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Do you want Water Flosser for your parents?

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As my parents are young, their awareness of oral hygiene is very poor. Usually, they can brush their teeth just a few times, but tooth decay keeps increasing. Should I buy water flosser for them?

As someone who dispenses water flosser for both parents, I find it very necessary.My father smokes for a long time, so his teeth are yellow and he also has caries. Once when he ate chicken, his teeth were bitten off, and his oral hygiene was very worrying.Therefore, I immediately popularized the knowledge of tooth care for him and bought him a water flosser. Now he uses water flosser to clean his teeth after eating, and seldom hears his complaints about toothache and debris between his teeth.I have been using Water Flosser for two years now. I have experienced it firsthand and everything is fine.

Say something about Water Flosser.Water flosser, also known as "water flosser", is a special tool for cleaning your mouth. However, it is different from and cannot replace a toothbrush.(Some people think that water flosser means you don't need a toothbrush. It's not true!)It can clean the places that toothbrush is difficult to clean, mainly by using high pulse water flow or live oxygen to clean the residue between teeth, cavities, dental plaque on teeth and so on, and partly clean the dirt on the tongue coating.Water Flosser is not limited to specific groups, such as people with heavy breath, gums bleeding easily, grottoes, caries, or people who pay special attention to oral hygiene. In short, if you want your parents to have a better oral hygiene environment, you can buy Water Flosser.Note that water flosser can be used after brushing or if you have residue between your teeth.

Because of toothache, my father went to the hospital to fill a few rotten teeth, began to pay attention to oral problems.Know that in addition to brushing your teeth, floss between your teeth after every meal.Then he decided that flossing wasn't convenient enough, so he asked me how I was doing with water flosser.I said it worked and was convenient, and he asked me to buy him one to try.That's when he started using water flosser and realized it smelled good.As for my mother, she has not experienced toothache and has not realized it.So, my advice is not to buy it for your parents, but to see if they want to use water flosser. Otherwise, if you buy it, it's a waste for them not to use it.

I think it depends on whether parents can accept trendy things or not. Water flosser is also a popular product in recent years. Parents may not know what water flosser is at all.In terms of purchase necessity, it is beneficial to buy water Flosser for parents. As people get older, they need to pay more attention to all aspects of hygiene, etc. Water Flosser can help comprehensively clean the mouth and prevent dental diseases. Besides, water Flosser is easy to use and can be easily mastered by the older generation.

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