but too soft bristles will reduce the efficiency of brushing, and some teeth are hard to clean with tightly adhered food residues and plaque. Therefore, unnecessary excessive pursuit of "extremely soft", "super soft" bristles.


In addition, if we can look at the tip of the bristles with a magnifying glass, round-headed bristles will cause less mechanical damage to the gums than flat, pointed bristles. In addition, with the use of "hair" on the electric sonic toothbrush, certainly not suitable for continued use.


Generally speaking, the electric sonic toothbrush sold in regular stores, bristles are in line with the relevant standards, can be safely used. If you are really not at ease, recommended to choose the electric sonic toothbrush produced by the big factory.


Point 3: Manual toothbrush or electric toothbrush? Look at your needs


1. Hand toothbrushes are cheap


Hand toothbrushes have a long history. To this day, the manual toothbrush is still one of the most common tools for brushing teeth. Manual toothbrushes are easier to control the direction of brushing, the distance to brush back and forth, and the amount of rotation of the brush. In addition, manual toothbrushes are cheap and easy to popularize among the public.


2. Electric toothbrush is convenient and easy to master


In recent years, electric toothbrush also began to enter thousands of households, some people will have doubts, electric toothbrush too hard will damage the teeth? No, electric toothbrushes are much easier to control. Some electric sonic toothbrushes also have a strength indicator that flashes when you apply too much force. Some electric toothbrushes also come with a time alert to let you know if you've had enough time to brush.


In addition, children may find it fun to spin an electric toothbrush and fall in love with it. Of course, there are also some people because of physical inconvenience, the use of electric toothbrush has brought a lot of convenience.


In fact, as long as the correct way of brushing, whether manual or electric toothbrush, can help us to clean the mouth, so in accordance with their own economic level and life needs to choose.

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