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Do you think brushing with an electric toothbrush means turning on the power switch and popping it in your mouth?

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Do you think brushing with an electric toothbrush means turning on the power switch and popping it in your mouth? Wrong. Electric toothbrushes aren't hard to use, but they're not a "dumb" tool. Novice recommended to choose small amplitude, light vibration electric toothbrush. One of the core components of the electric toothbrush is the motor. The stability and vibration frequency of the motor determine the comfort of the electric toothbrush. Under the condition of stable output, vibration frequency greater than 30000 times/min is enough to meet daily cleaning, too large or too small will bring discomfort. Many people feel uncomfortable with the vibrations when they first use an electric toothbrush. If the motor performance is not good, vibration can not be uniform and lasting, novice must be more difficult to accept the strong and weak vibration. Many newcomers give up after using electric toothbrushes once, opting for cheap electric toothbrushes with too much vibration or instability. In this regard, brand and price can screen out some inferior electric toothbrushes.

For regular toothbrushes, we recommend soft bristles; But most of the electric toothbrush bristles on the market are medium hardness and hard bristles, why? Because the vibration frequency of electric toothbrush is fast, the soft bristles are not easy to recover the deformation quickly under the high frequency vibration, and the cleaning efficiency is not enough. So electric toothbrushes need bristles that are slightly stiffer and more flexible. Therefore, for ordinary people, it is ok to use an electric toothbrush with medium hardness bristles, while for people with sensitive gums, there are still soft bristles available in the market.

In addition to the core function vibration, the core parts of the brush head and bristles, electric toothbrushes have many useful and interesting special functions, some of which can have incredible results. (1) Timing function Many electric toothbrushes have a timing function to remind them to change the area. When the maxillary brushing is in place, it is time to change the jaw, or when the lip side brush is enough to change the tongue side. This timing feature ensures a minimum cleaning time so that many ten-second teeth teeth are forced to brush for at least two minutes. At the same time, due to the high cleaning efficiency of electric toothbrush, it does not need too long time, and this timing reminder can also prevent the wear of teeth caused by using time too long.

Look at the building Lord said, the first is the student, the budget in 300, I think the average student can not use so much budget to choose electric toothbrush, unless it is rich second generation, of course, I can not kill a boat. I don't want to say too much. Because considering that we need electric toothbrush to brush our teeth, and the pursuit of cost-effective words, we still have a lot of options. General recommended several students are very suitable for the first choice of electric toothbrush.

Many people think that an electric toothbrush is just a lazy tool, just easier to brush than a regular toothbrush.

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