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Do you think electric toothbrushes really work?

Views: 0     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-07-30      Origin: Site

Personally, an electric toothbrush does work better than a regular toothbrush.Among other things, first of all, liberated my hand ah!I don't have to shake myself when I brush my teeth.And the electric toothbrush shakes much faster than my own hand.When brushing, in fact, it is cleaner than ordinary toothbrush. This truth is very simple. Electric toothbrush is hand + motor to play a role at the same time, and manual toothbrush can only rely on hand skills!Of course, some students, with many years of single strength, manual is also very fast!About the electric toothbrush is really useful, CCTV has done the evaluation, a good electric toothbrush does have the effect.There are also a lot of electric toothbrush brands that are not very effective!

Electric toothbrushes are really efficient.But the bristles and flexibility of electric toothbrushes are still up for debate.Electric toothbrushes are constantly pressed and vibrated on the gums, and it is questionable whether long-term use will affect the gums.Traditional toothbrushes are better than electric toothbrushes in terms of flexibility and controllable force and Angle.Personally, it is recommended to use a traditional toothbrush with an electric toothbrush.Protect gums and clean teeth.

Electric toothbrush this thing is convenient, in the basic cleaning efficiency is guaranteed, it is really to buy more than a thousand products, feel the electric toothbrush used as a luxury, but everyone's economic ability is not the same, buy on demand.Next is the purchase of vibration frequency, motor and brush head to see, appearance level function please put in the last, remember to buy electric toothbrush is not used to see.Finally, I hope everyone can honestly brush your teeth, brushing your teeth may not be able to whiten the teeth, may not be able to remove all the stains, but you must brush, anyway, I really regret it now.

So far, I have used three electric toothbrushes, including foreign brands and domestic brands, which changed my understanding of electric toothbrushes.Although the popularity rate of electric toothbrush in China is far less than that of foreign countries, and the acceptance degree of ordinary toothbrush is not as good as that of ordinary toothbrush, but the electric toothbrush is really not an IQ tax, and it is increasingly recognized by more and more people.

Now the functions and types of electric toothbrush are more and more, but the same, essentially is to help people brush their teeth scientifically, especially for lazy people like me, who want a good set of teeth but can not adhere to the scientific brushing method, so I think the electric toothbrush is very good to help me solve the tooth problem I worry about.

In order to compete in the market, many electric toothbrush manufacturers give toothbrushes many strange functions, such as Bluetooth link app to check whether the brushing is healthy and whether the brushing time is enough.Although looking very tall, but in fact very chicken rib, electric toothbrush has a timing function, but also worry about the brushing time is not enough?This is really paying an IQ tax.

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